Shuddhi: Hrithik Roshan Film, directed by Karan Malhotra

Big announcement, probably the biggest of the year so far! Hrithik Roshan has signed Karan Malhotra’s second film titled Shuddhi.

Karan Johar made the announcement on Twitter “Team Agneepath is back… Karan Malhotra will direct his next with Hrithik Roshan in a 2014 diwali release titled SHUDDHI (purification)”

Hrithik Roshan - Karan Johar - Karan Malhotra

Hrithik Roshan – Karan Johar – Karan Malhotra

Malhotra last directed Hrithik in one of 2012’s biggest hits Agneepath. Their new venture Shuddhi will see Hrithik enacting a very complex character. Apart from the lead protagonist, the film will also have a strong villainous character (much like Agneepath). The rest of the cast is yet to be finalised.

The Shuddhi shooting begins in November 2013, soon after the release of Krrish 3. The makers are targeting a Diwali 2014 release.

Karan also spoke about the film to Times Of India.

It’s a large-scale love story, a genre I love. I had a wonderful experience. Karan has a fantastic vision, a combination of aesthetic and commercial sense. Hrithik is a close friend and an outstanding actor. So, it’s great that the three of us are teaming up again. Diwali is also synonymous with films that entertain the entire family. Shuddhi is a love story that gives you everything that you look for in a festive release. I hope that we live up to the expectations that Agneepath has generated.

Hrithik Roshan

I’m really excited to work with the two Karan’s again. Agneepath is an extremely special film for me and I can’t wait to recreate a new world again.”



  • SAMAR, thank u fr ur support buddy !! hrithik and akshay are d non-khans of bollywood !! krrish 3 n ouatim2 vl b biggest BBs dis year !!

  • if KRRISH 3 rocks all nation this DIWALI.with breaking records
    then know one even think to release any movie next diwali 2014

  • I like Hrithik and he is a good actor but his some stupid fans make me to hate him. . But al the best for Hrithik and i too want see salman and Hrithik together in a movie Wht u say Hrithik fans . .

  • @king of kings, yeah buddy dey r so funny :P hrithik has done only 2 films wid KJo out of wich only 1 in wich he directed him !! KKKG n agneepath !! still dese ppl say hrithik is nothin widout karan johar haha !! are agar hrithik yashraj aur dharma k saath zyada films kar raha hota na dusre actors ki tarah den aaj hrithik unstoppable hota TOP 1 pe !!

  • hrithik chooses content over production house always !! he has done only 2 yashraj films, 3 dharma films, 1 vidhu vinod film, 1 rajshri film to nem a few !

  • ajay fans, we hrithik fans can also go and comment bad things about ajay on his article that star india deal page but we don’t downgrade other stars like u do , u all better mind your own business !

  • well i am really a big hrithik fan but i have gotta say the he got good movies lined up for him in future and yes agneepah was dark but good movie. no wonder srk is going cry because not only he lost karan johar bu diwali too, but it doesnt because even with diwali holidays still his movies cant even cross 120 crores

  • wow!!!! GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!
    now hrithik will break all the records and then kick salman out and then he will become the king of bollwood, after that no one can beat him :)
    yay!!!! can’t wait for your krish3
    luv u hrithik :)

  • We are known to all
    Rohit shetty plus ajay devgn > karan malhotra plus hritic. Then we can easili say that singhm2 will be the winer and sundhi is a diaster if two film clash on same date as nothing has been finalised, if they did’t clash then both film will be a hit otherwise sundhi looks very small compape to the sequle 2011 blockbuster singhm which telecast in star india in a week. Rohit shetty is the no 1 director in recent time and i think every one agree with me.

  • wow..great news,but’s despo fans need to stop making alreay made ‘highly rated ‘ option n then posting it…they do this stupid idea almost in all websites!!how fake prs n fans these are

  • wow this is AWESOMEEEEE <3 hrithik will thrash all records………….bow to greek god !!!!! can't wait for diwali 2013 and 2014 :)

  • Krish3 will be another ra1,bang bang will be another anjana anjani and not to mention about suddhi when shingham is there no one will watch the film.

  • dear ajay fans,
    remember tezz vs agneepath???tezz lifetime dint collect agneepath 4th day collection..
    so dont bark…. i wnt singham 2 vs shuddhi clash…very desparately…singham 2 will fall apart..
    and some ones saying ajay has more star power lol…i dont know in what world he/she is living in??:p

  • well i am not really a big hrithik fan but i have gotta say the he got good movies lined up for him in future and yes agneepah was dark but good movie. no wonder srk is going cry because not only he lost karan johar bu diwali too, but it doesnt because even with diwali holidays still his movies cant even cross 120 crores

  • ajay iz nothng ,if der ws no rohit shetty..
    ajay returnd with golmaal3 ,nd d funny thng iz kareena charges more than ajay fr dat film haha…nd den ajay starts givin flops nd shetty saves with singham…nd again flops nd shetty comes in with bolbachan den tezz alltimeblockbuster with collection of huge 18cr haha nd ajay comes up with sos nd clashin with jthj to be in news nd gt more famous with d help of sallu bhai…he has nevr givn a bumper opening in his entire career…he can do sort of cheap thngs on screen nd gt famous lol

  • foolish ppl comparing HR with ajay devgn .
    devgn is in industry since 90-91 . and HR from 01-02 .
    a big gap of 10 years .
    still hrithik is far ahead in stardom than ajay .
    and if clash happens then singam 2 will face huge loss coz this is luking a masala movie not like jthj which was a class audience movie.
    SRK vs salman+ajay+sanjay
    still srk beat them .
    so two masalas face to face
    with ajay vs hrithik
    then ajay will lose again.

  • I don’t want to comment on anything but i just want to say that now even Hrithik is targeting all the important dates and now Karan Johar means a mastermind is with him, so we can be sure that now a war is going to begin from the next year.

  • Really when it comes to acting this lukha hrithik actor will never achieve 1/10 of ajay and he has won two national awards unlike this lukha who has paid two win some crppy awards.i remember the most hilarious thing that during kites release his lukhi wife even said he deserves national award for it like really, i think this is the biggest joke in the world.

  • shuddhi? such lame title karan malhotra is lucky tht agneepath survived audience dont make another mistake…shivering superstar=hritik lol

  • @anirudh you came & survived on earth that night because ur old man made a big mistake.btw shuddhi is very good title.

  • @velocity and hritic fan Rohit shetty is the no1 director in this decade. No director want to clash with him. After finishing ce rohit start s2 but hritic currently doing k3 then bb and after that sundhi. So this is just a gossib kajol and kjo good friend they never clash. If two film clash then adience first choice will be rohit shetty than karan malhotra. Ajay devgn is better actor than hritic in acting skil and succss ratio wise.

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