Singham – ZNMD close to 90 crores in India!

One is for the masses (Singham), the other for the Urban multiplex audiences (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara) and both films have done close to identical business at the box office – proving once and for all that films targeted at different audiences can co-exist and do well, provided they are rich in content and entertainment.

Both films are exactly on 83 crores in India right at this moment – Singham obviously released a week later but faced absolutely no competition during its first 3 weeks.

Zindagi had tough competition from various releases initially, but the film has held on rock steady all over. Its also the biggest multiplex hit of the year, even bigger than Salman Khan’s Ready!

Overseas though, ZNMD is way ahead of any other release this year as the film has collected more than Rs 30 crores from different countries.

Can either of the two cross 100 crores in India with Prakash Jha’s Aarakshan scheduled for release later this week? What do you think? Tell us, below.



  • Singham is a stupid action film, a copy of Wanted for Salman Khan and not Dabang.. ZNMD is an excellent film.. enjoyed watching it.

  • Singham was better than Dabangg..Fathiya..see IMdb..thousands voted Dabangg 6.6/10 wanted 6.8/10 and Singham 7.2/10

  • Aarakshan: I don’t care about votes.. ppl’s like and dislike.. I’m here only to express my opinion about the movies which I watch.. didn’t like Singham and didn’t even finish watching it.. didn’t like the stupid silly action in the first 30 mnts of the movie.. even Dabang.. wasn’t one of my favourite films.

    Best films which I saw recently and liked them were Murder2.. touched my heart and saw it twice at cinema and ZNMD.

  • ZNMD had a TUFF fight at the BOX office starting with HARRY POTTER AND IN IT WEEK SINGHAM……………….AND ZNMD is THE BEST………

  • znmd iz a class act nd a shud ve grssed 120 c if it hd been releasd on jun 3 v easliy…nd if nt 105cr if it hd no singham release n hrry potter as competition…dis hs 2 b d best film of 2011…

  • znmd iz a class act…its collections shud hav been more than dt of ready if it had nt faced competition like ready….dis mst b bst film of 2011…

  • Singham is way inspirational than any film of the decade eccept gadar, it is in the categories of kranti, upkar and rkm

  • singham is lots better than dabang, dabang is total rubbish movie based on corrupt cop whereas singham based on a true and honest cop, and compare singham with dabang is insult for ajay devgn & rohit shetty, guys go & watch singham, blockbuster movie.

  • we want rohit shetty to direct again ajay as inspector and also put salman khan as his silly constable. Ha ha salman will look good when ajay shout on him in movie.

  • Hello Indicine team, and hello everyone..I was quite busy and lost interest to share my opinion on websites.. so I stopped all that for a while.. took a long break.. here I am.. back again, but not to fight with u all.. just to share my opinion.. hope that u all accept it.

  • Fathiya welcome back…those saying sigham was better than dabangg..u might be right but saying sigham was better than wanted..then u re a total joker…wanted was the first cop film to pave way 4 all dis upcoming cop films like dabangg,sigham and so on…wanted can neva be compared wif these films..salman’s acting was gr8…one of the best of his aashkaran forget imbd…salman has sharukh fans to compete wit..while salman fans wil like dabangg on imbd,sharukh fans wil dislike why wil dabangg nt have 6.6..ajay does nt hav any competion,both salman and sharukh fans wil lyk sigham,only few who hates him wil dislike why wil sigham nt hav 7.2..but neva compare wanted wit sigham..tank u

  • wiz.pokha: when did I say that Singham better than Wanted?!! I said it’s something similar, specially the action in the 2 films r similar.. Wanted ofcourse is better than Singham (Wanted with some nice songs, no good songs in Singham) but they both r like some cartoon..annimation films!

  • Sorry guys i don’t agree, Dabangg was way better than both Singham and Wanted, Wanted was a very poor remake which had no story at all just decent one time watch. But Dabangg was a well-made masala movie, one of the better masala films amde in recent times. Yeah it was original it had story, Sallu’s acting was very good also the music rokced. Wanted was like a B-Grade shameful remake.

  • Ok.. u asked me about Delhi Belli.. wanted to post 2 lines comment on the movie review but couldn’t find it in this website! I didn’t like the trailer of Delhi Belly and knew that it’s not my type film.. some family members watched and they transhed it.. said it’s a stupid vulgar film..meaningless.. ok.. so I thought I’d watch on a dvd when it releases, but instead.. I watched first part online.. what a crap film!!! as I thought.. it’s not a good decent film.. that’s Aamir Khan’s character in fact.. I still can’t believe that he did Taare Zamin Par.. I’d believe that he just used his name and someone else did the film!
    What did he want to show the audience thru this silly film?!! how someone getd a stomachech and how he……….!!! in the toilet?!! that’s the concept of the film he did?!!!! now.. do u think that Amitab Bachan or Shahrukh, Saif or Hrithik wd do such low class film?! no ofcourse.. they’re high class ppl would never think of doing one!
    In fact.. Aamir spoiled his reputation and showed everyone his true face!

  • Fathiya anty, i exactly knew what you would say about the movie so i don’t want to argue with you.
    Ok you can bash the film as much as you want but don’t ever bash Aamir! And don’t dare to compare him your idols Saif or Hrithik or whatever.
    If you can’t appreciate people’s exellent work at least stay away and don’t bash them. I know you hate Aamir i have read many of your comments before but now plz anty enough, ok you will never understand him so don’t watch his movies anymore.

  • So fathiya old hag is back wow!!
    If you liked Dostana how will you understand Delhi Belly?
    So Dostana with John’s naked butt is exellent and quality comedy, Gay johar is the best director ever!
    And Delhi Belly which has A certificate and the producers were honest about its context is low class WTF!
    Wow… You’re a lot fun you know? “STFU asswipe”!!! Now is that high class, you cock sucking hypocrite?? You kinda speak like they do in the movie anyway, you douche! I’ll admit, it’s not something you’d want to watch with your family. But why make such a big deal of it? It’s cinema, entertainment. If you want to watch something else, go ahead and watch. Stop talking about ‘high class’ and pretending to be a saint, you cunt. You’ve got issues, go see a doc or something.
    You dumbass, Whoever ‘assumed’ that it was a family movie. It was clearly publicized as an ‘A’ rated movie by Aamir Khan himself. Love the way they have presented the movie, the chain of events surrounding the characters in the movie. If you’r? not young at heart to accept something new in Indian cinema, then stay away !
    So Fathiya ji you apprently watched Dostana with your familyy and enjoyed it right? Yeah it was a quality comedy i know, no vulgarity just wooden-john showing his butt and running arround nake along with Flopmaster Abhishk!
    Fathiya stop showing hatred on Indicine! Aamir Khan deosn’t need any certificate from you regarding movies.
    Be happy with your SRK n Gay Johar routine masala fare or with Hrithik or Saif or wathever don’t waste your time watching Delhi Belly it’s not for ignorant people like you who like D grade ripp-off like Dostana and Murder 2.

  • Fathiya ji I enojoyed the movie and most of the youngsters did. Of course those who can’t stand such kind of movies will bash it, Aamir warned everyone about the film and was totally honest. But believe me i watched it in theatre in first day it was housefull and every youngster enjoyed it. And yes families stayed away from it. Though some married couples were there. Of course a black comdey with english language which is something totally new for indian cinema will not be loved by everyone like TZP.
    I repeat it’s only for young people, it was damn hillarious a true comdey. Yes it’s something new which will not be accepted easily but just wait and you’ll see how many Delhi Bellies will come out soon.
    Also why did you only notice the negative comments what about the positive ones, c’mon Fathiya anty i know it’s not your cup of tea but Aamir was really honest about the movie. I hope no more comments from your part, and yes if you hate Aamir don’t watch his upcoming movies.
    Take care.

  • Someone who liked Dostana should never bash Delhi Belly. Dostana was a shameful rip-off and had no sense one of the worst films, also it wasn’t funny at all.
    Delhi Belly is a black comdey, somthing which not everyone will understand it.

  • No Fathiya Aamir did Taare Zamee, Lagaan and also Delhi belly. He can make any kind of movie, just because he did TZP does not mean he should strick to that genre, he can make movies for kids but also for adults. A true genious. Also DB recieved a lot of critical acclaim and you can check, it’s ok if you didn’t like but don’t say something like “I can’t believe he did TZP blah blah blah…” it sounds dumb.

  • Well i read all comments and understood that many people did’t like Delhi Belly and i don’t blame them, but frankly speaking i have never laughed like that before in my life a true classic. Yeah it worked big time for me.
    Well wanted to post my review of DB:

    Of motion and emotions

    Direction – Abhinay Deo
    Starring: Imran Khan, Vir Das, Kunal Roy Kapoor, Vijay Raaz, Poorna Jagannath, Shenaz Treasuryvala
    Stars: ***1/2


    Sandhya Iyer

    This tightly-woven film gets to business rightaway with the strains of Saigal Blues (excellent) in the title credits – as the camera takes you nook by nook through the bachelor pad of the three room mates – Tashi (Imran), Nitin (Kunal) and Arun (Vir). The house is in a terrifying mess – the roof is crumbling, the tap water runs unattended, crumbs of food lie scattered as smug cockroaches abound. This setting itself offers some lush possibilities for humour, before each of these characters get into problems of their own.

    Tashi, a journo finds himself getting attracted to his plucky colleague, Menaka (Poorna Jagannath) even though he’s engaged to be married to someone else (Shehnaz Treasurywala). Arun (Vir Das) is a harried cartoonist and to make matter worse, his girl-friend has just ditched him for an NRI – settled type. Fat man Nitin eats some nasty food on the street and gets the worst possible upset stomach (The title ‘Delhi Belly’ means a ‘bad tummy’ and this is a refrain throughout the film that evokes plenty of laughs).

    Amidst all this, a packet of diamonds gets curiously interchanged with Nitin’s stool samples and all hell breaks loose, with a crime syndicate chasing the three guys down. Gangster Vijay Raaz has perversely original ways of torturing his victims. His own speech is peppered with workaday English alongwith some colourful Hindi words – and with his imposing body-language and pithy talk, he becomes the pivot around which all fear is evoked. Raaz’s grasp of the character is pitch-perfect and he is unforgettable in this film.

    Like most satires, Delhi Belly is not laugh-out funny always, though the thriller element keeps you engaged throughout its running time. The sequences move in a smooth rhythm, build up pace slowly and ultimately there is the big pay off. The movie has a definite, well-knit plot and much of the humour comes from real, identifiable situations. Writer Akshat Varma’s writing is clever, perceptive, with an acute sense for the absurd. The movie acquires a rare edge with its subtle portrayal of depravity and meanness, externalised in the mess strewn around -literally and otherwise. But its treatment – irreverent and witty – keep the film feather-light in spite of its grim undertone. One of the film’s best sequences involves Vir Das’s interaction with his ex girlfriend and the Jaa Chudail song which follows it. Sadly, this song has been shortened. The sub-plot involving Nitin and his landloard is another ace.

    The film progressively gets better, and many of its best scenes lie in the latter half – including their skirmish with a jeweller. The chase sequences are hilarious. It all comes together nicely leading towards a very satisfying climax. But this moment is hijacked with Aamir Khan’s item song. The actor could have his reasons for taking centre-stage, but it ends up doing a disservice to his wonderful ensemble team.

    The film is almost 70 per cent in English, and this choice of language produces mixed results. The writer being an NRI, his lingo is heavily westernised and this does not always suit his three desi characters. Nitin referes to George Eliot’s The Mill On the Floss. Not very likely that a photographer would refer so pointedly to classic literature. The abuses also start to get excessive and unnecessary at some points. Amidst this, you starve to listen to Hindi dialogues, and all the desi scenes come beautifully alive in the film. Yes, the film has plenty of scatological humour, but nothing that is not digestible. The only gross and overdone scene is the one where stools are actually delivered to Vijay Raaz.

    Abhinay Deo, who made a disastrous start with Game, works with an assured hand this time around. Being an ad man, he brings his sense of detailing to the film, which undoubtedly creates the right atmospherics.

    But Delhi Belly has definite strengths. Its texture and treatment make it cultish and hugely enjoyable. The music is a riot – though not all songs have been used. Certainly D K Bose should have been used a bit more copiously in the film. But full marks to Ram Sampath. Whenever a trace of its soundtrack appears in the background, the effect is electifying.
    The performances are all top class. Vijay Raaz is marvelous and his act alone is worth the price of a ticket. Imran is decent, and shares equal screen time with Kunal and Vir -both of whom have done a splendid job. The fmovie is certainly obscene in some ways, and not everyone will be able to stomach it. But for those who can, Delhi Belly is quite the film!

    I will also post my review of ZNMD, other film which i liked this year. Apart from these two, one of the other movies worked for me.

  • For me.. Dostana was one of the funniest bollywood movies which I saw so far.. many bollywood movies got items songs.. girls naked.. some vulgarity but those short scenes doesn’t make a movie bad! why then u all loved Sheela ki Jawani song?!! wasn’t that a hot hot item song in the movie Tees Maar Khan.. movie flopped and the song became a big hit?!! a big hit in India.. right?!!! If u didn’t like it then it’d hv never been a super hit song of the year!!!
    ( and karan johar is planning to make Dostan2.. why?!! if this movie wasn’t a good movie and the indian audience didn’t like it then why is he planning to make part 2?!!

    You found someone gets stomachech and rushing to toilets…and the rest u know..funny!!! oh God.. what’s funny in these silly scenes which annoyes and make u feel bad while watching them?!!! so that proves that some of u enjoys going to Gents bathroom and hear the ugly noises or the bad smell there and find these stuff nice and funny!!! these disgusting scenes make me feel sick.. I don’t like them even in some hollywood movies.. so bad..oh.. btw.. your badshah.. bigb.. didn’t like Delhi Belly too.. he posted 2 lines about the movie on twitter.. so.. do u think Amitab Bachan hv a bad taste too and u guys hv some good taste for movies?!! he loved ZNMD.. a decent comedy film.. that’s a class film.. not the dirty belly of Delhi.. yakhie

  • Fathiya aunty, how can u expect Big.B to like DB when it overtook him at BO?
    Also u didn’t watch the whole film, so u don’t know the story so plz don’t comment. The movie is damn funny and hillarious, you can read the critics reviews.
    And about Dostana, it was one of the worst film i have ever seen, It was a rip-off from a Hollywood movie, it had a very weak script a weaker direction and a bad performances it tried too hard to be funny but was absolutely boring esp in the 2nd part.(and plz no more comments about Dostana i know u will write a long review)
    So i understood that you hated those scenes but the film is not only about toilet, yeah it got a fantastic script, rocking music, exellent directiona and brilliant performances.
    Watching 40 minutes of a movie cannot justify your dislikment. ZNMD was an exellent film absolutely exellent and of course i loved it. But dostana no way!
    And about Sheila Ki Jawaani, i personnaly didn’t like it at all, well it was the only saving grace of the movie but yeah it was kinda cheap. DB on the other hand was clearly an adult film.

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