Ek Villain Monday and Tuesday Collections

After a fantastic 50 crore weekend, Ek Villain has continued its excellent run at the box office during the weekdays. The film held up well on Monday, with the film dropping by around 55%. On Tuesday, the Mohit Suri film collected around 7 crore.

Ek Villain is likely to collect around 76 crore in its first week, making it the highest grosser for a film starring Sidharth Malhotra. The film should also go on to be the highest grossing films for Mohit Suri and Shraddha Kapoor.

Ek Villain Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 16.48 cr
  • Saturday – 15.91 cr
  • Sunday – 17.32 cr
  • Monday – 7.9 cr
  • Tuesday – 7 cr
  • Total – 64.61 crore


  • Lifetime 120crs

    Well deserved..go n have a watch,u will not be disappointed…

  • 140cr blockbuster.keep it up Bollywood youth.waiting fir varun’s humpty and arjun’s finding fanny

  • Bollywood’s future is in safe hands .varun,sid,sushanth,ranveer,aditya,arjun hv proved their mettle while ranbir has already made it to the top5.hrithik is just in his early 40s.so once khans retire frm their glorious career he will b at no.1 position.grt going Bollywood!

  • @rohit 2, ranbir film targetting 200cr, not 100cr. Ranbir is the leauge of khans ahead of hr,aki,ajay n all youngstar. Every actor comparing with srk same every you actor comparing him with ranbir thats a true sign of megastar yjhd did 179cr in non holiday where diwali release hype film krish3 failed to beat it, Lol n don’t worry bang bang can’t beat besaram.

  • superb collections.
    lifetime will be 120-25 cr.
    cong to Sid,Ritesh,Shradha and Mohit.
    best movie of the year so far

  • Yes, if Ek Villain goes at this rate, then it will also be the highest grossing movie for Ritesh Deshmukh beating Housefull 2. I mean the movie is titled after the Villain and Ritesh is playing a negative role. So hats off !

  • I watched Ek villain yesterday.
    Ek villain is one of the best bollywood thrillers ever. It gave me so much joy to see Ritesh and Siddarth to gave their best acting performance till now. Riteish is just fantastic. And Siddharth, what can i say. He is gonna shine and shine, if he can put so much pain in his emotions, fabulous.
    Last and not least Shradda, this girl gives you joy with her presence. Her sweet voice and her song Galliyan makes a man melt. Bravo for mohit, ekta and their team.

  • @Indicine
    Ek Villian is not just Siddhart Malhotra starrer…Their are Ritesh also…Even Siddhart said that,’Ritesh has an important role in Ek Villian’..Please conclude Ritesh also..Otherwise,it is not good for your website..

  • Reportedly, SRK was upset with Sidharth because his film crossed the business of Don 2.
    LOL!!! EK VILLAIN has done more than a Goat Sarkar’s Holiday Release like Con 2 which had A-list filmmakers and casts!! bakraSarkar’s Time is over!! He should retire and do some business which he is good at. Or make some films like Maya Memsaab with Sunny Leone!!!!!

  • business of ek villian as

    1st week- 76-77 cr

    2nd week- 28-30 cr

    3rd week- 12-14

    rest of week- 5-6 cr

    grand total- 121-127 cr

    Verdict- blockbustor

  • Siddharth is better than varun dhawan and arjun kapoor.

    Arjun kapoor was completely overshadowed by ranveer singh in gunday.

  • @arjan wait for finding fanny and tevar to release then u wl b forced to change ur opinions abt arjun kapoor.

  • @arjun kapoor when khans retire, hritik,aki everyone have just 2 to 5yr left as khans are 48, aki 45 n hr 40. Then srk, saif, arabaj khan’s sons will debut one by one, 1 n only ranbir will single handle rule bollywood like big b. Arjun, sid, varun are like big b v/s vinod khanna infront of ranbir who already overtake estabilish superstar ajay,aki n hr. Wait for bomby velvet, it will be the 1st 200cr film in non holiday

  • @romance u r right ranbir is in a league of his own.but y do u hate hrithik so much????y can’t u simply accept that he is currently d 4th biggest star of Bollywood and may enter top3 at any time.once khans retire it will b an intense battle btwn ranbir and hrithik for d no.1 position

  • @arjun kapoor Hritic is not a young actor, saif n hr are in same age but saif debut too early n hritic too late but thanks to media hr is superstar n saif remain underated than other khans. Hritic solo film expect krish series are super flops, hr gave hits znmd n agneepath after 2006(golden period of hr) which are multistarer, even k3 underperformed is called 4th biggest star, lol.

  • @arjun kapoor when khans retire, then we should understand that people are not interest to watch old age actor romancing with young actress, at the time khans retire hr also become early 50’s then only ranbir rule n future khans will prepare to rule bollywood.

  • @arjun kapoor don’t think bro that khans are popular in late 40’s or remain popular in early 50’s its not indicate every young actor achive dis stardorm. When new superstar arrives then no old age actor survibe., hr is not a young actor, saif n hr are same age catagory

  • Akshay Kumar is the only superstar. This movie was hit due to Ritesh and not Siddharth.

  • Till Now – 65
    Wednesday 6
    Thursday 5
    Friday 4
    Saturday 5
    Sunday 7
    Monday 2
    Tuesday 1
    Rest of the days 5

    Lifetime approx 105 to 110 Cr.

  • @romance Hr >>>> srk forget ranbir
    jthj- 122cr
    agneepath- 123cr winner

    ce – 227cr
    k3 – 246cr winner again,

    before ce srk can reach ready in diwali period to not like k3 which was pre diwali release.

  • today Top 5 star @BO
    1. Aamir D3 285cr
    2. Hrithik K3 246cr
    3. Srk Ce 227cr
    4. Salman Ett 199cr
    5. Ranbir yjhd 189cr

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