South producers don’t spend more than 2 crore on publicity: Akshay Kumar

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has said the producers in the South Indian film industries do not spend more than Rs 2 crore on film publicity, which, he said, could be one of the reasons why their films are more profitable.

When asked about the current struggle of the Hindi film industry and a South Film like ‘Bahubali 2: The Conclusion’ becoming the highest grosser of the year, Akshay said “Maybe it has something to do with our content, which is not right. Also, the south is very systematic. They donít spend more than Rs 2 crore on publicity. They donít do reality shows or too many press meets. But like us, they also release big films during Diwali and Pongal”

Speaking about his upcoming film, Toilet Ek Prem Katha, Akshay said he isn’t concerned about the box office collection of the film which has been made for a social cause.

“I am not bothered about box office collections. I am more concerned about the eye balls the film will get. If my producer-distributor can reduce the ticket price, I will be very happy” Akshay added.

‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ releases in theatres on August 11.



  • You know too much abt south producers. Are u taking lessons from them? After all you have most south remakes in ur kitty.

      • Shankar has a bad reputation of flooding money like water. He spends too much money on advertising, marketing, and presentation. He received a lot of flack from both public and industry for his movie I. If you want to save money, he is the last person you need to learn from.

      • Shanker is the most efficient money spender.. Shanker’s i production cost was just 80crores.. But it looks like a 250cr film.
        He spends double or triple of a regular film.. But the film appears like 10 times richer and always a sureshot success

    • @indicine

      indicine k liye Stardom ka mtlb

      continue ATBB or Highest grossing movie dena nhi hota h

      @indicine @sallucine k liye stardom ka mtlb

      1) Die heard fan hona jruri h….

      2) ese fan hona jruri h….jo unki PooJa kre??

      3) First day first show dekhe

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      ki…”chinkara zinda h … 1000 crore kregi ”

      5) jo sirf sallu ki Mar-kat massala movie dekhe….or Tubelite k time fussss ho jaye


      1) india ki population ka 0.1% Diehard fan hona , Stardom ka sign h ??

      2) jab etne hi sare Fan h , to Fusslite ki oppning 20crore hi kyo hui ??
      or JHMS ki 15 crore ??

      3) Aamir ki movie , jisme n romance tha , na leading heroine ,na big promotion ….fir usne 30 crore ki oppning kese kr li ?? WOM se? ??

      4)China me 1200 crore ho gye…vo bhi 5 month bad…

      to kya OS me JHMS or Fusslite ka LT ek din me earn krna….weibo pr millions fan…

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  • This man is full of Double Standard. Indicine is this a news? Oh i get it ,nice way to distract readers from Baadshaho trailer.

    • Akki fans are happy with Baadshaho trailer and Ajay sir dont come and spread hatred here you Jabra Met Sally.

    • real double standard is your star Srk how called JHMS as calss love story but it was the worst film this year at least AK sir never praises his films like this before the release

  • common man can connect to the south indian movies easily, but we cannot say the same about bollywood. in bollywood some make only for multiplex and some make only for single screens, whereas in south india pan-south india films.

    • Double standards.
      When bollywood makes well-made masala movies you call them crap, and then you loud south cinema?
      One film working doesnt mean that all south films are good

  • There was a time i used to watch his every movie at theater whether it were bad or good, no matter to me then because i was his big fan after SRK. I still remember i was prefer Action replay over Golmaal. After spending Rs.250 for New york, it was very hard for me to spend another Rs.250 for kambakht ishq as i was student then but i did. I got to knew De dana dan was bad movie through TOI ( they gave 2.5*/5) but i watched it just for AK. Now, really fed up on his patriotic dramebaaz.

    • whatever bro,atleast he is not a drunkard criminal like salman, even if his patriotism is a drama its doing no harm to anyone, he is actually helping soldiers and poor people

  • The Buzz of movie is very low, and according to trade it need 130-145cr (vary from different trade sites) to break even, which could be possible because it is getting tax free from many states…..I think from here Akki should release one more small trailer so that it increase the Buzz……in Hollywood they release 2-3 trailer to maintain buzz so why not we do the same….Movie looks good I hope Akki will do something to increase the buzz……

  • Definitely south is better than Bollywood in this aspect. The release date of movies is announced around just 2 months before the release. Sometimes the release date comes after the trailer is launched. Pawan Kalyan’s Gopala Gopala(OMG remake) didn’t even have a correct release date until the last moment. Whereas Bollywood is becoming more and more obsessed with getting the best date. Where are the days when HAHK, Gadar, Raja Hindustani or a Koi Mil Gaya, Dhoom 2 did blockbuster bussiness on non-holiday?

  • This guy i use to like but has become too much of a chamcha and his fanz live in a bubble!!! Wrong film for an independence day release!!! Good luck

    • Look at the Tv channels, they all play south movies all the time. Bollywood is slowly dying, they pander more to the metro audience and the big stars except Aamir are not delivering. South movies are wholesome family movies without sex/kissing scenes which our country is still not used to or are conservative about it.

    • very well said akki sir bollywood needs to know that content is the king if the film is good then it will do good business

  • Don’t call this guy a superstar. A superstar is the one whose movies have minimum guarantee when it comes to opening and his movies open maximum at 14 cr and his best performers wrap up below 135 cr. Never given any HGOTY in his 26 years old career only 1 solo blockbuster and that too a south remake So he is not a superstar.

    • Oh he is not a superstar than why are you wasting your precious time writing a comment on a post related to him, i think you are a srk fan, i can understand your agony, go to exile with your failed star srk

    • I used to like him, but he lost all the of my respect after Joker and its entertainment. Give him money and he will work in a movie with a dog in the lead role.

  • But sir you have probably doing more publicity this time for Toilet. You could set an example for this. Just like you became citizen of Canada. Anyways Toilet will be a big winner as the things stand today. Congrats for the success in advance Mr. Canadian kumar. Hahaha

  • Yeah he is not superstar..
    But he is the only star to give 4 superhits in a year.
    He is among top earning celebrities every year.
    He is the only member of 3000cr club.

    He is the only one, releasing 4 films in an year that are limited in appeal and budget.. Still makes all films to 100cr club.

    Probably he is a megastar.

    Robot 2.0 hindi version depends on akki, it will outgross dangal and pk combined collection……. Easily.

  • Aksahy is the best the reqson why he doesnt have highest groosing movie of the year is because he release too many movies how can u give highest grossing when your realeasing like 3 to 4 movies a year and back in the day he was even releasing 6 or 7. There was also welcome it was kind of the highest grossing of 2007 because it also went through a clash so for me welcome was most succesfull movie of 2007. IF YOU TALK ABOUT OPENING from 2005 to 2013 hes opening were bumper even though he made so many movies.

  • After watching JHMS, I am not well and the only thing which I need is Toilet hopefully it will save me.

  • Hahahahaha. Haters Akki ki success pacha nahi paa rahe. Yaar tum logon ki itni kyun jal rahi h. TEPK to hit honi hi h. Ab bhookna h to bhookte rahe. We don’t care.

  • Superstar sirf 200-300 crore dene se nahi banta. Uske liye logon ke dil mein jagha banani padti h. Haters ki to ab asey hi jalegi. Akki Bhai aa rahe h. Chal baju haaaaaat. TEPK blockbuster.

  • Akshay got up 7 times after loosing his position as a superstar yet he is back again .
    He is smart and very realistic..
    And honest in a way you feel he is overreacting .
    Yes he know what to do at the right time
    Which is great

  • South remakes of akahay:
    Gabbar is back
    Rowdy Rathore
    These r scene to scene remake of south movies.

    • Bodyguard, wanted, ready, tera nam, har dil jo pyar karege, kyon ki, kick…

      Akki has done some remakes.. Still he has more original films than everyone..

      And what is wrong with remakes?
      Yeah.. Ghajini and wanted were sure bets due to perfect scripts.. But dhoom series and hirani films are’nt sure bets?

  • comments of srkians showing which type of people they are ..
    At least after jhms and last 4/5 underperformer I thought they will change but no they are the same ..
    thier is a saying ..
    if you pray bad about others good things will not come in your life and you will never find happiness anywhere .
    God bless you guys …
    enjoy ..

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