SRK and Salman at Mehboob Studios: Photos

Shahrukh Khan and his arch-rival Salman Khan were at the Mehboob Studios in Mumbai. While SRK was at the launch of ’20th Annual Life Ok Screen Awards’, Salman was present to promote his upcoming film Jai Ho which releases in theatres on January 24th.

Even though the two superstars hugged during Eid last year and exchanged an SMS each (Salman said this on Koffee With Karan), they haven’t really patched up. 

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan snapped at Mehboob Studio

Shahrukh Khan snapped at Mehboob Studio

Salman Khan snapped at Mehboob Studio

Salman Khan snapped at Mehboob Studio

Salman Khan promotes Jai Ho

Salman Khan promotes Jai Ho



  • Time will heal the rivalry. But even as SRK and Salman are slowly getting back together, fans are still fighting over this. Sad.

  • One makes MNIK,CDI,DON 2 and sometimes CE while the other makes READY,ETT,BODYGUARD(if he had put on a mask like krrish,it would have been a superhero movie)

  • Salman and Srk r not friends bcoz Srk is not accepting his mistake if he accepts it then Being human Salman will forgive him and then they can become friends.

  • Salman finally needs help from SRK to make Jai Ho a hit.
    Dont worry Salman, the King is generous and will surely help you

  • They both are friends,they keep fighting so as to gain media attention and publicity to beat Hrithik,Akki and Ajay…

  • wow look at salman are great bhai so salman vs srk. hahahaha bhai is star but srk is pluto in looks.

  • Two superstar having large fan following,one have edge on domestic while other has on overseas,lets see who will have this year as both having two releases each this year.

  • @babaji ka thullu hahaha… Salman need publicity to beat hrithik,ajay,akshay biggest joke of the year.even salman,s first look is enough to beat their films.

  • Sachin 11, looks like you know lots of stuff about this issue and your talking as if Salman or srk have personally told you what happened. Do tell us what happened? We would all like to know the real story.

  • Salman bhai is coolness personified….

    Looking fit bhai jaan…! :-)

    Bhai jaan looks shocked in last pic as he thought he saw Sanjeev Kumar walking by but was later informed by Joker Shirish Kunder that the buddha he saw was infact Thakur of Chennai and that is his new look for Players 2…! :-D

  • Salman looks startled in the last pic…………… he just saw Ranbir and Katrina walk in kissing??? lol

  • ?#?Deepika_Padukone?at?#?Koffee_with_Karan??IfShah Rukh Khanwas not in film industry he would be the ‘Ruler of A Nation’

  • By the way, i heard Shirish Kunder is editing HNY.

    He is not a good director, but i guess he does a neat job on editing front.

    Will srk allow it?

  • salman can give a kick to ur srk only. if u wanna hear sorry frm salman bent ur knees salman will kick u. nd then say sorry as he said in da bangg.

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