Salman’s Being Human store opens in Kathmandu, Nepal

Salman KhanSalman Khan’s NGO foundation Being Human, an international clothing brand that promotes the cause of the underprivileged in the education and healthcare sectors, opened its first outlet in Kathmandu, Nepal on February 6th (today).

The store was opened in partnership with ABCD, Inc. of Nepal to set up the first ever outlet at Rising Mall in Kathmandu.

First set up in 2007, Being Human now has more than 60 exclusive outlets in countries like India, Spain, France, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Pakistan and many more.

On the launch day in Nepal, thousands of Salman Khan fans gathered for the opening of the outlet. The brand’s apparels have been priced between Rs 500 to Rs 5000.

The Nepal outlet has also employed two differently-abled people.



  • Salman has given 5 back to back Blockbusters, an unbeatable record. He is the undisputed King of boxoffice
    No self proclaimed king can challenge him!

  • Biggest disappointment of 2014: PK(wont cross even 150 crore)
    Bang Bang (Wont cross even 100 crore)
    Kick ( Wont cross even Ra.One)
    Worst actor:
    Hrithik (shiver)
    Aamir (bhojpuri alien look)
    Salman (‘Being Statue’ in whole movie)

  • Now being inhuman is his only hope. As his movies are not going to work any more, so for his livelihood, he has to rely on all such things. May be, now he will make money by manipulating the account records of being human. LOL.

  • Good, i think one day Being human foundation will have its store in all over india and some foreign countries as well.
    Keep it going.

  • @sss yes u r educated but still i want to tell u that ‘tu’ comes after the word ‘s’ bcoz i have never heard ‘sss’ name of any person

  • we r giving Respect from NEPAL n u all r insulting ur national hero from India…. Being srk fan i salute him….

  • @loki i think if your prediction are right then your so.called king srk happy new year won’t cross even akki films like boss.collection will be under 40 cr biggest.flop of decade

  • There are 5 mega superstars in bollywood right now:

    1) Deepika
    2) Aamir
    3) Salman
    4) SRK
    5) Hrithik

    2 other superstars who are capable of becoming mega superstars in future are:

    1) Katrina
    2) Akshay

    3 stars who are capable of becoming superstars in future are:

    1) Ajay
    2) Ranbir
    3) Kareena…

  • @Loki, The bigger than the biggest disappointment will be when Tees Maar Khan meets Joker in the sequel of Players in the coming Diwali. It won’t even cross 55 Crores. The Haakhla Thakur of Paglapur, the p[]rn star of Maya Memsaab, going to face demise of his career soon.
    Bang Bang, in the worst case, will cross 200 Crores easily. PK and Kick will also blockbusters.
    Hrithik is far far better actor than the Thakur is.

  • @ Karthik,

    Wow, that is so wrong, on what basis have you put that list?

    Mega Stars

    1) Salman – average films collect 100 cr (nothing more to say)
    2) Aamir & Srk – One is looked upon for giving brilliant movie and the other has the most fan following
    3) Katrina – Just one dance number and TMK receovered its budget. People had their jaws dropped after seeing Kamli and many said their paisa vasool after that. That’s superstardom.

    All the above stars don’t need the ultimate script, music, promotions etc., just lending their name turns it in to gold.

    Future Mega Stars
    1) HRo – He is the first in line, with K3 proving he has almost reached the superstardom, but Bang Bang will be his ultimate test
    2) Ranbir – He is the next in line, and is slowly steadily climbing the stairs
    3) Deepika – She has the luckiest year ever last year, and her demand is sky high with producers, but one flop and everything will turn back, because she lacks the immediate charm that pulls people. Though Ramleela was a hit, it had other factors like brilliant music, Ranveer Singh and sanjay leela bhansali with good promotions. However, it also had a negative effect as many people felt Deepika act was a bit too vulgar. She should be very choosy and not let go of this good phase.

    Akshay, Ajay doesn’t need to prove anything and their fans don’t mind if they become super mega stars or not, because they just love them and will watch their movies no matter what.

    Kareena too has seen the zenith of stardom, and nothing to prove.

  • the biggest superstar from heart iam proud of to you are true and biggest superstar in our you forever ever

  • yes one day being human store will have its store in every city and village of india.Biggest superstar of planet no one actor in the world can do a such huge charity.hatsoff to u bro.

  • i am from Nepal and a huge srk fan…but i seriously want to tell my indian frens…don’t fight in the name of actors…u have got the biggest superstar of the world…every bollywood actor has their seperate identity and talent…Srk is best on what he does…and Salman is evercharming superstar…i bet if we had got the talented actor like u we would have given them much more respect than u do coz we know their importance…..truly in Nepal there r hardly 2 movie which have earned a crore…but u have the movie grossing 500 crores…what can be more applausable than that….more ur film earn more ur industry will grow…u can be the fan but don’t fight yar…it looks ugly…a huge respect from a Nepali to every actor of bollywood

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