Special 26 Box Office Opening: Disappointing start

Special 26Akshay Kumar’s Special 26 has taken a slow start the box office on Friday. The film was always expected to open lower than commercial masala films like Rowdy Rathore and Khiladi 786. But news of a much smaller film, ABCD – Any Body Can Dance, opening to a much better response, has come as a shocker.

Although a film like Special 26 holds limited appeal for the single screen (mass) audience, the occupancy at multiplexes too was ‘below average’.

Coming from the makers of ‘A Wednesday’ and starring a top star like Akshay Kumar, the trade was expecting a better response at least at multiplexes.

Unless the film picks up for the evening/night shows, the first day collections of Special 26 is likely to be lower than Prabhu Deva’s ABCD.

The initial reviews from critics are positive and if the audience respond well to the film, it should be able to put up good numbers on Saturday and Sunday.

Stay tuned for all the updates on Special 26 box office collections and more!



  • Expected fate for a very well made film at indian box office. Hope it picks up well and collects what it deserves. A fantastic portraied performance by akki in this high octane con film.

  • They shouldn’t have taken akshay kumar for such a serious role, as simple as that. Poor role selection for the movie will cost them a lot, pity.

  • This will happens when back to back film you release !! This will same happened to salman khan in the past but in present it change !!! So akki has totally 3 films in this year special 26 in feb , Boss june , Once upon a time in mumbai 2 in aug !!

  • Its a brilliant movie and for me Anupam and Manoj outshine Akshay in this movie. I think Akshay wanted to do a normal role shall we say as opposed to a ‘larger than life’ role so he deserves credit for attempting this role. It is obvious to the audience that Aki is trying to restrain himself but his natural instinct is to be much bolder with his screen presence so you get a refrained Akshay and it just doesnt look right on screen. Its a hard call to make but the movie is worth 3 stars at the least. Worth a watch for the storytelling and good performances from the team.

  • Though the opening collections are not that huge, but since the movie has mostly got positive reviews & even the wom is good, expect it to pick up on sat & sun and have a good run like OMG!. Expecting it to be an another hit/superhit. My friends who have watched the movie have told me that it is trillion times better than the most boring crap ever made, jthj and hence i feel proud of akki for making such a movie. Well done special 26 team!

  • @ NVS , your calling jthj a crap movie !! then what you call chand ni chowak to china , joker , Khiladi 786 , de dhana dhan , etc
    I call this movies are ” kala Dhaba to bollywood”

  • Movie is very good so it will pick up but it made a point again that akshay isn’t a big superstar like Khans or Hrithik.

  • Just 2 months back every one commented that akki is just doing masala and remakes.when he did a inteligent movie everyone talking about collections.if u like good movie just watch the movie.if u want boxoffice collection check rowdy rathore or wait for outim2 and thuppakki remake.dont bark here,ask ur favourite stars to release their movies on nonholiday and cross rowdy collections

  • My appeal to the people,please go and watch the movie first

    Superb mind blowing performance by Akki and Manoj Bajpayee

    First half,a liitle slow start but overall good.3/5

    Second half,just awesome,you cant remove your eyes from the screen.4.5/5
    Overall 4/5 ,go watch if you support good movies.

  • Finest movie of the year. Sure winner,mark my words.and for people who are saying khans are better than Akko. Let them do 4 movies per year then see

  • Akshy done well job anupam tooo..acording to frod..con…doubl crose..undrstanding…its awsm movie…big thing is that diffrent story apart the other directer….all are morron who sys tht its bad or flop movie…no yar its gud movie…no doubt

  • Special Chabbis has seen an improvement in collections in the late afternoon but still first day will not be as strong especially for a film of its size. The best collections are in the South Delhi and Gurgaon area.

    ABCD opened very well at most places and is keeping the pace. The film opened very well in Mumbai which is rare for a non star cast film.

    Both films should collect in the same range which should be 5 crore nett plus but Special Chabbis is playing on 500 screens more which makes its opening below par going by screens and cost while ABCD has done very well to get better occupancies and even match first day collections with a star cast film despite 30-35% less screens.

    Lolzzzzzzzzzzzz Akkissssssssss Power VS Prabhu Deva

  • Wow what a great film. Hats off to akshay kumar for starring in such a film.
    Movies are not just about how much money they make but also about legacy.
    this is Akiis legacy, not cheap movies like housefull. Will housefull be remembered 10 years from know.You know the answer

  • No body is commenting on movie,yes it is a brilliant film..but the thing is about akki star power bcoz first day collection depend on star power,and sorry to say akki star power is declining day by day..

  • Lol..this git nvs has to always say something bad about srk otherwise he cant probably sleep at night…dude..ur salman is having the best phase of his career because of his strategy of doing only masala films nd remakes..enjoy this phase nah cause its gonna end soon..most probably this year itself…and ive seen special 26 and it was awesome..anupum kher was brilliant…and akshay and manoj were good too..akshay said that special26 is his best decision since 20 yrs and i completely agree…brilliant film.!!!!..and then box office..dont give a shit ppl…when have good movies ever done good at the box office these days….those days are gone when content wise great films like sholay,hum aapke hain kaun,ddlj,gadar,3idiots made record breaking collections…now shit films are working at the box office..god save this country and its ppl…bollywood can never dream of reaching hollywood if the trend continues this way…the top grossers of hollywood are films like avatar,titanic,avenger,etc whereas in bollywood…ett,dabanng2,bodyguard…shame on us indians to make such bullshit films even hit..forget bout blockbuster..yuck.!!..special26 definately deserves strong box office collections for its mind blowing content…not 100 but it deserves 150cr lifetime…but alas..good films like this will never get much money at the BO..which will prompt filmmakers to make more and more mindless films and remakes..and ppl ll go for those films again and again..this ll never change..!!!:-(..but for me and many other ppl out there im sure…special 26 will be remembered for a long time..!!

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