Budget of Bombay Velvet

Bombay Velvet will be the costliest film to release so far this year, as Fox Star Studious has announced the budget of the film as Rs 80 crore.

Commenting on the speculation around the budget, Vijay Singh, CEO Fox Star, said “The film was finished in 75 days. We never gave numbers but I’m going to give the numbers because I think the time has come to draw a line on this and focus on the right thing which is the quality of the film.”


“The film has cost us 80 crore. What you’ll see on canvas is a film which is worth a lot more.” he added.

The budget of the film, however, does not include the cost of print and advertising.

Bombay Velvet would have to collect upwards of Rs 110-120 crore at the domestic box office, just to recover its costs. The satellite rights of the film is with Star Network.



  • Just imagine if bv was starring srkay then if it collects 75 crs it will declared as a hit just like ra.1. don’t ask why its an srk film

  • I don’t know if people are aware that Anurag Kashyap was considering Aamir Khan and SRK for the lead role before roping in RK for it!!!

  • Budget of BV is in excess of 120 crores..Even BOI has said it is 120 CR..producers are telling lie just to save the movie..

  • Ranbir Kapoor does not have the charm like our Bhaijan Salman Khan who can make even an average film Blockbuster just with his charming and good looking yet strong personality and with his shirtless physique . Salman is one and the only actor in Bollywood who even makes the bad hairstyle (Tere Naam) look cool and amazing whereas Ranbir is making his bad hairstyle look more bad . Salman Khan rocks and eagerly waiting for Prem Ratan Dhan Payo , Bajrangi Bhaijaan , and Mohenjodaro b’coz Hrithik roshan also rocks.

  • The landing cost of the movie is 120 crs.
    Producers are lying here to save the movie also prints and advertisement is not included by the producers.
    I think this movie going to be a flop.
    My prediction- 70-75 crs.

  • Y So Much Negativity Around B.V
    it can be a hit Film at boxoffice !

    b.t.w @Ranbir Rox you Moron ! 80 cr bs itna hee budget ? itne budget ki film AKKI aajj se 6 saal pehle bna chuka h > Blue !!

  • now the makers confirmed from themselves with budget of 80 crore that Bombay Velvet become a disaster and washout hahaha

    50 crore lifetime collections enough

  • bombay velvet will be besharam

    ranbeer is most pethatic hero

    cant bare his bogus acting

    over rated

    was good in wake up sid & rockstar

    rest are very awefull

  • If Bombay Velvet fails, the audience of Indian Cinema should be ashamed. People are used to watch crap and make them to cross 100crs. They are not ready to accept quality cinema. So if this movie fails, it’s only a failure of Indian audiences. Whoever comments crap here, are people who has very poor mentality and who never tries to be different or tries to change in a good way

  • The songs of films depends upon genre of film and story,,, how they will make songs of BV as same as Ashiqui 2 had??

  • I don’t think it will recover the costs! But still I pray all the best!

    @Anand_the-Original, no matter who you are and what you say, you need to grow up seriously. I don’t comment these days. It doesn’t mean that I don’t read comments here.
    Get rid off your mask and reveal your true identity. Stop using my identity and confusing our mates here.

  • Haters shows their jealousy in every Bombay Velvet related articles……naye actor ki success bardast nahi ho rahi lol

  • Different people are quoting different figures as the budget of Bombay Velvet. The trailer was not at all impressive.Let us wait & watch

  • Bombay velvet looks great and Ranbir killed in the 2nd trailer along with Naak pe gussa song…..look at his expressions…its brilliant. This movie is nt everyone’s cup of tea….illiterate people plz watch kick, ready type mind less masala flick.

  • Dear haters plz forget ur jealousy n respect good cinema instead of supporting craps. What an awesome promos of BV..looks very different & catchy frm regular masala movies. Its scenes, dialogues, songs everything looks perfect..I hv bored watching that kind of craps n now m definitely gonna watch this movie with my 5-6 frnds.

    Best of luck Team Bombay Velvet

  • The film will more than recover its cost, more so in the USA, ENGLAND and AUSTRALIA. obviously some of the comments were made by fans of other stars who do not want the movie to succeed, BUT if it was a Hollywood production when money is spent to make a classic movie…..they would be crying that Bollywood only make cheap movies.
    They are yet to overcome their inferiority complex.

  • Who cares, movie is already a disaster at the box office. The film lacks mass appeal, terrible songs, bad storyline, anurag kashyap should stick to making low budget
    Films. Ranbir needs to choose a better script.

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