SRK and Kajol to start shooting for ‘Dilwale’ in June

The first shooting schedule of Rohit Shetty’s ‘Dilwale’ began last month, but the two lead stars of the film – Shahrukh Khan and Kajol – are yet to join the cast and crew of the Christmas 2015 release.

The two actors join the film late because SRK is currently busy shooting for his upcoming film ‘FAN’, after which he is expected to start shooting for ‘Raees’.


In June, after the upcoming season of the Indian Premiere League, Shahrukh and Kajol will join Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon and other actors who are working on the film. The film will be wrapped up 3 months after the two actors start shooting, say sources close to the film.

‘Dilwale’ marks the comeback of the iconic SRK-Kajol jodi on the big screen. The director-actor duo of Rohit and Shahrukh have already given a blockbuster in ‘Chennai Express’ which released during Eid 2013.

On March 23rd, Kriti had posted a picture of herself as she joined the shoot.



  • Srk-Kajol jodi failed badly with MNIK which did less than 72 crore. Dilwale will be the same, presence of Varun may help the film. Semihit at most.

  • @indicine there is also a news that 1st time ever any movie (FAN) will be shot at Madame Tussauds.

    Sir KING SRK Tweeted:
    ”Thanx Madame Tussauds. Allowing us 2 shoot Fan with all aur’ stars & our star Maneesh. Very gracious of u. 1st film to shot at ur premises,”

  • @JS: MNIK, an offbeat film, failed despite being a hit? LOL. And SRK-Kajol failing = SRK giving one of his best ever performances and the film taking a record non-holiday opening.

    What does that say about talash that failed to be a bit or salman’s numerous non-masala films that were big flops?

    Anyways you’re a silly troll. Even haters can’t stop talking about dilwale or SRK.

  • Not exited as Rohit,s film has no story or heart.But can,t wait for Fan. Fan will be a good movie. Srk should stop doing films with Rohit. He can,t make a film.

  • 400 cr storm is coming domestically and 1000 cr tornado worldwide on Christmas…….
    @#HNY and #CHARLIE

  • MNIK, an offbeat film, was a hit in india and ATBB overseas and record non holiday opener. Commercial films like KKHH, K3G, DDLJ were ATBB so that means Dilwale will be an ATBB too.

  • JS ..MNIK was one of the best movie of SRK.People will forget Chennai Express collection but won,t able to forget a good movie like MNIK.
    Collections doesn,t matter….Movie matters & it last long on peoples mind.

  • Lolzzz Haters are always more excited to view & comments related to Sir KING SRK.

    So much Frustrated People.

    But as always their hate and spreading negativity remain helpless.

    Some fools are always calling HNY a flop, dud and many other things. If that 200+ cr movie is a failure then i m afraid what are the status of movies which are under 150cr. Lolzzz Height of insecurity.

    RIP Haters

  • They are back trying to beat the 21 yr old record of HAHK after the disastrous 1000 week free run of DDLJ which ironically ended last month…! Better luck this time around but I think MNIK would be tough to surpass for these grandparents…!

  • Clearly this film is about two college kids (Varun n Kriti) who fall in love and then bang its time to meet the prespective in laws and enter our King and Kajol…!

    DDLJ remake with king playing Amrish Puris role this time…!

  • LOL @ JS. What does a serious film like MNIK have to do with Dilwale? That’s like saying Dilwale will be a flop because Swades, which released in december, was also a flop #SRKhaterslogic.

    Also thanks for holding SRK to high standards where even his record non holiday opener, hit in india and ATBB in overseas film is a failure.

    All SRK masala films (MHN, OSO, CE, HNY) are record openers and big hits. Dilwale will too.

  • Fans of a star whose nearly all non-masala films are flops are talking about MNIK, a hit and in top 5 highest grossers of the year and highest overseas, a flop. LOL. MNIK >>>> any film of your star

  • MNIK was not a flop….it was a niche film released on non festive non holiday so Dilwalay is going to be 200 grosse

  • Salman failed badly in his last non-masala films so PRDP can be max average grosser…isn’t that right JS?

  • Good actors, great actors, outstanding performers and then there is Ajay Devgn!

    Many many happy returns of the day to this man! much more than just a superstar! ???

  • SRK acted in Swades – MHN same year , Chak De – OSO same year Now Fan – Dilwale same year One offbeat , one commercial.

  • i got a rocket in my pocket, oh bhijaan come on launch it, so that we can fly away now .. go to the room and lock it.. grand masti grand masti ha ha hahaha…!!!
    feeling crazy this movie will blacken aamir’s day in this christmas.
    dilwale breaks all record i saw in my dream.
    my dream never comes out wrong.
    i wish christmas was tomorrow so that i could watch it 40 times in theater.

  • @JS SRKAJOL jodi’s MNIK being an offbeat film is an ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER in overseas and HIT in Domestic…don’t you dare say otherwise……MNIK collected 200cr worldwide being an offbeat film…. so get your facts right kiddo

  • superb news………….cant wait for dilwale…………………………..srk shetti after huge records breaking ce back………………….srk kajol ever green jodi………………wow…wow…wow…..cant wait….tsunami is coming…………..

  • This jodi will give surely teh good movie which proves in previous history , if SRK and KAJOL is there it means surely the movie willl be very good and i hope it will make another history for this christmas finger crossed . both of them are my favroute .

  • Waiting for Christmas 2015. It will be a treat to watch dilwale after our criminal gay bhaijaan will ruin this Eid and diwali with berangi Bhojpuri gay bhaijaan and prem bhai murder karke aayo.

  • @navin,Auncle don”t say lie.DDLJ already thrashed hahk’s domestic/ww records many years don’t cry Auncle,DDLJ is the biggest glorious grosser of 90’s.

  • @tiger,kick and bhikari bhaijaan starting by nawaz.

    lallu ratan remake payo-starring by Neil nitin mukesh.

    where is bhai’s single starrer movies with out remake ?oh I forgot that’s jai ho.

    one lallu failed to give 6 hits in a row.another tingu failed to give 7 hits in row,and these 2’s dumb fans are challenging THE KING who already slapped their stars 11TIMES I mean gave 11HITS in a row,ROFL.

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