Shahid Kapoor vs Akshay Kumar in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2

Shahid Kapoor is almost confirmed to play the role of Chhota Rajan in Ekta Kapoor’s Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2, a film that is getting bigger and bigger with each passing day.

For the sequel, Ekta Kapoor has roped in Akshay Kumar to play the role of Dawood Ibrahim, a character played brilliantly by Emraan Hashmi in the first part. For the role of Chhota Rajan, Dawood’s right hand turned arch rival, Ekta wanted someone who could bring in a lot of energy and intensity. Shahid suited the role perfectly and Ekta has been in talks with the actor, who is expected to sign on the dotted line soon.

“The role of Chhota Rajan is as intense as the one Shahid Kapoor portrayed in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Kaminey. He is a very good actor who has portrayed a wide range of characters till date. He is one of the top choices to play Chhota Rajan. Milan (Luthria, the director) had long meetings with Shahid. He has explained the script and the character. Akshay is currently working out to get the rugged look required for him to play Dawood. Shahid too will require to work on his Chhota Rajan looks” said one source.

This should be one of the biggest releases of 2012. Akshay Kumar vs Shahid Kapoor, how does that sound? Should be quite a battle that!



  • Toplist.. Akki in never seen before avtar.. Here he has chance to prove his diffrent acting skill and to return at the boxoffice on fire!

  • Will be a big disaster….character of Ajay died in firts movie, but the character of Emraan was still alive….without Emraan Hashmi….this sequel will be a big FLOP!!!!!
    Not even Akshay can make this movie hit, and with Shahid…..really no chance!!!!

  • @indicine can u tell me that which movie of akki is b town talk now a days.
    And his most awaited movies.

  • akki is the real king of flop moveis…
    So his 2nd name is SuperFlopStar…of Bollywood !
    Shahid is gud…..
    So movie have a chance of little Hit… ???

  • @akhjhk
    akki is the one and only superstar who had won the filmfare award 4 all categery
    non sahrukh nor any actor had done this before.
    now a days akki is not having good days.
    But his day will come shortly and his movies will turn into super hit again ok.

  • @manish singh: when did akki win a filmafare award plz? i remember he won smthg like best comedian n best villain but no supp actor n NO best actor which is the most important category, SRK won best actor 8 times and also won 2 times critics award and best villain and also best debutant.
    Aamir won best atcor 2 times and was the first one to be given best debutant actually the category was created for him and won it for his first film QSQT, also he won critics award, he won 2 times best film as a producer and also best director.
    So Joker fans just shut up coz he’s a flopstar!

  • filmfare award…
    Good joke…guys !
    Believe only publics award…
    if they loved ur movies u r SuperStar & if they r not intrstd in ur movies then u r Flopstar like Akki…
    So the real judge r Publics not filmfare or iifa…!!!

  • @BBOI tere haklu khan ne aj tk romantic movie k alawa aur koi movie kiya hai.
    Kuki usko pata hai ki dusre field me uska baap akshay kumar baitha hai.
    Tere gay khan ne comedy try kia like b4u pbdhh and badshah aur action to kabhi karega nahi kuki budde haklu ko pata hai ki action uske bs ka nahi hai.
    Ra1 going to be flop loloz
    akki is one and only king.

  • @Manish Singh: first of all i’m not a SRK fan, secondly you guys have nothing to say about Flopstar Joker you guys can’t undersatnd that he has never been a Star let me tell you the difference between Joker and Khans.

    Aamir ,SRK and SALMAN are offered more scripts than flopmaster Akki .
    But the difference is
    1)AAMIR signs selected script which he feels is best among them.
    2)SRK signs the script based on quality+commercial value
    3)Salman signs movie based on commercial value keeping his mind his huge mass following.
    Above three have some reputation to maintain.They dnt want to end up making garbage and embarass themself.
    4)Akshay dont have any brain ,he signs everything ,every random script
    His judgement can depend on 2 things– either commercial value or quality of product —but since he has no brain he is failing continuously in both the departments.
    Only blind akki fanatics still think this 6’1 feet pile of nonsense is a star .
    Use your brain and think logically why akki has so many movies lined up.
    Reason is simple:
    1)Top stars dont sign bullshit….so akki is the only option left,just twist the story during narration ,fool him and sign him ….
    2)producers know they can recover thr money from satellite ,music and various rights.,
    So its better to sign akki and hire a good composer to give a chartbuster album(sheila ki jawani kind)…and recovering rest of the money theatrically is a cakewalk.
    Majooori me sign karna parta hai akki ko otherwise who is intersted in signing such a mediocre actor/star who is not able to give a single blockbuster in his 20 years career.
    And Akshay will never give BLOCKBUSTER(becoz tht requires fan following)
    Lets not talk about All time Blockbusters,even doubling trpling Akki’s fan base cant make it possible.

    Let me tell you another thing:
    In 2000, Aamir’s disaster Mela gross more than Joker’s Hit Dhadkan
    In 2004 Hrithik’s Flop Lakshya gross more than Joker’s Hit Aitraaz
    In 2005 Aamir’s Flop Mangal Pandey gross more than Jker’s Hit(?) Garam Masala
    In 2005 Below Average Dus gross more than Joker’s Superhit Waqt
    In 2006 all Don, Fanaa, RDB, KANK all gross more than Joker’s Superhits Bagham Baagh and Phir Hera Pher

    Joker had only one good year in his entire career and that’s 2007, and even then Saif Ali Khan’s Semi-Hit Tara Rum Pum gross more than Joker’s Hit Namastey London

    So big stars Flops gross more than Flopstar Superhits!

    Now Joker is nothing, diretcors sign him not for his great acting or his intellectual contribution but obviously for his Starpower, now even he has lost his starpower after TMK, and Thank You did’t even have a decent opening.
    It’s a shame, WELCOME: a movie released in 2007 gross 70cr(obviously credit to Nana And Anil) and THANK YOU with same genre with double prints and in 2011 couldn’t even open well and then grossed 25cr less than Welcome.

    I guess everything is clear now. 3 Khans rule Bollywood.
    They have reputation/fan following and starpower, unlike Akki who is unable to give a single solo BB in his entire career.
    Shampe on Flopmaster Joker and his clown Gang!!!

  • i like ur comment
    but har star ki life me vo din ata hai jab uski filme hit nahi hoti jus wait and watch his movies will turn into hit again.
    But dear srk aur amir ko chor ke
    ek br apne dil pe hath rakh k batao kya sallu ko acting ati hai.
    Realy such such batana.

  • @Manish Singh: If Joker fans can laugh watching AKKI movies(insane kiddish comedy) ,thn they can laugh at anything (and label it as joke) you should be ashamed of being a fan of Joker!!! Someone who has no reputaion, no respect from public, no BB, no awards, no meomrable performances, no fan-following…
    SRK, Aamir and Sallu gave the best to Bollywood since the 80’s and the 90’s, be it QSQT, DDLJ, HAHK, MPK, JJWS, KKHH all those were BB and path breaking movies but what did Joker actually give??
    All he wants is to give hits and keep his powition in BW with ridiclous comdeies like DDD, TMK…
    Akshay will now compete with himself and defeat the likes of BLUE ,KAMBAKHT ISHQ and CCTC…
    Now u’re talking about Flop Machine Akki’s upcoming flick…now Joker’s Joker is releasing soon, It will be a flop like all akki movies..(but not sure about verdict ..if a 100 crore BLUE can get average status @25 crore DS and 50 crore TY get below average status at 24 crore ds than even BLUE can get averrage status after flopping).
    Yeah people will say the same thing coming out of theatres>>LAME JOKER
    Can anyone please post the BO fate and verdicts of AKKI’s non comedy movies in past 5 years….
    Oh yeah ask for non comedy AKKI movies and this is wht you get.>>NL and BB(wonder what stopped thm from adding Welcome ,singh is king etc as thr wer 10-15 mint moments of non comedy)
    Ask akki fans for a cold drink and they ‘ll give you cold tea with Ice cube.

    As i said any filmmaker with trash/chaalu script ‘ll look forward to sign akshay coz other stars are not interested.
    Producers dnt want to lose thr money and they know very well that akki has lost all his reputation but still his fan following(whtever left) is good enough to get them average amount from theatres and remaining they can recover by selling satellite,music and other rights.
    Thats the reason even after Akshay Kumar’s recent embarassing record producers are forced to sign him for thr movies.
    Producers know very well that script sense of Akshay is zero and if script is narrated in a proper and twisted manner(like farah ,shirish did to fool him,TMK ) its cakewalk to convince and sign him for their movies.
    Similar things dnt work with SRK,AAMIR,HRITHIK,SALMAN,RANBIR etc who are top stars of today( reputation and fan following wise)
    All stars have dozens of scripts offered to them,only difference is major stars have reputation to maintain and they commit only to selected movies whereas Akki has no reputaion left to maintain so he sings all random trash.
    How popular is Akshay can easily be judged by imdb.
    Its a well known fact that Akshay movies are mostly garbage and recive very low rating @imdb.
    But have a look at number of people who vote for his movies.
    80% of his movies in previous 2-3 years dnt receive more than 1000 votes.
    Even movies like Namastey London which have relatively better content get 1.5 K votes.
    None of his movies wr able to get past 5/10 rating except NL in past few years.
    Stars are made by entertaining peopleand living upto the expectation
    Not able to to understand why AKshay fans believe Akki is among top stars.
    A person with zero reputation of making good movies,with embarassing record of past 2-3 years,with not even a single solo Blockbuster(forget ATBB) in 20 year career is superstar?
    Thank YOu(flop) —- 407 votes (4.7/10)
    Patiala house(flop) —- 719 votes(even a pro akki site BOI labeled it a flop )
    TMK:(flop)—-1615 votes (rating is 2.8/10 must be next to RGV ki aag )
    ACTION REPLAYY(disaster)—-771 votes (4/10)
    Houseful(hit)l—1090 votes
    People don’t even bother to check out his movies and vote for him @imdb and those who vote ,you can see thr opinion by ratings.
    Unfortunately due to lack of popular faces in bollywood and other stars not signing average scripts he’ll keep on getting roles due to his remaining fan following.
    Agree tht a regular person who watches films in INDIA don’t vote at imdb but still there are lakhs of people who do vote there .
    And they are not interested in Akki movies
    Imdb is one of the best sources available online to judge the quality and popularity of a movie…Atleast it is far better than blindly calling anyone a top star when he is not even close to that position.

    Now enough said, Three Khans rule Bollywood.
    btw when is TEES DESI JOKER(4D) releasing i’m sure it’ll do better buisiness than Don2/Ra.One/Dhoom3/Bodyguard.
    Cheers for Joker and his clown gang!

  • Still Comparing Srk/Aamir with that joker Akshay ? Live in fan made imaginary land.
    Reading all the comments agree with that Akshay got that flukey year 2007 which made his fans think he is superstar. What has he done since then? A superstar is consistent. Akshay is nowhere near that.
    The 3 khans have ruled Bollywood for the last 2 decades. Very similar to how Dilip Kumar/Raj Kapoor/Dev Anand ruled in the 50?s to mid 60?s. However the difference then was that Dilip was THE biggest superstar throughout that time. Here SRK has dipped in the mid 2000?s and Aamir has become the biggest.
    Get a life Joker Kumar fans!

  • As i always say ” joker kumar fans are more entertaining than his movies.”
    ”Joker kumar fans are as irritating as his movies.”
    ”joker kumar fans are less educated than joker kumar himself.” ( as we all know joker never went school, he hardly can read the script)


  • who the bloody chutia is this BBOI????who has given you the right to comment on a star like akki who has done more movies than any actor and uncomparable!!!if any actor can choose and take time for 1 movie any fool can make hits!!!saale kaminaa bboi tu jaanta nahin aur jaanega nahin …bcos u r just a retard….if his movies are lined for producers in queue for 20 years you think the millions are fools and u alone wise…dumbass!!

  • Someone said Akki is Star n forgot to put LOL after that :p
    Btw people who are fans of a person who gave tees maar khan,action replay,de dana dhan etc kind of craps are expected to give such third class statements.
    I guess quality of his thinking of some akki fans is same as quality of akshay movies

    Shocking to see fans of flopstar AKSHAY giving most disgusted comments..even more disgusting than akki movies.

    Wake up akki…if there is no one educated and intellegent beside you…atleast ask ur driver.

    Distributor shares of last 4 aamir films: 99 cr.+60 cr.+25 cr.+28 cr. =212 cr.
    Distributor shares of last 4 srk films : 37 cr.+44 cr.+40cr.+30cr.= 151 cr.
    Distributor shares of last 4 Akki films: 17 cr.+31 cr.+18 cr+21 cr = 87 cr.

    Now we know Akki’s standing in box office, Although all of his movies released in last1 years, where srk and aamir’s released came from 2006/07
    HF -30 cr
    Km 25 cr
    AR 17 cr
    TMK-37 cr
    PH- 16 cr”

    Its better dont do movies thn doing TEES MAAR KHAN,ACTION REPLAY,BLUE,KAMBAKHT ISHQKHATTA MEETHA kind of crap.
    Even a struggling actor starving for weeks will refuse to sign D grade bullshit movies that Akki is signing for years.

    We want to see our stars and we want to see our stars doing good cinema not like Joker who embarass himself and his fans doing crap after crap.

    BTW DS is 100 crore,what was the investment of distributors in those movies?200 crore ,250 crore?
    I hope BOI also update the losses of distributors.
    Joker will rule that list with 6-7 century-years atleast.
    nahi flop movies ke saaath bhi 200 crore kar sakta hai.
    DEKH 4-5 movies to abhi bhi karta hai aur sab ki sab kachra crap,ab 4-5 ki jagah 8-10 movie karega to 200 crore bhi ho jaenge kyuki movies to aise bhi bakvaas hain vaise bhi bakvaas hi hongi.
    bas 1 negative hain ki abhi Distributors ke 150 crore doobte hain ,8-10 movie karega to 300-400 doobenge par apne ko kya.

    Let him do one film per year in non-comdey genre solo(not multistarrer like all his hits), n let’s see the result. Welcome was his only BB in a career of 20 years, but we all know what happened there. Mohra was his only saving grace in the 90’s but then Shetty ran the show =D
    SIK was probably his only solo big hit and that too wasn’t really big like the KHANS ATBB, also it was comdey(don’t tell me it wasn’t comdey becasue of one or two serious scenes).

    Why can’t jokers accept that Akki is a flopstar n stop irritating us, Joker is acting in big movies(pototional BB) multistarrers turning out to be Below Zverage n getting Flops in Solo non-comedies.
    AKSHAY’s commercial movies are rejected by public not once not twice but almost half a dozen times.
    critical acclaim,commercial success,AKSHAY movies are rejected everywhere .
    You should thank AAMIR,SRK and SALMAN fans .. atleast we arnt targeting AKKI’s start status(otherwise a person rejected both by critics and public is not a star from any angle)
    Go and pray to god for “Tees desi Joker”‘s success.

    By Komal Nahta, Joker kumar has 3 hits in his entire career. He had to wait for 13 years to see another hit from Mohar(1994) to Wellcome (2007). The longest gap record for a Bollywood comedian. As solo starer, Joker has only one hit Singh is Kinng(2008) in his 20 years career. This is also a pathetic Bollywood record. End of joker’s career, he will go Guinness Book of world record for worst career by a comedian

    Now Joker seems to have some really promising projects in future, like Joker 4D, Tees Desi Joker…
    All those are going to break all records and of course compete with Akki’s masterpieces like CC2T n Tees Maar Khan.

    In short any of these movies can be his comeback(comeback to his old profession:waiter) depending on how huge disaster these movies are.
    Jacky Bhagnani’s F.A.L.T.U. opened bigger than THANK YOU
    Emraan Hashmi’s last film is a blockbuster (that too solo)

    P.S: 1.To Joker kumar and his clown fans, Indicine is an open discussion forum. Every Indicinian has full freedom to comment about any actor anywhere in this forum, until there is a personal abuse to any specific Indicinians.
    If you can’t take your favorite actor’s criticism, Go to toilet with your favorite actor’s photo in left had.
    P.S: 2. Stop comparing this Joker to superstars like the Khan trio, compare your flopstar akshay to GOVINDA(ofcourse govinda is 100 times better entertainer and actor but quality of movies are same) as both are typecasted actors.

    Joker fans are more entertaining than joker(4D) kumar.

  • well bboi i agree with u and i am a sallu aamir fan still i think akshay is very good in movies like hp part 1,garam masala. i think he has one gr8 strength which none other have give him a negative role with god script and he can do wonders i like the way he acted in khiladi 420.though a flop.i hope everyone agree. lastly i told u i am not his bigfan

  • SHAHID KAPOOR will rock the movie
    I hope that the movie might work bigger than the 1st part OUTAM
    the biggest BLOCKBUSTER 2012

    Ajay we will miss u

  • salman se bada actor koi bhi nahin hain bollywood mein akshay toh kuch bhi nahin!uska naam bhi ANIL BAAL KAPOOR ki tarah AKSHAY FLOP KUMAR ho gaya hain…… salman ka bhi toh naam change ho gaya SALMAN HIT KHAN

  • akshay ko joker kahne walo saalo he is a most versatile actor than anyone. uski kuch filme flop kya ho gayi kuch bhi bake ja rahe ho.wo sirf comedy hi nahi kar sakta bulki romantic,dramatic,emotional,simple aur action me to wo sabka baap hai bhi aasani se kar sakta dhadkan,sangharsha,waqt,NL,bhul bhulaiya,bhagam bhaag,aankhen,jaaneman,herapheri,humko diwana kar gaye.acting kya hoti hai ye filme dekh kar pata chal jayega.filmo ki chhodo film to achi buri hoti hai lekin usme uska performance dekho.Uski filme flop hui hai lekin usme uska performance dumdaar raha hai. tashan ko dekh lo jaane man ko dekh lo ye saari filme flop thi par isme akki ka performance sabhi ko pasand aaya tha.
    He is a genuine superstar great physic, height, great look, most stylist sab kuch hai uske paas. abhi uska samay thoda kharab chal raha hai to koi bhi bake ja raha hai.saram karo tum sab jo itne great actor ko. bhi kahe ja rahe ho.
    Apne dil me jhaak kar dekho aur apne so called actors aur akki ki performance ko dekho tab tumhe realize hoga ki. hum yuhi kyu best performer after big b akki ki burai kar rahe hai.
    Rahi baat hit aur flop ki yehan to har roj trend badalta rahta hai. aajkal logo ko heroism wali dhamakedar action filme pasand aa rahi hai.kal comedy ka dour tha to log comedy dekh rahe the,tab akki chhaye huye the.
    aur ab action filmo ka dour aaya hai to wo usme bhi aage nikal jayenge kyuki wo sabse bade action hero hai.
    Bas rowdy rathod ouatim ka intejaar karo.
    akki rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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