South producers don’t spend more than 2 crore on publicity: Akshay Kumar

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has said the producers in the South Indian film industries do not spend more than Rs 2 crore on film publicity, which, he said, could be one of the reasons why their films are more profitable.

When asked about the current struggle of the Hindi film industry and a South Film like ‘Bahubali 2: The Conclusion’ becoming the highest grosser of the year, Akshay said “Maybe it has something to do with our content, which is not right. Also, the south is very systematic. They don’t spend more than Rs 2 crore on publicity. They don’t do reality shows or too many press meets. But like us, they also release big films during Diwali and Pongal”

Speaking about his upcoming film, Toilet Ek Prem Katha, Akshay said he isn’t concerned about the box office collection of the film which has been made for a social cause.

“I am not bothered about box office collections. I am more concerned about the eye balls the film will get. If my producer-distributor can reduce the ticket price, I will be very happy” Akshay added.

‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ releases in theatres on August 11.



  • south is small territory compare to hindi movies so obviously they will not spend much on marketing .

  • Akshay will never replace srk??? Guys wake up srk is miles ahead of him forget domestic. Overseas im not gna go there

  • This is because of KHANS (SRK and Aamir Khan) that Bollywood is bound to spend 30% of their budget on publicity, minimum of 5 Crore publicity even if movie is made at 2 Crore. Khans are insecure and desperate to get success by hook or crook, and spending money like anything on publicity campaign is one of tool they used which make sure that atleast they will get away with decent totals at boxoffice even if movie is not liked much. Because of their selfish propaganda, whole Bollywood is suffering.

  • I think Toilet EPK will be the all time highest grosser movie for Akshay Kumar and if content will click to audiences then first time for Akshay Kumar movie 200 crore will be possible

  • Srk is looking old & he is unfit from body & mind. On other hand Akki is mentally & physically strong & looking young & handsome. So Srk finished & Akki rules on peoples heart & mind.

  • @inficine:I asked u a query n its ur responsibility to clear our doubts but instead u have not published it.OK fine,anyways my doubts have been cleared by other sites.

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