Sholay’s Mehbooba recreated in Aap Ka Suroor

The popular track ‘Mehbooba Mehbooba’ from Sholay to be recreated by Himesh Reshammiya in his film Aap Ka Suroor. The song and dance sequence featuring Mallika will be shot in a lavish casino

Now that Vijay Taneja, producer of Himesh Reshammiya?s debut film Aap Ka Suroor, has got the rights of the original sound track Mehbooba Mehbooba from Sholay, he is all set to make the best out of it. He has roped in the best professionals from the industry to work on this song. Only this time around the song features Mallika Sherawat. While Saroj Khan will choreograph the dance sequence, Mickey Contractor do her make-up, stylists Dilshaad and Ashley will be working on her hair and clothes, respectively.

Himesh says, ?Our Mehbooba Mehbooba track is a tribute to R D Burmanji. Prashant Chadha [director] has worked out a mind- blowing concept for the film and the best of people are working on the song to make it memorable. As a singer I have attempted to give the same energy as Panchamda. The purity of the tune has been retained; only the arrangement has been modernised, which is done by DJ Akbar Sami.?

In keeping with the original video, the sets will house tents. But the entire sequence will be shot in a tent-like structure that houses a lavish casino. Saroj Khan says that choreographing the dance and song sequence is going to be a Herculean task. She says, ?The sets will have tents which will house a casino inside. She will be in performing in Helen like steps initially but later will be seen performing in a Casino Royale kind of a set up. This is where the song and dance happens. The steps will be more that of a cabaret dance. It?s going to be my first song with her.?

Mickey Contracter says that he is going to recreate Helen?s look from the original film. ?Helen will be my inspiration. It will be smoky eyes just like Helen?s in the song. The mouth will be darkish.? The make-up guru, who has worked with Mallika for a New Year?s Eve show last year, says, ?She?s quite mad. I love her funkiness and her attitude.?

Ashley Rebello, however, is almost tearing his hair. He is reworking on the costumes as they are not yet appealing. ?I am remaking the same costume as I am not happy with the flair it has.? Mallika will sport two different costumes in the song. The first outfit is an exact replica of what Helen had worn ? a gypsy skirt and top. The second costume will be an almost transparent, but classic black evening gown with diamond earrings and bracelets et al. As for hair Mallika will have long hair with curls at par with Shakira and Beyonce.

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