Singham Returns Collections: Continues to drop on weekdays

For a film that was expected to cross 200 crores after a record-breaking opening day of Rs 32 crore, Singham Returns could finish below the 150 crore mark. The film has witnessed significant drops in business on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Ajay Devgn starrer has collected Rs 107.12 crore in 6 days, about a crore short of the actor’s highest career grosser Golmaal 3.  The drop on Monday was 40% from Sunday, Tuesday was 44% from Monday and on Wednesday the film further fell by 22%.

Singham Returns will collect around 112.5 cr in its first week at the domestic box office.

  • Friday – 32.09 cr
  • Saturday – 21.05 cr (34% drop)
  • Sunday – 24.55 cr (17% growth)
  • Monday – 14.78 cr  (40% drop)
  • Tuesday – 8.21 cr (44% drop)
  • Wednesday – 6.44 cr (22% drop)
  • Total 6 day collections – 107.12 cr

Verdict – Super Hit



  • though Singham returns was good movie but It wasn’t even a 10 percent of singham.singham1 was fabulous it was best masala film for me along with wanted.

  • Nothing abnormal in that. Rohit Shetty gives hits and super hits consistently, but to give a blockbuster even he needs a superstar. Like last year it happened, when Rohit gave an ATBB with SRK. I’m daam sure that he will continue to give hits superhits without any interruption , but he won’t be able to give BB or ATBB. For that, again he will have to paired up with any Khan. Many people may get offended, but this is a bitter truth.

  • After watching the film on first day itself I hd predicted that 130cr wll b tough but at that time everyone laughed at me and called me a psycho fan of ranbir,mr.irritation,idiot etc

  • Entertainment is one of the finest movies of the year. These days any crap like Singham Returns can cross 100 cr. But delivering movie like entertainment is not easy.

  • omg singham returns collection are not up to mark.
    after huge start I thought lifetime will be 180cr. but
    film is struggling to cross 150 cr. bcoz some people
    didn’t like the film. everyone r saying 1st singham
    was better than 2nd.
    that’s why 1st was blockbuster and 2nd is super
    trade fig — 101 cr
    producer fig — 107.12 cr
    indicine was right.
    verdict — SUPER HIT.

  • Everyone calls me psycho but most of my prediction cm day everyone will realise that my criticism of indicine star ranking was justified

  • shocking drops….i think it will end its business below 145 cr.!!!not up to the mark at all after that hugeee 1st day

  • @Indicine, I hope it can collect 150 Crores..Will it be Blockbuster if so?

    Was Deepika in it besides Rohit Shetty, it would cross 200 Crores. Actually, the stardom of Ajay is equal to Sarkar.

  • Kick was 100 times better than has earned most of its money bcz of huge popularity of singham among both multiplex and single screen audiences

  • top actor year wise
    1987 – Anil kapoor
    88 – Anil kapoor
    89 – Salman khan
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    94 – Salman khan
    95 – Srk
    96 – aamir khan
    97 – sunny deol
    98 – Srk
    99 – Salman khan
    2000 – hrithik Roshan
    2001 – sunny deol
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    these r top actor year wise.
    believe it or not this is correct.

  • SR only holidays benefits,weekday hold only stardom but still could retain Blockbuster status. Some morons barking SR record breaking start and can brock KICK lifetime collection. @Aeeyy, you said correct Akki should release there movie holiday period.@Romance old year, i think you very happy seeing collection of SR, LOL.

  • Indicine doesn’t include ‘Dhobi Ghat’ because it was a non-commercial’ film .. if that was the case, it should’ve been exhibited in Art Galleries/Exhibitions, not have released in theatres, stop your Double Standards Indicine.
    & you say that the competition is between Aamir & Sallu who were nowhere in the fray before Ghajini & Wanted respectively, & you compare them with a Legend who’s been ruling since 20 years & has been super consistent, that fact that Happy New Year is going to be his 12th ‘Clean Hit’ in a row speaks volumes about his consistency.

  • This wasn’t anticipated..Hope it beats our @Romu dear’s prediction of not crossing CE’s first week total i.e 156crs..

  • Really itz great achievement by Ajay if SR should cross Dabangg’s Collection :p

    Singham Returns waz nt gud as first one so First day Bumper collection due to Holiday n den after fell down… while Kick collected 82 cr on weekdays ..


  • It’s a bad movie. What else can be expected. People saw it because of holidays and no other option in initial days but now slowly they are realising just how bad the movie is.

  • When Indicine said collections of SR would be less than 115 cr in first week, lot of people bashed them. Where are those people now???

  • I always said its gonna do in the range 150-160 crs
    movie is same on the lines of dabba2 but ajay is no salman to carry a movie swiftly to 150 crs on his shoulders… sr got a huge natoinal holiday datz y it wil reach wateva it could…else it wud hav earned max 125 cr at best

  • @Arjun Kapoor, No. We have realised how true you are. Indicine is wrong. And Arjun Kapoor is the most charismatic and popular star in India.
    Aab Toh Khatam Kar. Will u now stop being paranoic?

    @SRK fan, Yes, I sincerely wish Singham 2 beat Dabangg 2. Simultaneously, it is certain that it will beat any other Sarkar Films except for CE. like Ratoon Point One, Don2, JTHJ etc…

    @Zeeshan with Multiple IDs, first of all, I want to ask you to stop living in the past. Amitji was a huge superstar in the past. He is no longer.
    And I wonder what u guys smoke. When u see the past, why do u always see the past according to your comfort zone? Why u fail to see it in wider scale and distant past? It is a shame and lame.
    Salman has been a Superstar right from MPK. When Salman was churning out ATBBs like MPK and HAHK, your SRK is no where near to Salman. Yet a bitter truth your sarkar gave a BB for the first time only when he worked with Salman Khan. I.e. Karan Arjun..
    We accept that many times he gave flops. That was because he worked for his friends regardless of the scripts. We also accept that 2006, 2007, 2008 are the worst phases of Salman’s career. That was because of personal life and legal cases against him. Meanwhile, your sarkar reaped maximum benefits

    Similar story goes for Aamir Khan as well.

    Aab BOKO!!!

  • After collecting huge on its first day i thought that it would cross 200crore and it will be the first and last film for Ajay because his upcoming film has no popularity like singham but now seeing that to cross 150crore is also tough for movie

  • Bollywood actual star ranking
    1 aamir
    2 salman
    3 srk
    4 hrithik
    5 ranbir
    6 ajay
    7 akshay
    8 ranveer
    9 arjun
    10 sidharth
    11 varun
    12 saif
    13 emraan
    14 ritesh
    15 sushanth

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