Special 26 vs Baby: Box Office Collection Comparison

Akshay Kumar and Neeraj Pandey’s Special 26 and Baby were both expected to do well at the box office, as both were genuinely good films. While 2013 release Special 26 was affected by the release of a massy film like ‘ABCD – Anybody Can Dance’, Baby was competing against a small release like ‘Dolly Ki Doli’.

Unfortunately, Baby is expected to finish with lifetime collections of around 20% more than Special 26, even though the costs were much higher.

Special 26 vs Baby

Special 26 vs Baby

 Special 26Baby
Day 15.929.30
Day 27.8711.17
Day 39.9815.60
Day 44.4514.90
Day 53.955.10
Day 63.724.25
Day 74.313.50
First Week Total40.2 crore60.32
Day 82.522.85
Day 93.353.99
Day 104.935.81
Day 111.952.20
Day 121.761.92
Day 131.501.94
Day 141.351.87
Second Week Total17.36 crore20.58
Remaining Weeks9.48 crore1.31
Total Collections67.04 crore85.71 crore (15 days)


  • Promotional inactivity by pr team/ producers killed the movies chances big time…. Plus baby nipuns review also is a big put off for audiences…

  • Both films are strictly a one time watch in theatres n then wait for dvd or tv run…. But still baby should have got a bigger opening which has hindered it the most…

  • so 70cr star will now move to 80cr good akshay but it need to collect 95cr to get hit verdicts but yes i agree with indicine it will be average at best which is so bad considering holidays and great reviews

  • Special 26 collected 69 CR and was a hit . Baby should atleast be Semi hit . Special 26 and Baby both are thrillers . But Special 26 was more entertaining on the other hand Baby was very complex . It was really easy to understand Special 26 on the other hand Baby was very intelligent . I think why Baby will not be successful because it is not entertaining and the movie does not have light hearted moments . Why always people want to watch light hearted movies ? When movies are released on Eid, Diwali and Christmas i can understand that people want entertaining movies so that they can see with their families . But why everytime ? Neeraj Pandey you are a Class apart and even Baby flops my respect for you will remain intact in fact it will increase much more as it takes to guts to make a movie on such a subject . I am sorry if somebody is hurt with my comments but i am not against commercial or masala movies but when such movies fail at the Box Office you feel terribly bad . Hum Religion ke column main Bold aur Capital main Indian likhte hai . Baby Rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja ‘s favourite actor is Emraan hashmi . He was terrific in awarapan. He further said that if biopic is made on him, he wants emraan hashmi in it.

  • Baby’s trending shows to cross 100cr mark is impossible now. It can earn 90cr maximum and get average/semi hit verdict.

  • Special 26 was also Average/Above Average. Baby won’t cross 80 Cr. It is a rejected movie. It will be Flop/Below Average.

  • What a shame.. BaBy shud hv earned more with so much of +tve feedback by critics as well as audience.. Anti-hindu movie–PK earns 300crs plus india. Bt movie like BABY which exposes the intent for terror, finds it hard to earn even 100crs at BO.. Shame.. Agneepath records full safe..

  • What a shame.. Baby hd outstanding feedback frm critics & audience of big cities yet below level performance by it. It ws based on counter terrorism & abt revealing d side of pak country bt ends up earning so less.. Whereas an anti-hindu movie PK earns 300crs… Agneepath 1st week records-92Crs too looks huge task for BABY now.

  • I am not an akki fan but If baby doesn’t make enough money to be regarded as a hit, we as an audience should be ashamed of ourselves..such class movies deserve to be in the 100-200 cr clubs..

  • Nipung’s review of Baby is the greatest human written review of anything, anywhere of 2015. His review of Tevar is close at #2.
    If anyone has a problem with this fact then please type a complaint letter (at least 5,000 words long), save it, select it and press “Shift+Delete”.

  • feel bad for pandey as despite making superb films he has failed to deliver a super hit.but finally he has realized the importance of selecting bankable star for his film who cn gv good opening and that’s y he has taken sushanth instead of akki for ms dhioni biopic

  • Good news!!!! Today new release movie all washout. So BABY chance to big score this week. Baby verdict will be decided 2nd weekend collection. Go BABY Go

  • zero promotion has affected the film.Also the trends on social media created fake belief among producers that it had immense buzz.But truth is that well made thrillers hardly find takers in bollywood.

  • Height of illiteracy!! By @romanceExpiry 8.10pm

    You have copy pasted KRK’s tweet even without noticing there are only 3 khans who are competent..

  • i am a big akki fan since childhood, he is an amazing actor his special chabbis and baby could have become bigger hits if he had avoided films like tees maar khan, joker, and the shaukeens, now his next airlift could get the same fate as baby if his singh is bling flops…

  • “Akshy is not a bankable star.”

    Right! Bankable star is someone who guarantees a huge opening without Chetan Bhagat/Dharma Productions, or YRF/Ranveer Singh. For example Arjun Kapoor. lol.

  • Well to be honest , after reading the indicine reviews was so excited to watch the movie but ended up bit disappointed I mean it is a well shot movie that’s all about it and any actor could have done this role. But it’s way better than all mainstream movies . I wish we all could hire a decent story writer that’s the one thing that is missing right now .

  • @mukerjee…. Do u know d attributes and criteria for qualifying to b called a BANKABLE STAR in Hindi cinema?? Nothing personal…just want to know ur view explicitly…. Kind of confuse wit key words U used like…” neeraj pandey” “choose” “sushant” over “AKSHAY” “BANKABLE”????
    2. Even a dummy Director would opt for an actor close to MS Dhoni age which is 33! Sushant Singh rajput…30!….so y shd Neeraj take a 47/48year old actor for that role!!!????
    3…..YAAWWNN….. as usual

  • Guess Neeraj should try other genres now…… @least he has seen 3 well articulated and critically acclaimed spy bound movies have an average acceptance from d audience…. Neither shd he nor Akki blame themselves much cos both of them Neeraj and Akki gave in their best for these movies just unfortunate we do have an unpredictable audience today that still may not b on par with critics and experts perception of a particular movie. …80-87crores…verdict semi-hit/above average.

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