Ahmed Khan plans biopic with Akshay, Varun, John or Hrithik!

Ahmed Khan, who announced a film with Tiger Shroff earlier today, is planning to produce a biopic that will feature either Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Varun Dhawan or Hrithik Roshan!

The producer of Ek Paheli Leela, has previously directed John Abraham in ‘Lakeer’ and Sunny Deol – Shahid Kapoor in ‘Fool n Final’.

He also promises to ‘shock’ the audience with the announcement of the biopic.

Ramesh Taurani and Ahmed Khan with wife Shaira

Ramesh Taurani (left) Ahmed Khan with wife Shaira

Khan was quoted as saying “I wanted to do a biopic for the longest time. You will be shocked to see whose biopic we are making. I have few actors in mind for the biopic and it would be one among Akshay, John, Varun or Hrithik who I will cast in the film”

From the choice of actors that he has in mind, Ahmed Khan makes it obvious that the biopic is based on someone who has a strong personality and physique. Who could it be?



  • Akki and Hrithik both are the big stars and Varun is emerging star. He has a great future and could be a future superstar. John Abraham is one of the most overated actor in Hindi like Saif Ali Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Fardeen Khan, Tushhar Kapoor and others

  • It wont be a biopic on any current superstar as I cant see Akki or Jadoo Boy playing one of their contemporarys so it has to be either a yesteryear stalwart or past sports icon- Big B or Ganguly….

  • John cant act so why hes been considered I will never know unless its a biopic on Pinocchio so they needed a wooden actor then maybe hes perfect along with Arjun (rampal not tevarless kapoor)

  • Hrithik will do full justice in anyone’s biopic.
    If Salman’s biopic will make den surely Varun will be casted.

  • Breaking News

    Ahmed Khan has told reporters that hes not doing a biopic on King. On news on the web he says he thought about Kings biopic but apparently Shreyas Talpade and Tusshar Kapoor are fully booked for next 5 and 7 yrs respectively and Bobby Darling is pricing himself out of the biopic. Plus our Arjuna Kapoor is apparently lost in kollywood according to Boney Sir so thats a no go.
    So its definitely a biopic on another icon but he did tell reporters that its not a biopic on Jadoo Boy as casting Jadoo is nigh on impossible due to him being MIA since 2003.

    Stay tuned for more updates to follow

  • @3:12pm

    “I dont want to see Hrithik at all”

    Finally the truth has come out- LOL

    With fanboys like you who needs enemies…

  • I forgot but we already saw Kings biopic last yr in that beautiful classic titled ‘Yeh Hai Bakrapur’ starring King as himself…!

  • What’s The Deal wid Bollywood’s Biopic Obsession these days? we have seen many biopic movies in the last couple of years and none of them become big grosser except BMB and now Several other biopics are already in production and set to release in the coming months.

  • Take anyone but not Akki. He will make sure that your film is a flop. He has been giving flops after flops. Even critically acclaimed baby failed to beat 100 cr.

  • Why many of comments taking name of Hrithik?
    I don’t think after Bang Bang Hrithik is going to work with any unsuccessful and time pass directors.
    He being a professional actor deserves professional and experience directors like Ashutosh Gowariker and Vishal Bhardwaj with whom he is working for his next films. I don’t know know about other 3 actors but Hrithik for sure should not and will not work in this project.

  • I want to see either Akshay or Hrithik. VArun is also a good choice. John will be considered if he shows good acting in his latest films!

  • Forget about Hrithik, he doesn’t have time to do projects like Shuddhi and Paani, then he will most likely turn it down. It seems like a film with Vishal Bharadwaj could be his next movie after “Mohenjodaro”, but I want to see him in Immortals Of Meluha.

    I think Akshay or Varun will be great choices.

  • HR is HR. He can do any role. Just take Guzaarish what acting he has done. Salman & SRK both felt jealousy of him. Now I want c in comic role.

  • Akki/hrithik would be the best choice…. and floppy i got 4 words for u go suck a dick.. u fuck face

  • thank god he did not took name of non actor girljaann…. v saved from torture of that biopic..

    but whr is srk¿¿

    mr. Ahemad plz make a biopic on criminal in bollywood. take sadakchap bull in movie as lead

  • HR along with Varun would be an interesting choice.. Thank God Ranveer Singh ain’t considered for this..

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