Shootout At Wadala Review

The prequel to the smash hit, Shootout At Lokhandwala, is based on Hussain S. Zaidi’s bestslling investigative book – Dongri to Dubai. Adapting a non-fiction book into a film requires special skills because of the need to sieve all the facts presented in the book into the film’s narrative and all this while, keeping the film entertaining! This is exactly the reason I was intrigued to watch this film and to see what Sanjay Gupta had done with the subject material.

Story: The story is centered around the first Hindu gangster of Mumbai, Manya Surve (John Abraham) and his meteoric rice and his subsequent fall. Tusshar ‘the-producer’s-brother’ Kapoor is Manya’s confidante in this journey. Siddhant Kapoor (Shakti Kapoor’s son) makes his debut playing a member of Manya’s gang and is called Gyanchod! Every gang has an enemy gang. The opponents here are Zubair (Manoj Bajpai) and Dilawar (Sonu Sood). The cops are also a part of the story. Afaque (Anil Kapoor) and his team members do everything they can to tackle crime in the city. And oh, Manya also has a love interest (Kangna Ranaut).

Shootout At WadalaShootout At Wadala Movie Review

Direction and Miscellaneous: Delving into a subject as serious as this and not messing it up must have been the ultimate challenge for Sanjay Gupta. And to a very large extent, he doesn’t mess it up. He keeps the proceedings flow freely. The film doesn’t sway from its path and is thoroughly enjoyable thanks to the way Gupta deals with the subject. But why 3 item songs, Mr. Gupta?

The cinematography by Sameer Arya is one of the high points of the film. Sanjay Gupta has always been known to make stylish film and here again, Shootout at Wadala looks and feels stylish, thanks to Sameer’s deft camerawork. What works as a deterrent for the film is its corny dialogues (by Milap Zaveri). The dialogues are stereotypical and there’s an astonishingly large smattering of abuses just for the shock value. Being a period film, the production design and costume design is spot on keeping in mind the commercial aspects.

Music and Background Score: The item song featuring Babli Badmaash, featuring Priyanka Chopra is a disappointing set-piece with a forgettable tune. Sophie’s song doesn’t stay with you for too long, either. Laila, starring Sunny Leone is the most fun of all the songs and Sunny looks sizzling in this one. The background score is strictly average.

Acting: Yes, as was expected, SAW is John Abraham’s best ever performance. And no, it is still not good enough. John gives it his best but the others in this film overshadow him fair and square. Anil Kapoor hams it up like only he can and that’s not a bad thing at all! The best act of this film is reserved for Manoj Bajpai who shines as the cunny Zubair. Sonu Sood also makes a huge impression as Dilawar (the role is based on Dawood Ibrahim, of all people). This film could have been made without Tusshar Kapoor and that wouldn’t hurt the film at all. Ronit Roy, Mahesh Manjrekar, Siddhant Kapoor do well in their parts. Kangna Ranaut is hardly there in this brawn fest and she does alright.

Conclusion and Box Office Potential: If you keep your expectations in check and wish to be entertained, then you will be entertained. If you are put off by abusive dialogues, bad acting and sleazy item songs, then stay far away. This film plays to the masses with cheezy dialogues, quarter dozen item songs and a lot (A LOT!) of action. Barring any major mishappenings, Shootout At Wadala will be a good money churner for Ekta Kapoor.


  • Stylish treatment and cinematography
  • The entertaining plot
  • The action set-pieces
  • Manoj Bajpai and Sonu Sood
  • The period sets done right
  • Laila


  • Cheezy dialogues filled with abuses
  • Poor acting by the main protagonist
  • Babli Badmaash

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Shootout At Wadala Review by Zayden



  • Good movie but songs are irritated except laila.
    I will go for it 3 star out of 5.
    John nd manoj vajpaye are superb throughout the movie.

  • Try and draft a better review next time, keeping in mind that you need to consider the mass appeal of the film and not just the individual who has watched it from your end to review the same.

    But appreciate your point of view as well.

    This is a classic Masala Flick, you don’t need to dig deep. Just sit back and chillax dude. Enjoy the Gore! Stop trying to find meaning in every masala film.

  • babli badmash is the best song in the film the full song is so awesome n the reviewer lacks brain n his review mode is average n also tushar has done an excellent job as john is at his best

  • zayden get the real fact that your review is simply average n your modulation n skills of reviewing is too low

  • You say, it’s John Abraham’s best performance ever, but still not good enough. Then in the negatives you mention, poor performance by the male protagonist. A little confusing to be honest. John has done well in a few films like Jism and Dhoom.

  • Excellent movie i will give 4/5.but in the end movie is little unsatisfy.that how manya surve tell the whole story to anil kapoor after 100of bullet shoot in his body.

  • aya re aya manya aya! Sabke dilon me apun ka bolbala!!!
    Power packed performance by all , sure shot hit of this year.

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