SRK, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif in Aanand L Rai’s next

Anushka Sharma will play the female lead in Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film that is being directed by ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ director Aanand L Rai. The film also stars Katrina Kaif.

Shah Rukh will be playing the role of a dwarf in the romantic film about new-age relationships.

The director had earlier said Shah Rukh was his first and only choice to play the lead character.

“I am at a point in life when I want to do something challenging. And, when you get an opportunity to work with actors like these, you don’t want to miss it. All three characters have a newness about them. The film is not a romcom or a pure love story. It’s about new-age relationships. I can’t talk about Katrina’s or Anushka’s characters. While everyone knows that SRK plays a dwarf, there’s a lot more to it than just that.”

“As a director, you instinctively know what’ll work with an artiste. I needed an actor who is very sure of himself for this role. Also, nobody can romance like him. On his part, he never had any apprehensions about playing a dwarf. The film begins the way I love to start my stories, but the way it ends is a first for me. I’m nervous and excited at the same time”

The shooting of the untitled film began last week.



  • Lol

    They are making a sequel to 2012 Diwalis horror flick Jab Tak Hai Mojo… this time the incest love story goes deeper…!

  • 1st and only choice :D :D
    Come on anand dont lie.. You was practically behind Salman for 6 months for this movie but salman rejected it and then ofcourse as always u approached srk

  • This will be even crappier than 2012s maha crapfest Jab Tak Hai Mojo bcoz our Dadaji has aged some 20 yrs since then so audiences will never believe this love triangle…!

  • What makes Anand think he can succeed where Yash ji couldnt succeed 5 yrs ago in trying to convince audiences that Dadaji can at the ripe old age of 75 romance 2 heroines young enough to be in Suhanas class…?

  • So the team of JTHJ is coming back . This will be the 4th film between SRK and Anushka and 2nd between SRK and Katrina . Katrina Kaif is on a roll these days with TZH, TOH and Dwarf in the next 18 months . After working with Khan’s in ETT, JTHJ and D3 she is getting an opportunity to work with them again . After back to back failures her career was looking in danger but she can once again regain her top position . This film is a massively important for SRK as it is very expensive and people will have immense expectations after JTHJ, CE, HNY, Dilwale, Fan and Raees . Anand Rai is a talented director and has shown his skills in Tanu Weds Manu Series and Raanjhanaa . Extremely important film for SRK as an Actor as well as Producer . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I hope it doesn’t turn out to be another Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Although I love both SRK & Katrina I did nkt like that movie at all!

  • Leave this rom-com yaar…..I thought it will be sci-fi movie with never seen action..

    It seems SRK is not in mood to stop playing Rahul on screen…

  • SRK strength has become his biggest weakness of doing romantic movie at the old age of 50 which no sensible viewer can digest.. Aamir and Salman changed the track and picked up challenging roles, hope SRK will learn from his previous mistake and doing some new theme based movie haging orignial content…

  • @wicked sunny romcom ?? in ur opinion every romantic film is a romcom i blv..bajirao aashiqui2 villain jthj were all romcoms😂😂 stupid salman fans.. anyways wats wrong in doing romantic films

  • ALR film will be HGOTY 2018, a man who gave me 150cr will kangana whos film hardly cross 15cr lt

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