One of the most passionate responses I’ve ever received: Aamir on Dangal

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, a industry legend who has delivered yet another classic, has posted a message on his social-media page thanking his audience for “one of the most passionate responses” he has ever received for his film.

“I am absolutely overwhelmed with all the love that Dangal has got. It is one of the most passionate responses I have ever received. I want to thank everyone for owning the film as their own. It’s the biggest compliment a creative person can receive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And thank you Nitesh sir. Love. a.”

Dangal has collected more than 350 crore at the domestic box office, making it the highest grosser of all time. Worldwide, the film has performed phenomenally well, collecting well over Rs 660 crore to become the 2nd highest worldwide grosser of all time after Aamir’s own film ‘PK’.

Released in theatres on 23 December 2016, Dangal was directed by Nitesh Tiwari.



  • Wow !!!
    Dangal crossed the magical 350 crores.
    Well deserved Aamir khan !!!
    BTW, we still put our money on sultan being highest grosser of 2016 !!

    Does anyone know whose words it was ?

  • When they Release Dangal in China it will be the first film in the history of Indian to gross more than 1000 crores worldwide.

  • Dangal could become the first 500 club opener in india if Aamir khan released it on December 16 but he didn’t ……
    Again 370 crores is beyond extraordinary

  • Salman khan should bow down to SRK who postponed Raees.
    Otherwise, sultan would not have crossed
    180 crores with clash forget 300 cr or becoming the biggest hit of 2016 !!!!

  • You shameless admin you use words like megastar for that recordless salman khan and you dont have any shame to use such ordinary words like superatar for real megastar like aamir khan who is ruling bollywood by giving ATHGs. Shame on you. And why did you not use the word fans for Aamir. Aamir has highest fans in india and overseas both and he is most loved megastar of bollywood. No one is close to him in megastardom.

  • Srk – What is this 600-700 it India’s score in test matches

    No that’s collection of aamir khans movies

    Srk – oh ok aamir sir is great.btw the day my 3.5 b fans n online fans watch my movie I’ll also cross 250cr

  • Truely he is legend.. No doubt… He keeps his work above himself…
    Btw @indicine please post more articles on #raees & #kaabil.
    N plz will you post an article on expectation from upcoming superhero Hollywood movies..

  • “Aamir Khan, a industry legend who has delivered yet another classic” buwhahahahahah RIP LOCAL ACTOR FANS.

  • Really passionate response,specially after lot of protest and all on your comment on growing intolerance in country

  • @javeda

    Have you forgotten your own 400cr domestic nett prediction for Raeesa???

    Nobody asked your gangu teli to postpone his Raeesa from Eid. He’s just a bhagoda that’s why run away from Eid..?

  • @Javed Since when you started being a fan of Aamir Movies? I think after your global star collected massive 80 cr? Before commenting about Sultan, know that it collected 5 times more than Fan. And chill. Dont be a vigilante.

  • Gangu teliwalas say that Aamir is bigger star than Bhai, cz in 2016 Dangal collected more than Sultan. I’m fully agree with their logic.

    According to the same logic Sushant Singh Rajput >>>>>>>>> gangu teli. Bcz Sushant’s MSD collections >>>>>>>> gangu teli’s Billu 2 & DZ collections…

    ##Too Much Funnn!!!

  • Aamir khan should win the best actor of the year

    waiting for…
    kaabil 150cr
    thugs of Hindustan 500cr

  • Ever since Bajrangi Bhaijaan released in 2015, though because of competition it failed to become HGOAT we are used to read lines like Highest footfalls post Gadar. Which was an achievement for the movie. Before BB no one care about the footfalls of movies, focus was more on collections that’s why when CE crossed 3I, D3 crossed 3I, ETT came close to 3idiots, whole focus was on the collections. No one was talking about footfalls of those films compare to 3idiots, which has the highest footfalls since multiplex culture came into existence. Sites like Indicine used the trick of highest footfalls of BB for there benefit to pull down PK and other Aamir releases. There estimate of Dangal footfalls is also around 3.5cr, estimating it will not cross BB footfalls.

    Now BOI posted the footfalls estimates of Dangal which shows it will cross BB footfalls, mind that those footfalls for Hindi version only so if we include dubbed version, it easily beaten BB with 13-15 lacs margin, pk with 20lac margin. So Since 3Idiots Aamir has given 4 films which has crossed 3 crore mark which it self is big achievement. Isn’t it?

    3I – 3.17cr FF
    D3 – 3.10cr (2.98cr of hindi version & close to 12-13lac from dubbed as it collected 12.5cr in dubbed version)
    PK – 3.5cr
    D3- 3.7cr expected.

    Always we hear about the high ticket rates for Aamir films, no one talking about these higher footfalls his films getting these days. Till PK not a single actor given 3cr footfalls movie in multiplex era, Salman joined him with BB and Sultan which having 3cr+ FF. Only Dabangg & CE crossed 2.5cr ff till 2014. Blockbusters like KICK,ETT & Bodyguard FF were not much more than Ghajini FF. So how come media putting down Aamir films with excuses & excuses.

    Even before Ghajini films which were HGOTY struggling to cross 2cr ff, Aamir is credited to bring the higher footfalls with Ghajini & 3I, followed by Salman since Dabangg.
    Generating 3cr+ FF in current time where we have many entertainment source, pirated copies uploaded on website on first day itself. Its not a cake walk to get these high footfalls considering all the pros and cons.

    Hats off Aamir Khan, you contribution is unparalleled to Indian cinema. We hope you will achieve these milestones in upcoming movies.

  • I guess I can say “Congrats Indicine” as its only the second time in 3 weeks that you have written 1 solitary ‘blink n u miss’ sentence about Dangals overseas collections…!

    2 sentences in 3 weeks… hhhmmm if I didnt know any better I would fathom that you’re still trying to underplay Aamirs overseas PULL in order to maintain your n rest of medias OVERHYPE that only Pluto Boy commands a loyal overseas following…!

    Cant you find time aside from giving us NON NEWS for example about the next crappy song release from that paki crapfest film Shootout At Paglapur…!?!?!

  • Dangal joined the 600cr WW club but no reference here by Team Indicine but when Pluto Boys crapfest Krappy New Year collected 375cr WW we got an over the top glorified article praising the overseas pull of Pluto Boy…!

  • Its because you are the most passionate actor sir!!! U know the pulse of audience as well
    Its the most passionate film the century has ever seen

  • Yes the man is a legend whose films command a loyal overseas audience ALSO but it frustrates me that Indicine refuse to acknowledge his overseas bo prowess n shamelessly carry on pretending that Pluto Boy n he alone is the big crowdpuller…!

    No article about Dangals Overseas juggernaut performance which it is considering that PKs WW total contained a huge 100cr+ from China alone where Dangal hasnt released yet…!!!

  • @12:32pm Satan Devotee Javeeeeda

    Just bcoz you bow down to Satan doesnt mean Salman too should bow down to the devil sorry pluto boy…!

    Told you before so many many many times to keep your satanic religious practices / teachings of ISIS to yourself n to your fellow peasants in Porkistan ok jaanu…!

  • When Shootout At Paglapur releases n if I see 1 article about its mediocre overseas performance being over-praised to the hill then Im gonna be superP*****…!

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