Sonam Kapoor, Radhika Apte sign Akshay Kumar – R. Balki film ‘Padman’

Akshay Kumar’s 4th and final release of 2017 is gearing up to be one of the most keenly-awaited films of the year. The film, which is based on Arunachalam Muruganantham who invented the first low-cost sanitary napkins in India, will be directed by acclaimed director R. Balki.

Co-produced by Twinkle Khanna, ‘Padman’ will feature Sonam Kapoor and the talented Radhika Apte.

On signing the film, Sonam tweeted “Thrilled to be a part of this prestigious project”

‘Padman’ will be Akshay’s fourth release of 2017 – after Jolly LLB 2, Toilet Ek Prem Katha and Robot 2.0. The film will release in theatres in December.

Thrilled to be a part of this prestigious project. #rbalki @akshaykumar @missfunnybones @radhikaofficial #padman

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  • I don’t find R Balki a good director, he almost always fails to execute a good concept. Shoojit Sircar would have been awesome. Sonam Kapoor is another waste addition to this film while Radhika Apte instills some confidence.
    If you want to commercialize the story then do it like dangal, otherwise come up with a serious film(atleast it would have critical acclaim).
    Will wait for the trailer, not keeping any high hopes from this one.

  • Why but I don’t have interest in this film no doubt it will be good film . Akshay should stop such film we want him to film like mass & class entertaining film . Single screen audience is missing akshay Kumar films . He can fit any role .
    Jolly llb 2 125
    TEPK 150
    2.0 180-200
    Padman 120 crore
    TEPK will be one of the best film of 2017 it will get definetly get tax free status in bjp state . This film is about P M Narendra Modi Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan . Namo Namo .

  • Only Christmas is a good release date in December…

    This movie is on a very niche and weird subject so I am not much excited about it ..restricted appeal

  • Its a good thought and best idea to focus on Arunachalam Muruganantham invention..
    but Akshay kumar will kill it…
    Audience will get fed up seeing him

  • Radhika apte is not talented from anywhere, she is just a fame & money hungry girl….always ready to show her private parts… disappointed with Akshay’s choice of heroines …

    She looks like a lizard ?

  • “Only Christmas is a good release date in Decemberů”

    @sunny akkiholic, so you want Padman to release on Christmas! Jio Mere Laal…??

  • Akki sir please opted out from this film many akkians are not interested in this film . December month is risky only Christmas weekend is good . No doubt three films will do 100 crore business but this one below 100 crore .

  • Balki has mostly worked with big would be interesting to see how he presents commercial superstar like akki in his trademark style which caters mostly to niche urban audiences.very excited to see.mostly its theme is based on women so they would love to see it more than the men.

  • @Rajesh Kulkarni,I understand ur feelings buddy but what more u want from Akki now???Do u want another SIB,K786,ENTERTAINMENT etc kinda B grade movies!I know i m being very obnoxious with my words but do u really think these movies worth a single watch?The definition of massy movies have changed nowadays hence something like Sultan,Dangal etc would be accepted but others like the 3 movies i mentioned along with cheap south masala movies will be thrash abruptly.This yr we have 2 massy movies of Akki & 2 classy ones which indeed is a good mix of both.Collection wise JOLLYLLB 2 is sureshot 100 cr plus(around 115 cr) i.e my prediction!TEPK has a chance but nothing can be said now!2.O has a strong change of 200 cr(Hindi) if it is a accepted!Padman won’t do much cheifly bcz of the theme,release date & has a slight chance of 100 cr that to with very positive WOM!Overall a very good yr for Akki in making.Expecting 500-600 cr annual business!

  • Whatever he is doing I m happy with it …!!!
    He was doing those SS type of movies what happened next everyone knows
    Multiplex audiences gave up on him …!!!
    Though my only concern about this film is director Balki…!!!
    Otherwise a very brave and bold subject

  • @Jolly,So u want a Full flexed X mas release for this movie?! Buddy enjoy the movies & don’t think much abt collections!

  • @indicine After the announcement of movie on his twitter hadle Akahay has said in an interview that he is not starring in any of the his wife’s production.
    I guess padman will have someone else as the male lead.

  • @Rafurru Das,Couldn’t agree more!R Balki is an overated Director!He everytime comes with good scripts but couldn’t project it wholly onscreen!All his movies r half baked!God knows why Amitji work in all his movies!I found the same problem in Rustom,poor screenplay & cliched plot literally made the movie hell like experience!Jokes too were forced in movie.I don’t want Akki to work with Tinu Suresh Desai again!!!
    Rustom would have been a Master piece had NP directed the movie!
    BTW,How did u like Bawara Mann?

  • Oh!! No . Another tourcher from non-actor akshya. This movie looks like sure shot disaster. Only hope from akshya this year is 2.0 that also Tamil movie .

  • @TIGER-The real king
    Absolute respect to all actors!!! But please dont get overexcited at Jolly’s comment
    1. Andaaz apna apna Vs Suhaag happened after hahk salman lost akki won
    2. Kyun ki vs Garam masala after no entry=Salman lost akki won
    3. Blue vs MAMK after wanted Salman lost akki won

    So dont overestimate your actor

  • @DEATH RANGER agree with you bro audience will remember akki sir for his good film and will judge him by films like airlift,baby ect so akki fans should support his choice and if films like dangal has done well in mass than why film like gold will not do the same I personally I like akki choice in films now

  • Is surprising that the film industry still finds Sonam Kapoor an actress… For ‘Neerja’ credit goes to the director ony… Otherwise she’s only a self proclaimed Fashionista, who also has a weird sense of fashion… She’s simply untalented !

  • hope it becomes disaster raees will earn more than akkis 4 films combined this year and will beat this idiot left and right and seeing srk akki will say mujhe pad aaya thats why film is named as padman

  • Akki is faster than rocket . It is not simple to make 4 films a year and promote it . He is the best entertainer in Bollywood

  • @ tiger we are not saying that padman to release with TZH . If u see track record of December month u find none of film did good business . Nobody can compete with Salman nowadays & clash mood not even aamir , srk & akki or hrithik . But I can say one thing god give him good thinking power . God Bless U .

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