Spotted: Salman Khan with Himesh Reshammiya and Mika Singh: Photos

Stars present at the event: Salman Khan, Himesh Reshammiya, Mika Singh, Wajid Ali

Location: MHADA, Himesh Reshammiya’s Recording Studio

Salman Khan with Himesh Reshammiya and Mika Singh

Salman Khan with Himesh Reshammiya and Mika Singh

Salman Khan spotted at Himesh Reshammiya's recording studio

Salman Khan spotted at Himesh Reshammiya’s recording studio

Salman Khan

Salman Khan

Salman Khan at Himesh's recording studio

Salman Khan at Himesh’s recording studio

Himesh Reshammiya with Wajid Ali and Mika Singh

Himesh Reshammiya with Wajid Ali and Mika Singh



  • flop hero and flop music director……Salman khan holds the record of most number of flops and disasters in bolltywood after Akshay Kumar

  • @babajee kinlungi + @babaji ki lungi Yes Salman bhai has become a Godfather in the industry n a great mentor to up and coming talent. Thats a good thing despite your rubbish attempt at leaving another half baked comment which could be misconstrued as a lame attempt at being sarcastic but I just think you just jealous bcoz unfortunately for you (fortunate for us) your icon Akki never spotted your talent way back in the 90’s n never nurtured you so that you could become the next Big Villain after Amrish Puri…!

    Bhai jaan has devoted alot of time to his prodigy’s n for that he deserves alo of credit bcoz most celebs in the industry are self obsesseed n so self centred that- well lets not name names as we all know whos the biggest culprit here.

  • @indicine y aren’t u publishing humshakals first day collection and second day trend.according to koimoi 1st day is 12.5.I just checked adv booking report for today from bookmyshpw and it is good and definitely better than holidays first 2 days occupancy.plz publish it and yes my prediction hv again come right that it will.earn similar to holiday on day1 despite releasing in 500-700 lesser screens.humahakals will earn 38-40cr weekend and will b hit.

  • Sajid Khan has given target to his sister, I guess Farah will take his challenge seriously and makes HNY more crappier.

  • Now nobody will complain this is more article on salman. But there is no single report on hamshakals box office. All turn silence especially Akki fans who keep crying for not publishing article on him. Indice article won’t bother hamshakals collections.

  • Salman is looking fit coz he exercises regularly and in many movies Salman is seen doing many dips so we want our king to do dips according to his number of fans means we want our king to do 4 billion dips every year

  • These people above made Jumme ki raat bhai ke saath so we want our king to make new year ki raat king ke saath song and we want our king do dance better than Salman in that song

  • Salman has the highest no of top grossers (8) of the last 25 years. He is the biggest megastar since 2 decades.

  • the third picture our Sallu bhai looks like he saw a ghost or something scary loolz.
    @Indicine,what is the first day collection of Humshakals?

  • @Navin Uncle
    I was not being sarcastic there…but a pessimist uncle like you always see everything as a sarcasm bcoz you never liked anything in your life except Bhaijaan and The Awesome Frogman…!!!

  • Himesh has given good music in trailer and 1st song and hoping that remaining songs will be also good.

  • Salman’s look in last scene of Jumme ki raat song was confusing.Looks like there is also some suspence element in the movie.Too much fun

  • Okay now so this babaji ka ullu has become a lallu fanatic as our ch akki’s post ipl release is beaten by even sajid khan’s non holiday release humshakals. Too bad as he will never become one of lallu n tingu fanatic group member which he is trying so hard so he can try to bring down SRK as he can see his looser hero nowhere near SRK. He knows lallu n tingu are loosers and can be bring down easily which is not the case with SRK

  • kick will be flop, we know rhinoceros salmu dint cross hi ready in jan.. After than he cant give a blockbuster with other star fans help too, everybody know his local cheap fans, zaduwalas, rikshaw walas tapori, 2 kaudi ke, 2 kaudi’s star, no 1 classic men will watch dis kick fick, class watchers will go for p.k. Holiday etc

  • @Babaji ka thullu: must say ur reply is too good.. coz i ding find any thing bad in ur firt post.. pata nahi navin ko kya ho gaaya..

  • @weak rum
    I am not a blind follower like you…coz i know all the top stars are worth their value…

    You can’t be anyone’s FAN coz you bash other actors before praising SRK…even sensible SRK fans would agree with me

    You are a good definition of a MORON..

  • Babaji ka ullu – atleast I’m less moronic than our ch akki in most of his films and in his next doggy entertainment in which he is competing with dogs. You’re the perfect definition of backstabber who left our ch akki in his bad time and started licking feet of lallu n tingu n their fanatics

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