Shivaay, ADHM Saturday (Day 2) Box Office Collections

‘Shivaay’ and ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ sustained at opening day levels on Day 2 at the box office. The Ajay Devgn starrer held on above the 10 crore mark, while the Karan Johar directed film collected Rs 13 crore at the box office.

The trend is normal for ‘Pre-Diwali’ releases, as Krrish 3 (similar release period 3 years ago) had also shown a small drop on its second day. Sunday too will be affected by ‘Laxmi Pooja’, but collections do tend to show an upwards trend evening onwards.

Monday (tomorrow) is the biggest day for film business in the year. In the last three years, all three films have surpassed the 35 crore mark. Krrish 3 in 2013 recorded the highest single-day collections of all time, Happy New Year and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo also set all-time single day records. So it remains to be seen if ‘Shivaay’ and ‘ADHM’ can take advantage of the big holiday and put up big numbers on Monday.

Currently, the gap between the two films is Rs 6.1 crore. ‘Shivaay’ is the costlier film and has under-performed in the last two days, so its total has to draw level with ‘ADHM’ on Monday and sneak ahead in the ‘Post Diwali’ period. There are two 2 weeks before the release of ‘Rock On 2’ (which has no buzz), so there is enough time if the films manage to find acceptance amongst the audience.

Day 110.2413.303.06
Day 210.0613.103.04
Day 417.3517.750.40
Day 511.0513.031.98
Day 67.407.630.23
Week 1 Total70.41 cr80.19 cr9.78 cr
Day 84.614.56-0.05
Day 95.405.850.45
Day 107.086.55-0.53
Day 112.502.550.05
Day 121.902.350.45
Day 130.901.510.61
Day 140.601.300.70
Week 2 Total22.99 cr24.67 cr1.68 cr
Total93.40 cr104.86 cr11.46 cr


  • I don’t hve anything agnaist Aj but i think his fanbase is mainly from ss he has less multiplex audience, he has verry few fans overseas, i live in Nairobi kenya i watched botth film was suprised to see only 4 or five people in the theatre, but Adhm was almost full.

  • What is better, to give 7 100cr+ movies in 2 yeats with budget of 50-60 cr… or 2 300+ movies with 100-120 cr budget?

  • Shivaay what a pathetic crap…not a single moment in the movie u can connect with emotions….the direction worst…ajays acting same as singham when he gets angry..

  • To all foolish srk fans….
    Does any hv answer about srk manipulation of hny right from first day itself to its lifetime collections…..its actual collection was not abv 160cr…….@sss..@javed…@xzone…..if u hv little shame left then answer me u foolish people……

  • I don’t care which movie won but today I see SHIVAY it is excellent movie I don’t know what the fans want which type movie they like if movie is comedy then director want more and more funny scene but when movie based on action then director want a lot of action. Why u hate SHIVAY

  • Hypocrite KABARIWALAs are blabbering on Shivaay’s manipulation….while their gigastar’s HNY’s opening day footfalls>>>>> Shivaay opening day collections…. LOL.

  • @4:08pm

    See, all the KABARIWALAs are quoting BOI figures for Shivaay….that’s mean KABARIWALAs believe only BOI figures not producers. And FYI according BOI PRDP opening day>>>>>>>>HNY opening day.

  • Salman fans and ajay fans are saying wait for monday tuesday etc…For what??? Shivaay is a big disaster…Manupulation king ajay started his duty…

  • ADHM IS the worst movie after baar baar dekho. it is as meaningless as bbd was.
    useless mindpass film which nobody will like will crash despite indicines rave reviews !!

    watch my prediction come true

  • @maratha,now the condition of koyla yards and lallutards is just like—-tadap tasap Kar ees dil se aag nikal ti Rahi,mujhko Sajaa do paap ki,aisa Kya gunah kiya ,hum lut gaye ,hum lut gaye.

    Abey bheekari ka fan,if HNY didn’t crossed 200CR than how can your lallu’s prdp crossed even 200CR?????,ROFL.if you’re blabbering about,then go there and check verdict.HNY IS SUPER HIT and prdp is only hit,rofl.

    Rona dhona band Kar aur Chal bhaag yahan se.

    @tiger-the real bheekari,a bey bheekari rikshawala ,if WE did manipulation then what about prdp ,be ganwarr?????,rofl.kyun tera bhai manipulation kiya,bol.

    kick difference—-21cr(233cr,212cr)
    prdp difference—-19cr(194cr,214cr)

    Answer nahi Hoga eeska saayad tere pass,rofl.tight slap in your face.

    Toh chal thik hain WE’RE allowing your koyla ‘s producer figure ,but let him to recover his production cost.bheeakri Hain koyla,aukat se bahar Hain.a b itna mat chat aur dafa ho jaa yahan se.

  • So much hatred for a legend who gave us shahid bhagat singh zakhm who never sigh away from experimenting. For what for a crap like adhm. My gosh. Ajay an insecured person how come he did second fiddle to amitabh salman aamir in the height of his career still come up with his own n never let the lead out class him. Be it ishq deewangi al the best he does everything action comedy emotion what else u want. He made most insignificant role in raajneeti so relevant with his brooding eyes. Common haters get a life get out of popcorn dramas go watch rays dog day afternoon n oldboy for ur self councelling for ur own evolution of thoughts about good movies. Well all is not lost i believe in good cinema n i have trust in viewers intelligence. I m sure monday will narrow the gap n by next week shivaay will take a lead. Life time will definenetely b on the shivaay’s side. N lets not put one of the legend of hindi cinema on a bad light atleast not infront of beggars like krk.

  • both of the movie wll get FLOP.
    ADHM -92 crores
    Shivaay- 120 crores.
    do you guys think,both the films will earn it back easily??
    i dnt think so.

  • Best movie in last decade… Again fantastic acting by aj n surly will dominate Adhm like bajirao has beaten dilwale… n also wom of shivaay is as sky high superb.. N Adhm wom is very negative as of my knowledge in gujarat every theatres single screens and multiplex I have only seen house full board in all shivaay shows n in Adhm shows are very empty… So how some analysts of collection are showing shivaay collection in Lower side is very big question and every people are in the side of Sir aj and shivaay..

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