Singham – ZNMD close to 90 crores in India!

One is for the masses (Singham), the other for the Urban multiplex audiences (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara) and both films have done close to identical business at the box office – proving once and for all that films targeted at different audiences can co-exist and do well, provided they are rich in content and entertainment.

Both films are exactly on 83 crores in India right at this moment – Singham obviously released a week later but faced absolutely no competition during its first 3 weeks.

Zindagi had tough competition from various releases initially, but the film has held on rock steady all over. Its also the biggest multiplex hit of the year, even bigger than Salman Khan’s Ready!

Overseas though, ZNMD is way ahead of any other release this year as the film has collected more than Rs 30 crores from different countries.

Can either of the two cross 100 crores in India with Prakash Jha’s Aarakshan scheduled for release later this week? What do you think? Tell us, below.



  • when a producer/director would say: don’t watch this film.. it’s not for families or kids.. everyone wd be curious to watch it more.. haha.. Aamir is intelligent and knew how to attract ppl to watch his crap film!!
    I never hated Aamir but I don’t like his personality.. and I repeated this on different pages of this website, saying and repeating the same.. I’m not his fan.. but I love his acting.. my sister is his fan.

    One question: why don’t u respect elderies?!! why don’t u accept some different opinions about any movie?!! if u loved a film.. so let it be.. if I hated a film.. u guys hv no right to object or swear and hv bad tongue.. u gv a bad impression about indian ppl and I know and aware that all indian ppl aren’t like u do.. so respect other ppl’s opinion about an actor or a film.. that’s if u really want me to continue posting comments in this website.. if u don’t respect.. then I wl not waste my time here.. wll visit some other websites in future.

  • Fathiya aunty i never meant to disrespect you never, did i force my opinion on you?
    I said it’s ok if you hated the film but why to say such lame things about Aamir and compare him with Saif n Hrithik:!!!?
    I know you don’t like Aamir and you never liked any of his recent movies, but still it’s harsh to say “Aamir showed his true face”, “that’s Aamir’s true personnality”, “he can’t be the one who directed the movie”…sorry Fathiya ji but that sounds lame really. He never forced you to watch it, it was made for a tarjet of audience. The film got a huge critical acclaim, the audience(youngsters) loved it, and it’s a Superhit movie :)
    So All Is Well Aunty Ji, I know you will never like anything related to Aamir, i’m sure u didn’t like 3 Idiots, Ghajini, RDB…am i wrong? Is it coincidence?
    My advice to you: never waste your money and watch any other Aamir movie as you will not like it of course.

    Anyways, let’s stop arguing about Delhi Belly, we both loved ZNMD so it’s cool.
    Btw good to hear your sister is Aamir fan, are you a SRK fan?

  • @Fathiya: on a serious note forget about your hatred of the film for a second what do you think about DK Bose song?

  • Dear Priyanka. how much ppl said bad bad things about Shahrukh and none of u ladies even spoke or tried to defend him.. except me?! I think u r a big fan of Aamir therefore u hate to hear negative things about him.. I do understand what u feel..but honestly.. that’s the way I see Aamir now.. but not in the past.

    What is DK Bose song?

  • Dear Fathiya, you wasn’t here since months right? I defended SRK when people like Suniel bashed him and ridiculed his looks and height when the Trailer of Don 2 was out i was the only one defending him.
    I don’t care about the way you see Aamir now or before, coz i have been his fan since i was 10 years old(my childhood crush) LOL!
    The problems he had in life never made me hate him unfortuantely.
    Fathiya, when was it easy being an Aamir fan?
    Aamir is very emotional person and it was for same personal reasons he took earlier 4 year break.
    Yes the public memory is short (for that matter they forgot competitors digs for 15 years only to remember Aamir’s sporting replies in same spirit-n-language in recent years) ..
    Some young fans will want him to be in the **race** but the man is different – he does not compete with anyone (Well everyone says that in interviews but he actually means it when he says so – otherwise his actions wud be different).
    For some young fans who pit this guy against SRK – …Aamir (damn – I bring in that topic here – but I know some new fans – teens/non-teens are thinking like this) has always mentioned in his interviews that success should not be measured by comparing with others – everyone is different and has different strengths.
    We saw a change in him going public in recent years after marriage to Kiran – and that was a good change – he is more open now than he was in first 15 years of his career.
    Media was never on his side till after Ghajini…and some journos always targeted (and still do) him when he was in bad phase in his personal life. His sudden exposure to press/net world brought some unpleasant controversies which were distorted out of the way by media – by attacking his sense of humor(which is damn good and rocking btw), to psychologically analyzing him for his so called jealousy…to always insulting him by mentioning his height (that happened on sites like NG most – I havent seen this even on SRK Orkut group – the biggest). Just a message for some new fans – Aamir and SRK are as different different as wall clock and a wada paav!
    I have always liked his stance when he was attacked personally – he has maintained a dignified silence. When Reena or Faizal still stand by him in his troubled times it tells the real nature of the man …!
    I personally, being his fan for more than 20 years want him to be happy in what he does – that is most important. After all, films stars and films come and go, after 100 years no one remembers them(when someone like Charlie Chaplin also is not in top 100 films list of the century)…
    I wish him happy times ahead.
    And Fathiya believe me you misunderstood him, i assure you.

    And DK Bose is the best song in Delhi Belly(don’t worry no farts or toilet humour u might like it), go and search it in YouTube.
    This is the link:
    Enjoy :)

  • Priyanka: about DK Bose.. u mean the item song by Aamir in the film.. didn’t like it at all

    You said Aamir is an emontional person!! his sense of humour!!! well if I name my dog my sister’s name or my friend’s name.. what do u think they would feel?!!!!!!!!! that’s not humour.. that’s insulting because of jealousy.. that’s all

    Emotional!!! do u call a person who did a mistake and slept with a woman, got her pregnanet, delivered his son who’s his own flesh and blood ( and his look proves that he’s his son because he looks like his dad and not mom) and Aamir never admitted that he’s his son, and never took that responsibility as a father.. u call this person an “emotional” person!!

    We .. I can’t see a starving dog.. a thirsty or a wounded dog in roads and leave him without help or care.. someone who turns his back to his kids I never call him an emontional guy.. he knows nothing of this kind!!
    But.. when we adore someone.. so we’re blind.. open yr eyes Priyanka and be aware that u adore someone who doesn’t deserve that respect!

  • ROFL, as expected!! :D
    When we don’t know someone well, we better not talk about him, right Fathiya aunty?
    So what about your sister(she’s an Aamir fan if i’m not mistaken) are you trying to make her hate him too? I’m sure you do so.
    It’s clear that you didn’t even understand my comment sadly :(
    And it’s not about blind love…it’s about someone who you can deeply understand unlike most of the people who misunderstood him. After all you said nothing new from what media and haters are saying so we better stop here.
    Btw i don’t believe you took that dog joke seriously!!! Are we a bunch of kids to get offended by such silly things? Even SRK didn’t get it seriously ROFL.
    Media has the tendency to exaggerate. Some king of yellow journalism. If someone makes a slight mistake, (even if it is a fun), and if that someone is a star, good for media.. it is time make some business…. Consider the live shows that are presented by Sharukh, he makes everyone a laughing stock.. he piches Aamir khan, Amitabh, Nana patekar, Salman… everyone… indirect way… .. So my point is: it is nothing to get serious about. Media is always upto make money.
    It’s kinda sad actually…….the whole thing isn’t to hurt SRK,it was just a simple joke…..SRK has taken digs,potshots and has insulted so many people(in the name of fun,joke etc etc),giving a lot of cheers to his fans,who have even given him an award called “FUN AND FEARLESS”…..So,when Aamir shows his FUNNY side,why SRK fans are taking it seriously??….doesnt really matter coz so many people enjoyed it and took it easily…but you don’t seem one of them.
    But frankly i didn’t want Aamir to show his funny side, coz of course when he doesn he becomes arrogant, the worst human being, jealous.
    Yeah Aamir may seems as an arrogant man to many people, but unfortuantely it’s not only him, I don’t buy the personal issues excuse much. Salman has had more tumultuous personal life issues, than him. I guess you hate him too. Do you think his fans will hate him for such reasons?
    Why I said Aamir is emotional, because takes years and years of breaks, either because he had a divorce or coz his father expired or coz his second wife had a miscarriage or because he has to get his nephew married or get his brother settled in some work, after he recovered from illness!
    Salman as I said has more problems than him, but still he continued to work and didn’t disappear like he never existed! Kajol also suffered a miscarriage in 2001. But I don’t remember Ajay Devgn giving up all work and taking years of breaks to help her deal with the crisis. Many actors and actresses have lost their family member or faced personal ordeals, but no one took years and years of breaks to ”deal with it”
    I have my sympathies for him, for facing so many problems and trying his best to make comebacks despite breaks. Wish he hadn’t faced so many crises and could focus more on his career as a star. But still, no one takes such things into account while analysing your career or achievement!
    He even disappears from his FB and blog for months altogether.
    I’d say he has been pretty erratic and inconsistent in anything he has done. He has not been able to craft any image for himself. He sometimes bans media, sometimes becomes media friendly, for some years he said box office doesn’t matter and also said he didn’t believe in marketing or promotions, then suddenly he becomes a marketing genius and expert on box office! People became fans of him because he was unlike any other typical star – no parties, fashion shows, talk shows etc. But now, he appears on every magazine cover, walks the ramp, appears at parties, hobnobbing with big wigs! So some fans like this ”new” Aamir, but some maintain they preferred the ”old” one!
    Even his fans don’t care much about Aamir’s personnal life, yes they know the problems he had but I never see them talking about it, while fans of other stars seem more interested in this! Strange!
    Nonetheless, it is nothing but exceptional, that inspite of so many mistakes, faulty decisions, misfortunes, bad luck, disturbed family life (it was disturbed for sure, even when he was a kid!), personal ”demons” – this man has managed to give highly successful and much admired films, made a mark both nationally and internationally and earned an enviable status – as a stamp of quality or guarantee of a hit film!
    Otherwise, any other star in his place, would have faded into oblivion long ago! His fans might be irritated as hell with his breaks, but they will throng to cinema halls to watch his next film as a hero.
    Short height, bow-legs, big ears, baby face, no booming baritone – still he managed to make it big. Thankfully, he is now accepted in any kind of film he does – be it action, romance or some social message film.

    Anyways i think i wrote a lot and unfortunately you won’t understand and you will come out again with the same comments and about Aamir’s personnal problems so don’t want to continue this silly thread, i know you will never understand so let’s just close it.

    And about the DK Bose song is not the item song of Aamir(btw i didn’t like it at all too), it’s another ROCK song, i think i gave you the link you can check it it’s really cool even those who didn’t like the film loved it.

    I have a question to you: if you believe what media is saying about Aamir, then do you also believe what they are saying about SRK, like the news about having an affair with Priyanka? I’m sure you don’t.
    Take care aunty ji :)

  • Oh Priyanka.. u talk about Aamir Khan as if u r one of his close friends or family.. u seem to know everything about him.. u r talking about him just like u r someone who’s living with him!!
    Is it because u r a big fan and he’s so dear to you?

    Well..sometimes we believe what media says when they show videos about his ex-girlfriends talking ( and I saw the western lady who was involved with Aamir).. in tv they did show the kid’s picture who looks “exactly” like Aamir!! saw his pic also in some weekly… so.. ofcourse we believe when there’s a kid who looks like him exactly.. he didn’t accept this kid because he thought he was born illegally in this world ( I read that in one of yr magazines) that’s the way some muslim unfortunately think!! they commit a crime.. but they’re never ready to take the responsibility of what they did.. I hate such ppl.. I liked Aamir Khan in the past.. but since I knew this story.. couldn’t respect him anymore.. if one day comes that he’ll admit that he did a mistake and wll be welling to look after his kid and tell this world: yes.. I did a mistake.. but I am a father.. and this is my son..and I admit it.. if this day wd come.. then I wl respect Aamir again.

    Don’t worry Priyanka.. as I said.. I don’t hate him..I loved many of his films specially the first movie QsQT, Fana & Raja Hindustani.

  • What can I say Fathiya ji? You hardly got my point…you keep repeating the same statements….Did you even read my comment? I’m not trying to make you like Aamir, it’s ok if you don’t like him.
    It’s not about being a BIG fan but it’s about being a REAL fan, i grew up watching his movies.

    Anyways let’s stop arguing, you didn’t tell me about your sister i’m sure you keep fighting with each other :D
    And did you like DK.Bose? Honestly.

  • Fathiya, you seem very interested in Aamir’s personnal life even more than his fans.
    This story of the illegal son was 6 or 7 years back, no one gave a damn about it.
    And can you plz give me a link of the picture of this kid you’re claiming he looks “exactly” like Aamir, coz even Aamir’s REAL son doesn’t look like him at all.

  • Aditya:.. yes.. his son doesn’t look like him.. he looks like his mom.. ok.. let me try to find that picture in youtube or anywhere else.. and wl giv it to you.. that if I found it.

    Priyanka.. no.. still didn’t watch as Friday is a very busy day for me.. wl watch it tomorrow and wl let u know ( and I never fight or argue with my sister.. but I tell her what I read or heard about him.. she just say nothing.. we don’t fight.

  • I didn’t like Raja Hindustani and Fanaa too much.
    QSQT was fantastic, for me Aamir’s best movie was Sarfarosh. ACP Ajay Rathod was exellent, it’s Aamir’s best till date. Other movies i liked: Lagaan, DCH, RDB, 3Idiots, TZP, Ghulam, Rangeela, AAA, AHAT(superb acting there), HHRPK, DHKMN, and especially JJWS.
    Fanaa and Ghajni were about ok as average masala movies. Raja Hindustani was full of hamming but i’m ok with it, it was that kind of movie. Fanaa had the wrong message in it but was bearable becasue of Aamir and Kajol chemistry and the music.
    His best performance till date is 1947 Earth, just watch the scene when he enters the train and find the dead bodies and his sisters raped…incredible performance, the best as a villain role.
    And the films Aamir produced, I liked Lagaan the most.

    And SRK i liked some of his movies like: Darr, Baazigar, KHKN, Dil Se, DDLJ, KKHH, Swades, CDI, Paheli.
    I hated Veer-Zaara, HTHS and DTPH(along with RH it was my most hated movie of the 90’s i can’t stand these melodramatic pieces of sh*t), he hammed to the core.
    The movies he produced were not up to the mark, exept Paheli i loved it and loved SRK’s performance there.
    His best performance for me was: KHKN, truely exellent.

    Anyways, I consider SRK and Aamir along with Ajay the best actors of our times. Then comes Hrithik, Ranbir, Shahid and all.

  • Oh.. forgot to mention Lagaan and TZP.. these 2 films r in the top list of Aamir’s best movies.. don’t think that he’ll do any better in future.

  • Yeah don’t worry he’ll never do any good movie in the future, just because he produced an adult movie which got the highest critical acclaim this year from all critics, no one gave it less than 3 stars and also became a Superhit despite being a black comdey and had a very limited audeince(no families), and taraaa Aamir finished!
    Yeah DCH was no a good movie nor was RDB, and what about 3 Idiots yeah it was too pathethic….Sarfarosh and JJWS too!
    OMG why can’t Aamir do any good movie??

  • No doubt ZNMD and DB were exellent movies in all terms and the best of this year so far.
    I loved both and happy that both did very well :)

  • Singham is 100x good then overacting movie( dabang and wanted ! )

    Thats all…..

    Best Actor As Acting ! Top 10 ever !

    01-Akshay kumar (only acting no overacting)
    02-Ajay devgan (acting says)
    03-hritik (Mr. Proffesionalist)
    04-Ranveer (Youth’s actor)
    05-Shahid- (better then shahrukh)
    06-shahrukh (Selfmade superstar)
    07-salman (Selfmade superstar)
    08-aamir (good ability of acting)
    10-john (great partner)

  • u r right mr.vikrant
    akshay kumar is to good then salman and other khans ! he is very honest in acting and real but salman want to be a superstar but he is selfmade like shahrukh ! talk to me on singham so fathiya is a blind girl he wants islams anywhere he is promoting muslims and neglacting other real hero !

  • fathiya, idont know who u r, but one thing singham was better than znmd , wanted and dabangg. ajay devgn is the best and no one can act like him and do actions like him , he is the best and will be the best……………..

  • singham jaisa film naseeb walo ko dekhne ko milta h aur jo iski burai karta h woh jarur apni maa ka aulad nhi hua hoga….ajay devgn toh god father h bollywood ka.

  • singham jaise film naseeb walo ko dekhne ko milta h koi isko bura bolta h toh jarur uski aankhen kharab hogi ya fir uski dimag se upar chal gayi hogi…ajay devgn is kingmaker and god father of bollywood..

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