Budget of Bombay Velvet

Bombay Velvet will be the costliest film to release so far this year, as Fox Star Studious has announced the budget of the film as Rs 80 crore.

Commenting on the speculation around the budget, Vijay Singh, CEO Fox Star, said “The film was finished in 75 days. We never gave numbers but I’m going to give the numbers because I think the time has come to draw a line on this and focus on the right thing which is the quality of the film.”


“The film has cost us 80 crore. What you’ll see on canvas is a film which is worth a lot more.” he added.

The budget of the film, however, does not include the cost of print and advertising.

Bombay Velvet would have to collect upwards of Rs 110-120 crore at the domestic box office, just to recover its costs. The satellite rights of the film is with Star Network.



  • So with print and advertising it’s budget can be upto 100cr+ or at least 90cr which is a lot for film like bombay velvet that lacks mass appeal

  • No matter how big the budget is, Bombay Velvet will be a sure-shot box-office disaster. Both trailers are crap. Look, feel, dialogue, acting, set nothing looks good.

  • The first trailer of Bombay velvet was average, but the second trailer was superb and has been received well. Also the music has stayed true to the genre of the film. Don’t know if any songs will become a chatbuster, but BV songs will be remembered even after 30-40 years.
    So overall I expect the movie to do well.

  • anurag may hav tried hard…but 5-6 crores more on film,,,they could get pritam..vishal shekhar or even mithun in less cost…with great songs the film might looked great….now its look far away from masses…to recover 120 cr with that music…difficult man! still hav some days left… but looks like ranbir flop express will not stop here..

  • So now movie will be definitely flop…
    Its look like movie will collect around 75 cr.
    flop show continues for besharam actor..

  • @indicine is not posting anything about BV music. First they didn’t post anything about the album, then they ignored yesterday’s song video!

  • This is called ambition.. they spent that much amount to make a film that takes bollywood to international level. They didnt waste that money in making cheap worthless craps like Gabbar is back or Singh is bling or joker.

  • Anurag kashyap and Ranbir are trying to take bollywood on a higher level with BV. On other hand Akki and Prabhu deva are destroying bollywood cinema with crap like Gabbar is back. #shame

  • The film is a sure-shot disaster. Ranbir, please leave acting, marry Katrina and settle down. And Anurag, please stick to what you do best, making good low budget films like GOW. Bombay Velvet is simply a big budget rip-off of Godfather.

  • Good luck…..They have worked so hard on this film…Cast is interesting…new jodi…new villain and different topic…

  • 80 CR is a huge budget . By looking at the trailers i could not see what is in the movie worth 80 CR ? Fox Star has to properly promote the movie and that can only bring the first day numbers but they can do nothing after that . Anurag Kashyap has been a brilliant director . He has made brilliant movies like Dev D, Gulaal, Gow, Black Friday and Ugly . But this he has gone horribly wrong . He is always famous for making movies which are very cost effective . Even though he has got success only 2 times – Dev D and GOW Series . The period of 60’s is not looking convincing, dialogues are bad, the performances are looking artificial except KJO’s acting . So all in all according to me this movie will be the 3rd consecutive flop of Ranbir after Besharam and Roy . This movie can also be a Disaster if people outrightly reject it but Ranbir can bring audiences to theatres for 3 days not more than that .

  • Only big n expensive set cannot make a film gud..
    U need good actors who can induce life in film which Rk with his limited emotions n quite poor dialog delivery is failure…
    Got it u all …..
    If a film has big n costly set but no good actors..
    U r completely bore n sleepy…
    But when there r good actors.. It can entertain u with there screen presence..

  • 1) Nobody will relate to the story that a thin frail unmanly Ranbir will fight with equally frail gay villain called KJo to save a duck lip heroine….

    2) bombay velvet songs are very terrible,poor,garbage and crap.

    3)All songs such as fifi,mohabat buri bimari, dhadam dham,naak gussa, all etc… Are extremely poor, loud, unclassy , n garbage crap songs!!

    4) ranbir is mismatch , terrible and his expressions r boring .. Equally pathetic his dialogue delivery..
    How can he play such role ??

    Bollywood has become a family business for this KAPOOR family..
    A role should get to a person who is capable of playing it.. Ranbir is terrible and pathetic

  • i hope this movie recover the cost and also generate profit for the producer.
    the film doesn’t look like crap but some retard rk haters spreading negativity as if the tariler is bad as Action jackson ,joker,and himmatwala

  • 110-120crs just to recover investment?? lol
    I think KRK has won the bet against Anurag Kashyap easily!! ROFL

  • @nipun
    Bombay velvet music is very B-grade ish… Dull ,bore..pathetic

    if @indicine posts abt it there will be negativity.. Hence they haven’t posted.. Understand !!..

    And i thought @nipun supports gud films, but this film looks trashy from every angle.. How can u back this?? Not expected frm u

  • Bombay velvet is inspired from Emmy-ajay Film Once Upon A time in Mumbai which our imran khan ruined it. ROFL!!!!.
    Music of Bombay Velvet is purely classless , devoid of any substance and irritating horrible to the core.
    Ranbir will give his 4th disaster in a row!

    @nipun Hey bro, , surprised to see u supporting this garbage!!. I thought u would have thrashed it by now.

  • These FOX Star people always talk good about their upcoming movies but when the movie releases its a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT and box office failures. Eg. BANG BANG. Want to break FOX people noses.

  • Budget is on the higher side that will be a problem for bv
    but with ranbir and a good script they can win this race

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