Sohail Khan talks about Jai Ho 2, directing films and Salman Khan!

Filmmaker Sohail Khan, who directed his superstar brother Salman Khan in the 2014 film ‘Jai Ho’, has said that he has no plans of directing the sequel to the film.

While interacting with the media, a journalist conveyed a message from Salman fans who were keen on watching ‘Jai Ho 2’.

Responding to the request, Sohail said “It’s good that people want to see Jai Ho 2, but commercially, Jai Ho didn’t do well. So it’s not even commercially viable to make Jai Ho again.”

The director went on to add that sequels to films like ‘Kick’ and ‘Dabangg’ would make much more sense commercially.

“There is Dabangg and Kick. They are more credible for a sequel than Jai Ho” he added.

When a journalist asked if it’s difficult for Sohail to create an identity for himself, when his brother Salman has gone on to be arguably the biggest superstar the industry has ever seen, Sohail said “I am proud of my brother and my father. There is only one Salman Khan in this world. There can’t be 3 superstars in a family. Having Salman as a brother is a great platform.”

Sohail Khan with Salman Khan

Sohail Khan with Salman Khan

On returning to the big screen as an actor, Sohail said “I wasn’t happy with the work that I was doing as an actor. If I get a good role, I would love to do it. But for now, I want to concentrate on production and direction.”

Sohail also said that he plans to direct a film next year.



  • I like the way both Sohail and Salman khan clearly admit that Jai ho didn’t done well commercially despite that if wasn’t a flop and its makers create huge profit from the film.
    I wish Sohail should only produced films but direction and acting is not his cup of tea, same goes to Arbaaz who ruined Dabangg 2.
    Waiting for Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Prdp.

  • Even now Sohail Khan the director of Epic Disaster, crap Jai ho’s is saying that it was a huge flop and failure.. even the director of the movie accepted, the actor of the movie accepted it was a disaster but Bhojpuri’s Bhai fans are not accepting the universal truth.. it’s time for them to accept it as well..

  • No Sohail Bhai Jaan please make Jai ho return.. we badly want this movie.. the first part of the movie had huge effect on bhai’s fans that they even admitted that Jai ho was even deserving national award for giving headache for 2 and half hours.. so the part 2 should be mad but the main role you should play after all you can act better than mullu, looks better than 51 years old virgin so it might cross 2010 MNIK & 2008 RNBDJ World-wide gross then.. sorry to say it will be even failed to cross DDLJ overseas collection in Overseas. ops

  • it was CRAP it had to be flop, and it was without EID so it had to be flop as everyone knows Bhai is nothing without EID and jai ho is a proof. and people had to hate jai ho as salman was in the movie so it was sure thing.

  • How can you even think of making jai ho 2? are you out of mind Sohail? we are still sick of jai ho and all salman’s recently craps.

  • @jaggu
    yeah! If garbage srk was in jai ho then 30cr opening for sure but for that jai ho must release on jan 26 not 24th,jai ho trailer must release before d3,promotions started before k3,no daisy shah in comes deepika,no sohail in comes farhan.with these factors salman can give 40cr opening

  • keep aside boxoffice , quality wise for me , jaiho was far better than dabang2 , ready , bodyguard.
    dont know what salman fans think about jaiho.but i liked it.
    first of all , arbaaz should quit direction for making a brand like dabang a shit with dabang 2.
    dabang 2 is perhaps worst sequal of any movie i have seen.
    jai ho was better one.,
    msg was good.
    salman’s performance was also good.

  • @srkay
    yes,that’s what i hav said jai ho >dabng2&bodygrd but not ready ready is a decent family comic entertainer which grows on you slowly after 2or 3 views

  • If a movie fails at box office people say that its bad eventhough they liked it. Sohail did a great job with jai ho

  • really shameless peoples called CE,HNY,RA ONE as craps.but jai ho as classic,ROFL.

    Sohail khan,I think till now you don’t realised you’re a wannabe director and your brother is wannabe actor.if you can made classic,then BIGB/KING KHAN will lefe India and as well acting for lifetime,ROFL.

  • @AKN :Your day is incomplete n your life is useless without posting hateful comments on Salman n Aamir articles. Better worry about Khujliwale n wait for inauspicious Christmas this year !!!!!!!!!!! Also makers were not in loss still one needs guts n honesty to accept truth, as per Salman standard it was below expectation. Your king manipulates collections n verdicts. Ra.One with 119 crs is Hit whereas budget itself was more than 130 crs !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Blind FAN : Remembered Ready ?? was it an Eid release ?? Is there anything more crappier than Maya Memsaab& HNY !!!!!!!! lol

  • @G0barlack : No wonder you are an Akki Akki It is not Sohail who wants to make sequel but one of the fan asked him to make sequel. First read n understand before commenting in hatred !!!!!!!!!!

  • jai ho is a good ..collection not well bcuz of pltical matter…nd then movie cross 110 it is good not bad..! but i want to sequal tere naam which will be history on box office …!!

  • @hrithik,for fools like you only Maya memsaab is crap.that story was drawn from on a novel and that’s bit to bit scene has reality unlike the masala crap jai ho.ha ha still there is a huge difference is there between a reality and a brainless movie.

    About manipulation who knows better than our bhai of kick’s inflated figure??and about Ra One ,kindly ask your amir supporting boi,why He did and also @indicine also clarified this still if you have doubt then.why you’re commenting here like a buffon crybaby?

  • @bkri fan
    April 29, 2015 at 8:48 pm

    Jai ho ..
    Better than hny
    …Exactly it’s way better den HNY… everyone will agree to this if some one says no den he/she is being biased..

    April 29, 2015 at 7:43 pm

    If jai ho was starring these actors,we will c what happens?
    Aamir khan-90crs
    sarook-82 crs
    baby akki-65 crs
    papa’s boy-73
    ajay devgn-85

    So does ur comment any make sense?

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