Singham Returns Trailer release date announced: Movie Stills

The promo of Rohit Shetty’s much awaited upcoming film Singham Returns will release in the second week of July. The first look poster of the film will release on 7th July and the theatrical trailer will be out on 11th July.

The trailer is said to be 3 minutes long and will be launched at a grand event in Mumbai in the presence of the film’s lead lead actors. If sources are to be believed, a few members from the production team have seen the trailer and they are very excited about the action, romance, drama and comedy in the film.

Singham Returns is a sequel of the 2011-superhit Singham. Also starring Amole Gupte, Anupam Kher and Dayanand Shetty of CID fame, film is produced by Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgan under the banner of Reliance Entertainment. This big budget film is scheduled to release on 15th August (Independence Day) this year.

Ajay Devgn Singham Returns LookAjay Devgn Singham Returns Look

Ajay Devgn in Singham ReturnsAjay Devgn in Singham Returns

Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor, Rohit Shetty - Singham ReturnsAjay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor, Rohit Shetty – Singham Returns



  • I hope singham 2 does better busines than ce-srk but Dhoom3 did
    So now Dear srk fans,dont badmouth against singham returns as king has said it.

  • I am very excited to watch the trailer of Singham Returns . Singham was a brilliant film i would say it is the best film of Rohit Shetty till date . From now on the box office game begins . Kick releasing on 25th July, Singham Returns releasing on 15th August, Bang Bang releasing on 2nd October, Happy New Year releasing on 23rd October and P.K. releasing on 19th December . I am waiting and damn excited to watch all these 5 movies which can take box office to another level and smash all records .

  • Darkchotu- I hope bang bang does more business than kick n jai ho- salman

    But holiday did
    Now dont badmouth bang bang as our bhabhijaan said it

  • If Singham is so honest police officer,why did he changed his wife??
    Bechari kajal agarwal…

    Singham Returns will be huge..

  • Brilliant pics. They look fabulous.
    Ajey and Kareena alweys is the best jodi in the Industry now they r back with the best and much hyped movie of the year.
    can’t wait.

  • Bang bang is awesome coz HR is awesome..u replied me coz I said ur dumb and I repeat it again..u r dumb! ( Rohit 2)

  • By the coment was for srk fans and you jumped in betwen
    thanks now I and others know that u r ssarukh fan @rohit2

  • bus waiting forrr 15th August and 25 july

    sabhi records will be kicked and cracked,….

    just wait and watch…..

  • this is too late trailer releasing on 11 july and film releasing on 15 august just 1 month gap since it’s a film of reliance entertainment marketing will be really bad although song if hit can help but in that case it’s business will depend on it’s entertainment if people like it singham 2 has very less chances of surviving and it will be just like last year when ce released on 8 and ouatimd on 15 ce turned out to be a hit and ouatimd flop same will be the fate of this movie

  • @babaji singham returns is like lage raho munnabhai I.e. its not continuing d story of first part instead putting the main protaginist frm d previous film into a new no question of changing was a very bad joke

  • Didn’t liked SINGHAM at all…..its a comedy film….if you want to see a real mardani police film watch GANGAJALL…..One of my fav and a realistic film……:-)….Hope AJAY do more GANGAJALL films rather than SINGHAM……:-)…But best of luck to SINGHAM 2.

  • @babaji,

    Singham didn’t cheat Kajal, actually singham came to know that Kajal was already married. lol

    So, he said, Aata maaji satakli and he started dating Kareena. lol.

    All these stories are not shown in the movie, bcuz shooting could not be completed and only the new love story of kareena and singham could be shot along with all the action.

    Rohit shetty will write a book on this, you may check out that later on the stands. lol

    I am a joking pls.

  • SINGHAM 2 will eat Kick’s business.
    ACTION JACSON will eat HNY business.
    go ajay go… both singham 2 and action jacson will be blockbuster and will end the bhojpuri murderer and pagalpuri kings career.

  • Its bussiness would be similar to Chenei Express. 225 crs maximum if it gets 3 open weeks. But i guess now Akshay will like to release his Dogy movie after weeks of Singham.

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