Soha Ali Khan Maxim Photoshoots

Soha Ali Khan, the dove-eyed beauty goes easy and reveals her beauty. The subtle yet mesmerising beauty, Soha has never posed for a camera dressed this hot.

This months issue of Maxim has a few pictures of Soha Ali Khan that are pure eye candy for all the guys out there. Maxim shows Soha in a never see before avatar.

Career-wise after the super-success of Rang De Basanti, Soha delivered a good performance in Khoya Khoya Chand, although the movie was a box-office dud. She is currently shooting for Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan.

Enjoy the Super Hot Pictures of Soha Ali Khan from Maxim’s May 2008 issue!


Soha Ali Khan – Maxim Photoshoot Pictures

Soha Ali Khan on the covers
soha ali khan maxim photoshoot

Soha dressed in a black bikini



  • Soha is not that good…. even if she goes naked …. she won’t look sexy…. and i somewhat i agree with ayesha…. one need not expose to prove something…. but u know ayesha…. the world is a different place now…. u all might know the famous saying…. “sex sells better than anything else”…. also kajol was not sexy…. but still she did expose a lot to gain popularity…. eg:- DDLJ…. even aishwarya who is beautiful had to expose a lot for dhoom 2…. one of my friend who is connected to the entertainment industry says…. nowadays its not just ’bout talent and looks…. agar successful hona hai toh…. all that matters is that…. how much skin u can show and with how many people u can sleep…. or if u don’t want to sleep with too many people try to take a big actor or director or producer or a person who has lots a money as ur boyfriend…. then u can just sleep with him and nobody else…. (take the eg:- of katrina slaman, aishwarya salman, razza saif, ayesha takia and her influential rich boyfriend…. there r examples for everyone with a slight amount of understanding to know…. ) take the recent case of maria (the kannada actress) …. she had to sleep with that grover boy(may his soul rest in peace) to get a role in a serial…. its not only that every director or every producer asks every actress to sleep with them in bed…. but often people who introduce them to this entertainment world ask this favor…. all this girls in modelling, advertising, films…. earn obscene amount of money…. more than a highly qualified proffesional…. how do u think they do that ???? kuch paane ke liye kuch khona toh padta hi hai…. i myself have seen a face from a serial…. with a person in lonavala…. who was fully drunk and shouting that he didn’t pay this much money for her to take her for sightseeing in lonavala…. u don’t need too much brains to understand wjat he mean’t…. u might that it might not be so bad in there….. but ppl open ur eyes…. it is like that …. and it ain’t like they r being raped or something…. itz purely business…. give and take….

  • Viraj is absolutely correct, this is what i meant to say, the difference is that he is lil diplomatic. He tried not to heart ayesha or any1 else, he said he agrees to ayesha but if u see what he has gotta say further, its clearly opposite, so ayesha is wrong … !!!
    Its just that i am a little straight forward. I Sincerely Apologuise to ayesha and amjad, if at all i have hurt ’em.
    My point is, what u think or the way u think is correct, thats how it should be (actress not exposing) but it doesnt work at all. Kudos to my friend Viraj !


  • Viraj is right, this is what happens in Bollywood, Hollywood, Arabwood, etc., actresses have to pay, sleep with either directors or producers or any influntial guy to get celebrity or money. Soha is killing herself for fame and not for money. But opposite that, they loose themselves as humen being, no one respect them!
    The famous Lebanese singer (Nancy Ajram) wasn’t beautiful at all before doing plastic surgery. Although she had a good voice, no one would listen to her songs, she didn’t get any chance in the past to be known by people or get any attention. What happened then?! A guy existed in her life, changed her look completely, worked very hard for her 1st song which took him almost 9 months working on it, just to beat the world and be famous. And.. it was an explosion!! The whole world applaused for nancy and became very popular singer ( u can see her pics. in ads for Damas Jewels in Masala weekly). Idiot people who r brainless won’t think the following: What did Nancy pay opposite all what she got to that guy who’s her manager now?!!!!

  • she is very beautiful young. She should display more sexy photos so that she will the No.1. A lot of experiment and research with a good guide can reach the goal.

  • thnx all u guyz…. abhijeet …. actually i don’t know u …. but since u called me ur friend…. i will give u some advice (not that i am some great person or something) …. see if u like it…. if u are in an argument with any one over any subject…. try to let the other person know that even if he is right …. and u agree that he is right…. but still u have a very good reason why u should be right and he should know that u r right…. if take this advice in the right sense it will help u in all aspects of ur life…. personal, business, love, enmity etc…. also personally i wouldn’t spend a cent to sleep with soha…. actually i am saving my money for riya and sophie and nandana sen…. letz see how much does it take to save that much…. ;-) … take care frndz…. cya

  • Aneeqa …. what r u tring to say ???????????????????????
    r u even speaking english ??????????????????
    what language r u talking???

  • Soha,
    The old hags at Tollywood wish to drool all over your petite body.Forget Mumbai & fly to Hyderabad.You will make millions.

  • hi all soha is looking very beautiful shes got the body and shes got the face she looks more sexy in sarees and conventional coz then people are left to wonder how hot she would look naked. i wish some day she shoots in bra and panty or she strips in front of camera to her underwear. She is very sexy

  • yep i too agree that body is nothing to do with the talent…. all i mean to say is soha is cute however she looks cute if she wear a saree

  • I would just like to say that i like u SOHA… frm the side of all the GREAT KHANS of PESHAWAR (Pakistan).

  • irfan ali khan.

    Hi, soha you are very beautiful and i love you and i dont want to see you in bad photos so please live like a good girl not like a prostute girls who live there life in bad way for money and you so much rich so just live this film industry so dont spoil you father name and your grand father name they live good life and your aunties also so dont spoil your khandan”s name they are all shareef people dont try to live your mother life.

    If you are a muslim girl live like a muslim girl if you dont want to wear burkha dont wear live like a simple life and just live these bloody film industry if you are a muslim other wise i think that you are not having any religion.

  • i somewhere or somewhat agree wid viraj … But it does’nt mean dat popularity &richness r de fruit of having sex …. It also takes ur potential & capibality as well…

  • soha is a real and natural beauty. She is hot nice sober glamarous……………. In fact she is infinite BeAuTy………!

  • Let Soha do whatever she likes.Soha doesnt want to work with Sahni.Soha like women seduce men by showing their sexy body and curves is this allowed…when we need to fullfill our lust then rape …cases are in the news.ALL hypocrites.Rich and famous are spared the downtrodden children of lesser gods are accused …yeh andha kanoon hai…
    We want all the film stars nude this is our fundamental right given by censor board of india.We r living in 21st
    century we are advanced than America Britain France

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