Shahrukh is licking my feet – Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan, out of action currently due to a Ham string injury, is taking a break from work and relaxing in Panchgani, a Hill station situated about 250 kms away from Mumbai.

“Shahrukh is licking my feet and I am feeding him biscuits every now and then. What more can I ask for?” says Aamir Khan on his personal blog.

And before someone jumps into any conclusion he adds “Shahrukh is the name of our dog”.

Wait a min, what could possibly be the reason for Aamir to name his dog Shahrukh? And again before anyone jumps into a conclusion Aamir quickly adds “I had nothing to do with naming him. In fact Shahrukh is the dog of the caretakers of our house. When I bought this house it came with the care takers and their dog! Apparently Shahrukh (the actor) was shooting for a commercial in this house a few years ago, and that very day the care takers bought a pup and named him Shahrukh!”

And before he signs off Aamir adds “Well Shahrukh is once again begging for my attention, so let me get back to him. He is smelling too much, I think he needs a bath.”

Must say, star blogs is good entertainment and great fun to read.



  • AK u take care of yourself n get well soon, i m waiting for yr goodieeeeee movies.Hasta La Vista buddy, sayonara.

  • great sense of humour.

    Apparently Shahrukh ( the actor)
    I would have to be a serious fan of Shahrukh’s to want to do that. Your guess…

    grow up guys, it is just a fun of joke.

  • i think amir is stupid to say that in public i mean i know they dont get on and that but that he shouldnt have done that i dont think he he knows how embarrssing it most have been SRK.

    well to summ up i just think amir is jelous of SRK because he got a better carrer than him in the film fertentiny

    well amir…. grow up pet

    and you know what i am going to do i am gonna get a dog and call in amir

    yeh… well i can be a kid to

    and amir u need 2 sort ur life out before you pick on anyone else

  • i think amir has becom MAD, now it is his trun after his brother’s to join mental hospital and get treated before it is too late. he is unable to digest the SRK popurlarity and success. For SRK – Saare Raste Kamiyab
    – either on big screen or small, either in acting or in reality shows, onfield or off field – a very GOOD human being 4 one n all. SRK is the ONLY in the Universe, loved by all and jealous by a few like amir khan.
    The worst utterness of amir khan reflects what he is from inside.
    amir, one advise – “appreciate others success, you also will be appreciated.”

  •’s pretty dissappointing that someone like Amir Khan would say this for publicity(Cheap).I had great respect for him..he has really made some great movies….but I think he has really lost his mind now.Insulting the biggest star of India like this is sheer madness.Come on…….it’s time that Amir Khan digest the fact that SRK is far better n ahead of him in every aspect…he can’t possibly beat SRK at anything.

    One free of cost advice for AK-Plz grow up n make some good movies……….n yeah stop this whole thing for publicity……n leave SRK for heaven’s sake………..

  • hey Aamir ur awesome man ur way better than SRK u do movies which hav an impact on people not the usual mushy stuff way to go and you rocked RDB well keep on the good work n keep rockin the hell outta SRK ( i mean the dog ;-) )

  • As said by you AK it is clearly understood that you are very very JEALOUS of my Sweetheart SRK.
    First see yourself & try to get people attention on your own hard work, when you point out one finger to other, the other 3 fingers point out at you, & have the guts to face the FACT that you can never compete with Shahrukh Khan.

    Consult with you Psychiatrist Mr.Amir Khan.

  • Dear Aamir,

    U have lost all respect in my eyes…guess Shahrukh just earned one more fan… was nice knowing ya

  • AK is famous by his talent in making good movies, natural acting n have a good looking face, the dog(shahrukh) is not named by him that why such a hush y so much hassle its only shahrukh not shah rukh khan.

  • Hi Amir,
    I think you really have a gr8 sense of humour. The fact that you were bold enough to say a thing like that, when all other so called celebs would have tried to be ‘dilomatic’, is really cool. this is really my first ever comment online and i had to take out time to type this after having read all the others.
    A big hi to all you sharukh fans who think he is better than Amir. No offence, but if you think SRK is a better actor than AK, then i would say you need to get your heads checked, or better still stop watching movies other than that which stars SRK because you all obviously you don’t understand Cinema and acting. I don’t deny SRK is a star (by sheer dumb luck) but he is definitely NOT an ACTOR.
    As for AK (i hope you are rreading this), i don’t need to say much, only that i love you and all your movies. and after the splendid start i wish you all the best with all your forthcoming derectorial projects. Don’t even bother yourself with all these petty comments. You are way too big for all this.
    Eagerly waiting for your next movie :)

  • This sort of behaviour is not xpctd from such a big star….
    Shahrukh is not a very common name…that u name it after ur dog….
    this clearly states that the entire thing is intentional….
    We all know that SRK is the undoubtful Baadshah of bollywood…..
    There r many srk fans who lyk aamir too….
    but i guess this act of aamir will surely reduce those fans…..
    So aamir by revealing this fact(of naming ur dog shahrukh, no matter who kept it) u did an utterly shameful act….

  • Why So much flak, where were you guys when the So Called Supewrstar made fun of Viday Balan, Akshay Kumar and Ran Gopal Verma, even the Bastard used word like F**ker and Maa Behen, Amir should not have call him a Dog, it’s an insult to doghood

  • I m huge fan of shahrukh sir..he is my idol..before 3 days srk said never abuse to any actor on tweeter ..srk request to srkians … but amir should be learn from srk sir …

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