Kadar Khan fine, upset with death rumours

Kader Khan Veteran actor, comedian, script writer Kadar Khan is hale and hearty and says his family is upset with rumours of his death.

The actor has urged gossip mongers to stop spreading rumours.

“My family is extremely upset about it. They are very worried. All this has shaken my family. Whoever is spreading such rumours, please stop it,” Kadar told IANS.

“One day everyone has to die and when I’ll go, I will go with your blessings. Right now I am completely fine,” he added.

Kadar Khan has portrayed diverse characters on screen in his career spanning more than 3 decades. He has worked in over 450 films, and was popular for films his films with Govinda and David Dhawan in the 90s.

He also wrote scripts and dialogues for movies.



  • Lolz … This article is shamelessly copied from TOI blog … @INDICINE U always relay on other sites … Shame on u ! !

  • @ Indicine : It is a complete shock that you are posting a rumor about a well known actor without authenticating the news. It is about someone‚Äôs life and death. Just posting an article a day about SRK will not take your site to places.

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