SOS JTHJ Box Office Collections

Jab Tak Hai Jaan vs Son Of Sardar

Both Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son Of Sardar continued their good run at the domestic box office. In 10 days (first week extended week) the combined total of both the Diwali releases was 181.66 crore.

Both films remained steady in second Friday, although Son Of Sardar had bigger drops on Wednesday and Thursday. Jab Tak Hai Jaan crossed the 100 crore mark on it’s 11th day, while SOS is likely to join the 100 crore club by the end of Week 2.

Detailed 11 day day wise collections of SOS and JTHJ below.

JTHJ Box Office Collections – 11 days

  • Tuesday – 15.23 crore
  • Wednesday – 19.54 crore (28% growth)
  • Thursday – 14.45 crore (26% drop)
  • Friday – 11.17 crore (22% drop)
  • Saturday – 10.38 crore (7% drop)
  • Sunday – 9.96 crore (4% drop)
  • Monday – 5.36 crore (46% drop)
  • Tuesday – 4.66 crore (13% drop)
  • Wednesday – 4.12 crore (11% drop)
  • Thursday – 3.54 crore (14% drop)
  • Friday – 3 crore (approx)
  • Total – 101.41 crore (actuals for 10 day extended week 98.41 crore)

SOS Box Office Collections – 11 days

  • Tuesday – 10.72 crore
  • Wednesday – 16.21 crore (51% growth)
  • Thursday – 12.22 crore (25% drop)
  • Friday – 10.12 crore (17% drop)
  • Saturday – 8.5 crore (16% drop)
  • Sunday – 8.25 crore (2% drop)
  • Monday – 5.51 crore (33% drop)
  • Tuesday – 4.82 crore (12% drop)
  • Wednesday – 3.88 crore (19% drop)
  • Thursday – 3.02 crore (22% drop)
  • Friday – 2.75 crore (approx)
  • Total – 86 crore (actuals for 10 day extended week 83.25 crore)


  • despite sos being an masala entertainer which usually does better col nowadays failed to beat jthj even on weekdays, that’s the power of king khan, jthj mon-tue: 17.68 sos:- 17.23.. verdict jthj superhit sos hit…

  • This is from BOI, which is different story altogether SOS dominating all weekdays below details for Friday.


    Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 58 lakhs

    Son Sardaar – 50 lakhs

    East Punjab

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 23 lakhs

    Son Sardaar – 23 lakhs


    Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 6.75 lakhs

    Son Sardaar – 12.50 lakhs


    Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 11 lakhs

    Son Sardaar – 17 lakhs

  • Thanks 2 GOD i should say at least people has stopped comparing with movie like Ek Tha TIger !!!!!

    Seriously if u have additional jaan then only u can tolerate jab tak hai jaan.

    i guess joker SERIOUSLY better dan jab tak hai jaan, at least shirsh kunder made me laugh …wat can i say guys. finally we’ve 2 support “paisa vasool” movies ! wat say ???

  • Its Offiicial:

    In 2nd week….300 screens of jthj …replaced by Son of sardar…thts d power of Ajay Dev_Gun…..

  • Its Official:

    In 2nd week….300 screens of jthj …replaced by Son of sardar…thts d power of Ajay Dev_Gun…..

  • No one looked at Box office india at the time of Ek tha tiger… now every one is saying go check BOI… WHY?
    As per BOI ETT is 186 crores… but everyone belives its 199.6 crs

  • Anyways combined gross of jthj 2600 screens + sos 2000 screens for 10 days is 181 crores with 4600 screens.
    Ek tha tiger has grossed 175 crores in 11 days with 3300 screens.
    Well, two superstars combinedly grossed 6 crores more than ETT with 1300 screens.Wow gr8.

  • MY NAME IS KHAN…150+ crore worldwide….
    RA-ONE….150+ crore worldwide…
    DON 2….150+ crore worldwide….
    JAB TAK HAI JAAN…150+ crore worldwide(Still running….)
    This is the power of king khan….appreciated by not only in india but across the world…
    SRK u r the real superstar…
    keep rocking….

  • @ king.

    dabangg:- 215 cr worldwide

    ready :- 185 cr worldwide

    bodyguard :- 230 cr worldwide

    ek tha tiger :- 320 cr worldwide
    this is the power of salman (the real king)….appreciated in india & all over the world!!!!

  • These says only masala movies working which should have everything comedy action and drama , so if any small hero come with this type of movie defenetly 100 cr . So current audience point of view changed. It’s not like salman movies working . If salman movie come other than this then you will see his real 5 year old days
    But SRK still works like before any situation his movie surely 100 cr.
    You can’t bet this with any other hero that’s the reality of HERO.

  • @ kg ek tha tiger was not a masala film….still done 320 cr worldwide & 199 cr in india….what will u say abt that? buddhe k fan?

    First Romantic Movie to Enter 100 Crore Club
    Nowdays there is a trend of Masala Carp
    But Still Ajay fails to beat The King
    Look at the Power of SRK KING Khan

  • @tejas I was expecting same response but that plastic hero comes with action that was action movie . This year all action movies done join 100 cr you will see all forth coming movies of salman are action packed which is defenetly not original action.
    You can’t say him hero until you judge him in all stages atleast 10 years.

  • @tejas….hahaha…joke of the day….
    salman is appreciated all over the world….
    i think apart from india and some arabic countries , no one knows from other countries that who is salman khan….keep dreaming frnds…
    the only one superstar famous both domestically and overseas equally is Shahrukh khan….
    naam to suna hi hoga….?????

    PLASTIC salman Needs growth other than action.

  • @ king salman is popular worldwide….that is why salman’s movie collect more than srk’s worldwide…..
    ready 185> rab ne150
    dabangg 215 > 202
    bodyguard 230 > don2 206
    ek tha tiger 320 > jthj 210 (expected 108 india + 70 cr overseas)

    now say who is popular worldwide?

    salman >>>> srk

  • @ king salman is popular worldwide….that is why salman’s movie collect more than srk’s worldwide…..
    ready 185> rab ne150
    dabangg 215 > 202
    bodyguard 230 > don2 206
    ek tha tiger 320 > jthj 210 (expected 111 india + 70 cr overseas)

    now say who is popular worldwide?

    salman >>>> srk

  • @kg..totally agree with u bro…
    @black wyne…i think sallu has appointed u to make a research on all srk movies that from where they are copied….
    grow up man….
    the intensity srk puts in his one can put the same intensity either in bollywood or bollywood…

  • Ladies and Gentelmen allow me to give my opinion about jthj vs sos, or for that matter SRK vs A.Devgn/Salman Khan.
    First of all some facts: predictions are at best to be seen like prognoses, when real numbers or real events occur they do not play any role, but there is a reason for every result.
    People expected jthj to score more numbers in the box office and that was right, because Yash Chopra movies are always known for their quality and SRK as one of the biggest stars in India and The biggest star in overseas. So why have not scored JTHJ as much ETT or 3 Idiots ?

    1) JTHJ is for the classes, not for the masses!
    2) JTHJ had less screens and a competitor, means Market was divided ( ETT enjoyed a solo release and more screens.)
    3) ETT & SOS are Big Budget movies while JTHJ´s Budget is on a level like Movies SOTY!

    Why in recent times Salman Khan is doing guest appearences whenever SRK movies are releasing ? Last Year he was seen in Tell me o Khuda and in this year SOS, do you think it´s coincidence ?
    This mindless action movies ala Dabanng, Singham..etc have limited time in the interest of the masses then Salman and his Friends will be out of sight, but SRK will be for sure since he is an evergreen and most reliable indian movie star.
    SRK is the most reliable movie-star.

  • Intelligent fans of srk with some duplicate names like their hero don’t have mind & still claim srk as king in domestic & overseas markets.
    But when it comes to reality none of his movies touch the top 5 position in domestic market.Coming to overseas 3 idiots is in top position from the past 4 years.3 idiots & Ek tha tiger are the only two movies which grossed above 300 crores worldwide.
    Finally movies like mnik,ra one,don 2 which were successful in overseas were never appreciated in domestic market.Being an Indian films we only consider a film’s verdict by the market done here but none cares abt overseas.Now know the fact & dont become jokers time & again.

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