Singham – ZNMD Box Office Update

Box office report of Singham, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Murder 2, Gandhi To Hitler, Bubble Gum and Khap

Both Singham and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara are doing extremely well at the box office. Singham is great at single screens, while ZNMD continues its stupendous run at multiplexes all over India.

Zindagi.. has collected about 20 crores in Week 2 taking its two week total to Rs 65 crores. The third weekend was good too with around Rs 6.5 crores (approx), which should take its lifetime total to 71 crores in 17 days. The Hrithik Roshan starrer is expected to cross 80 crores in the next 2 weeks. HIT

Singham released a week after ZNMD did around 50 crores in Week 1 and its second weekend business is in the 13 – 14 crores range (approx). In 10 days, the Ajay Devgan action film has collected Rs 63 crores. Directed by Rohit Shetty, Singham should easily do lifetime business in excess of 80 Crores. HIT

Overseas, Zindagi is a SUPER HIT and has done more than 5 times the business of Singham which has fared poorly – FLOP. The third weekend of ZNMD was better than the first weekend of Singham.

Emraan Hashmi’s Murder 2 has collected Rs 2 crores in Week 3 taking its lifetime total to Rs 37 crores. BLOCKBUSTER

The three new releases this week – Gandhi To Hitler, Bubble Gum and Khap – are all non-starters at the box office. Wash-outs all three of them – FLOP.



  • @indicine team:
    Murder-2 is a Blockbuster but How… ???
    i mean.. boxoffice business of Murder-2 is less than Delhi Beli, ZNMD, or Singham.. But they are Not BB ?
    Plz reply….. :)

  • Akhjak, depends on the costs and the price the movie is sold for. Murder 2 cost around 10 crores to make, but did around 37 crores of business. That’s almost 4 times the investment. On the other hand, ZNMD cost around 55 crores and is likely to nett around 80 – 85 crores. Although its made a lot of money, the return-on-investment (ROI) is lesser than Murder 2.

  • Pawan, superstars are actors who can command a good initial at the box office. For example, ZNMD wasn’t promoted well, Zoya Akhtar’s last film was a flop. Take Hrithik or Katrina out of it and it wouldn’t have opened to half of those opening weekend numbers.

    Dabangg opening week was 80 crores, replace Salman with a lesser star and the opening wouldn’t have been close to what it was.

    From now on, for an actor to be called a ‘superstar’ the minimum opening weekend nett should be no less than 30 – 35 crores. I.e if its a commercial film with universal appeal. You can’t expect a Dhobi Ghat to open to such numbers :) Even the opening of ZNMD was quite surprising..

  • Singham will finish the bo run around 85-90cr mark,which ll give a distributor share around 45-47cr mark. it is huge also huge like Murder 2 considering the budget of the movie is 46 cr including all cost.
    the profit margin for the producer will be around 30-35 cr mark, quite same as murder2.

  • Znmd continue to surprise everybody with its collection. Early expectation was 65 cr after that 70. It has surpassed every prediction and it will collect around 90

  • I agree with Indicine Team u can’t expect a movie like Dhobi Ghat made with 8cr budget to open at earth chattering numbers just because of Aamir, i mean take aamir away from it and it wouldn’t even collect 1cr right?
    Many misunderstood that and thought that Aamir lost his starpower just becasue of Dhobi Ghat wich is not fact, also DG was not bad at all considering its genre and the number of paints, also Hrithik’s Jodhaa Akbar open poorly despite being his film after a year break and that too after Krrish n Dhoom 2.
    It’s all about the genre :)

  • There should be a inspector in this whole world such as BAJIRAO SINGHAM………………
    ajay Devgan has just rocked in this movie…………….. I loved this movie tremendously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Singham Third Weekend Territorial
    Breakdown Monday 8th August 2011 19.00 IST Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network Singham grossed 8.25 crore nett
    approx in it third weekend. The total
    collections are 82 crore nett in
    seventeen days. Mumbai- 3.75 crore Delhi/UP – 1.40 crore East Punjab – 48 lakhs West Bengal – 19 lakhs Bihar – 25 lakhs Assam/Orissa – 9 lakhs CP Berar -65 lakhs CI – 36 lakhs Rajasthan – 47 lakhs Nizam – 28 lakhs Mysore – 18 lakhs Tamil Nadu/Kerala – 5 lakhs Total – 8.15 crore


  • Well singham is AS good AS Dabangg and better than Wanted definetly, Sallu is the most charismatic actor ever and the biggest superstar. Ajay is a way better actor no doubt but he has no charisma.
    In short Sallu and Ajay both rock.

  • Guys : No doubt in it “SINGHAM” Rocks…

    Excellent Story line….Dialogues, Action scenes….And most important Acting..whether it was by Ajay Devgon, Villain/ other characters in movie…better than “Dabangg”,,,however “Wanted” story was also Good…

    After so long…I heard clapping in Theaters….Really:)

    Its a complete “Family Movie”….everyone can watch it with anyone..Now days there are hardly any movies which fall in this category..

    I think we should appreciate movies having Good story line,,& Acting….,rather then movies trying to get HIT on basis of chick flicks..showing skin. dancing & foreign locations,,etc….U know what i mean..

    Movies which are more near to common man, with Good Story Line,,Acting,,Dialogues,,,with traces of Comedy…& Romance,,,Will be Always “HIT”..

    Cheers :)

  • WTF they are saying that singham is a flop and znmd has collected more money intheir third week than singham’s first week.Singham is far far better than ZNMD.

  • ajgay devgan is alwayas fit for the role of police. And same as in singham, he played a marvalous role. And gives his ever best picture throughout his carier.

  • Bro murder 2 is a blockbuster and delhi belly,singham,ZNMD are not because murder 2 was a small budget film they recover it very easily even 5 times more and ZNMD is big budget film and they recover its budget not easily so thats why murder 2 is a blockbuster

  • Bro murder 2 is a blockbuster and delhi belly,singham,ZNMD are not because murder 2 was a small budget film they recover it very easily even 5 times more

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