Sonakshi Sinha – Shahid Kapoor on Koffee With Karan: Watch

The successful on-screen pair of R… Rajkumar make an appearance on Koffee With Karan Season 4. The episode was aired on television last week. If you happened to miss it, watch it below.

It’s Shahid Kapoor’s first KWK appearance without his girlfriend (he has dated Kareena Kapoor, Vidya Balan and Priyanka Chopra), and the actor says he will never date another actress “not an actress…. I am so done with that. I am a little scared of dating an actress for sure”

Shahid is also happy that his latest release R.. Rajkumar, with Sonakshi, was a huge hit at the box office. He also spoke about why he couldn’t do Yash Raj Films’ Shuddh Desi Romance.

“The film kept getting delayed and Maneesh Sharma kept saying he is not ready to start and he felt it needed more time. I was waiting for six months. And I felt like, things are just not going to start and I had two other films which were lined up. Then I had to say I can’t wait any further and they were sure they were not ready”

Also.. watch what Sonakshi Sinha has to say and who wins the rapid fire round? Find out!



  • Sonakshi’s talent is underutilized. I think she even can challange PC and vidya in acting. Her acting in lootera was great.but sadly lootera got only one award i.e best female singer.sona was deserving for best actress in critics which went to the B.A pass lady.what was so great about that lady’s acting.lootera deserved 5 to 6 awards. BTW,indian awards are based on glamour,popularity and collections.

  • kareena is an overrated actress. First she left shahid. She choosed GTPM over well-made ramleela. Because she was afraid of leela’s character. Now she is afraid of shuddhi’s challanging role.i hope DP will do shuddhi,nt that over attitude Bebo.

  • @ Nipun You asked a question about updates on Bang Bang and Shuddhi on that page . Hrithik has started shooting for Bang Bang in Shimla . He went to Mumbai to attend his elder son s sports day then flew to Delhi . After reaching Delhi the flights to Chandigarh were cancelled because of fog and went to Chandigarh by road which took him 8 hours . Then he rested for 3-4 hours then again by road reached Shimla in 4 hours to be on time . The shooting is going on in Middle Bazaar where a helicopter camera is used worth 80 lakhs for the first time in Bollywood . After shooting in Manali and Shimla the team will go to Delhi to complete the film . Regarding Shuddhi Karan Johar issued a statement that the cast of Shuddhi can be changed because the shooting of Shuddhi could be postponed to 6 months or a year and he said he can’t tell any actress to wait for such long . So Deepika may replace Kareena and Shuddhi could release in Diwali 2015 . @ indicine Is it true that Phantom has been postponed to 5th Dec and the title of Phantom has been changed to Daniyal Khan ? . @ indicine you should post such information instead i am posting it . Anyways excited for Bang Bang and Shuddhi .

  • @nipin alcoholic

    Both your comments are stupid n very typical of your silly mind.

    First- stop this Lootera nonsense you habitual whiner… It sucked- noone cares about the few dozen critics and handful of audience who saw it- if so few ppl saw it then why should if be given awards where many more popular movies in terms of footfall do not get awards like D3 or Rohit 3…? Just bcoz afew critics raved like mad about Lootera doesnt mean its worthy of any award. These are the same greaseball critics which obsurdly decide against favouring the bigger movies which the paying public/ audiences are krazzy about…!

    Secondly- Kareena is a better actress than Dips- Deepika is good but way too much skin show in 2013 and too mych hot air about very little substance. 2012 had her best film of recent times- Cocktail but in 2013 number game took more attention than her actual acting ability. Bebo was good in Talaash, Heroine, EMAET she was brilliant just Imran let that film down aswell as GTPM. Bebo will do the better job in Shuddhi n her refusing Ram Leela was good as that kind of vulgar film would have done Kareena of 2013 more harm than good. Maybe afew yrs earlier she could have done it but not now as she didnt need that type of role. You’re an idiot so simply put Ram Leela at this stage of Deepikas career is a good choice as it give her both critical/ commercial acclaim but in afew yrs she may not choose to do such a role and that will be fine.

  • @navin:i hate bebo’s attitude and egoistic nature. After refusing ramleela,she told “i’m proud of myself for giving films to other”. ROFL.
    about lootera,nt a few critics. 95% of critics well-rated it.

  • Yeah nipun stop chanting lootera lootera… If it was such a good movie den y d hell it flopped.??
    Good movie always gets their due.

  • Best movie of 2014: HNY
    Highest grosser: HNY
    Most Awards: HNY
    Most searched movie: HNY
    Biggest disappointment of 2014: PK(wont cross even 150 crore)
    Bang Bang (Wont cross even 100 crore)
    Kick ( Wont cross even Ra.One)
    Worst actor:
    Hrithik (shiver)
    Aamir (bhojpuri alien look)
    Salman (‘Being Statue’ in whole movie)

  • @nipun, come on dude, Dips better than Kareena? are you dreaming?

    Dips cannot do a role like Geet of JWM in her entire career.

    Just check out her dialogue delivery, best eg., Race 2. She just says it like rote without any emotion.

    Dips did a lot of hard work, and appreciated, but she was lucky too in getting so many hits last year.

    She did her best in CE, and that’s because of the wieird slang that she did to perfection. Any regular role, and just check her out how she struggles to emote or talk.

    As to not doing role for Shuddi, it is well and clear that you are ony going by media reports, but doesn’t know how the industry really function.

    It is so clear that the producers want to cash on Dips popularity and want to replace Kareena, as no doubts her popularity is not like before. Hence, all this talk about Kareen in or out, as obviously there is lot going in the background.

  • @jc:yeah,kareena is a good actress.but a little overrated. I didn’t say who is better between DP and bebo. I said i don’t like her attitude. She can do shuddhi’s role. But a few days ago ,she told “i will decide whether to do or not depending upon my mood”. Wasn’t she the same woman whose reaction was very good while signing it? ? Otherwise,she is good in acting. She used to be one of my favs.
    @damnn:all good movies get their dues? ? What about guzaarish? ?swadesh? ? There is a difference between off beat film and commercial film.lootera was directed by vikramaditya motwane,the udaan director. Udaan got all its due but lootera was ignored.

  • @damn:have you read the statement of ranveer singh and sonakshi about lootera? ?if not,then read it.
    And if i am wrong, just type “best bolly movies of 2013” and google it. You can find lootera in top 2 in all sites.

  • @nipun dude.. Swades n guzzarish wer offbeat movies but dont compare them wid lootera… Swades released way back in 2004 wen promotions n media exposure wasnt at its peak.
    N abt guzarish it was well made movie but its genre wasnt familiar to our indian audiences datz y it flopped.
    n somehow each n every movie needs some kind of entertainment to sustain in the indian film industry which guzarrish lacked.

  • @nipin Bebo has a unique sense of humur n her ego comes from her care free nature- she was born to be a star and treats the media with abit of discontent which is okay… Frankly speaking the Indian media sorry a section of are egotistic themselves. I notice that here in the UK its the same with afew media personalities becoming ‘bigger than celebs’ like Piers Morgan and take themselves way too seriously. Saying that the big difference between the 2 countries media is that sections of the Indian media can be too subjective and veer off track by becoming too hostile n personal. UK media due to strong libel laws publish opinionated articles but its more balanced with objectivity being key than biasedness. In India hostile media persona like Shova Dev can be dubious just fir the sake if it, look at her uncalled for attacks on Deepika, Malaika/ Arbaaz ‘munni’ episode etc etc… that was just vicious n not necessary. I think its great Bebo gives the media that attitude of thats its her whos the star n not the media person… She gives them off color remarks n they twist it in any way imaginable… Better to be real like Bebo n not plastic fake like Aish or Barbie Doll Kat (both I admire alot but come on we all know their words to media are placating n being PR friendly 24/7)

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