SRK angry and upset after IPL loss

The owner of Kolkata Knight Rider, Shahrukh Khan was angry and extremely upset after his IPL team lost in the super over to Shilpa Shetty’s Rajasthan Royals.

A tie led to an exciting super over finish, but Steve Smith’s smart cricketing brain ensured that Rajasthan Royals won the match even though the super over finish resulted in yet another tie. RR won as the team had scored more boundaries and sixers.

A frustrated SRK tweeted “WTF !!! Actually with all due respect to all on twitter..What the f@&k!!!!”

KKR have now lost 3 of their 5 matches in the UAE leg of the Indian Premiere League.

SRK waves his bandaged hand during Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals match

SRK waves his bandaged hand during Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals match



  • Who said RR is ahead in SIXES ?????
    Including supet over RR had hitten 1 six while KKR had 3-4 sixes.
    Now really WTF ???
    May be its the IPL or ICC or BCCI rule that winner will be decided on boundaries.
    But still WTF ???

  • There are more depressing things in the world srk. Example — watching kjo and ranbir in bombay helmet . Bhai rox.

  • This is not correct from Mr.Khan!!!
    Using vulgar and abusive language just bcoz u lost the match…
    It is a sport,sometimes u win and sometime u lose..
    When kkr won the IPL then he was dancing like a goat,but now using cheap language..
    Shame for all SRK fans.

  • He seems to be pretty harsh, its a sport, one must always be gracious, win or lose. I can understand his anger, but showing it on a social networking site isn’t the right thing to do.
    Imagine how angry Vijay Mallya would have been when his team lost to KKR, after having the match on their hand for almost 37 overs.

  • What a disgusting thing. Using such cheap 3rd class language on twitter. Srk learn humility and stop behaving kiddish.


  • Our king is upset with this rules of cricket coz our king does not follow rules and makes rules but they does not follow rules made by our king

  • We all follow our king on twitter and by this tweet we are feeling more educated and we learned something new

  • Surprising that Srk used such language in his tweet bcoz if he was angry then he should have used brilliant idea of ‘CE’ of going in shouchalaya and making a phone

  • With this tweet Srk created yet another record and became 1st bollywood actor to use such words in his tweet.Congratulations all Srk fans worldwide.

  • Hurray ! now our king turned too classy & gentle like us.But i dont think he is angry just becoz of losing the match.As losing is not new for KKR by the way this is not the first time even losing in this season.There is no reason to tweet or use abusive words to show his anger.I feel he has done this to gain attention.If my guess is right then he is going to release teaser or trailer of hny in few days.As when it comes to promoting a film or creating publicity no one can match him.

  • stole my words :)
    no wonder these fans are just like their icon who uses such language on social platform and doesn’t know the cricketing rules!!! mebbe @Queenshuk’s rules works at Paglapur..thats why she’s groaning!!! :D

  • Wow, global king using cheap street language?

    Great. His 3.5 billion fans has something to follow now. Lol.

  • Sharukh dont think like a superstar like others. He retweet taran adarsh’s CE collection, he says he want to rule the bollywood, he jumps and dances like a child when kkr wins and shows his emotions when kkr loses. If someone thinks like a superstar then he wont do such things. But if a superstar dont give a damn about his status and thinks like a common man then the reaction would be like that of a common man. A superstar shouldnt do this, he shudnt do that but sharukh does what he wants cos he thinks like a common man.

  • Tell me when this g0at is not angry and jealous of others!! With Salman Khan, Aamir, Akshay, against K3, Security Guards, Shirish Kunder and now with players! Such a cheap person!!! His hypocrisy of being a good man will be exposed more in time to come!

  • @babajikathullu, It is less vulgour than Salman and Aamir peeing in front of public lol.
    Also what is wrong in saying WtF. I bet everybody who knows this word have said it,

  • look at this all of you srkians hahaha this is the inspiration, take it. thats why you all srk fans abuse others so much, you have learnt this from your fake star lol.

    SHAME on srk for using such language on a public platform. shame on him. he needs to be thrown out of indian cinema for good. we don’t need such uncivilised animals in our cinema.

    don’t worry about your IPL loss srk, be ready to face the losses of your upcoming disaster happy new flop.

  • such foul language on social networking site being a celebrity. it just shows his upbringing. he is a bad loser and does not have sportsmanship spirit. to be very honest i felt WTF when KKR won the IPL. srk must have been drunk as usual when he made the tweet. no wonder he has been banned from wankhede stadium. a grand salute to the security guard who stood against this cheap star. we do not need any of srk cheap antics. go to hell u b@st@rd.

  • @kingshuk hats off to your knowledge about IPL rules definitely KKR deserves the who as the score more in boundaries than RR. Poor Srkian first you should know about the fact than bark. What one can expect from SRK being a cricket fan we can understand that he must be disappointed but expressing with foul language doesn’t sound good. And still Srk fans thrashing the poor watchman of Wankhede who assaulted by Drunken King with foul languages and in a unique way he is rating his child and others. Hats off.

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