Shivaay, ADHM Saturday (Day 2) Box Office Collections

‘Shivaay’ and ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ sustained at opening day levels on Day 2 at the box office. The Ajay Devgn starrer held on above the 10 crore mark, while the Karan Johar directed film collected Rs 13 crore at the box office.

The trend is normal for ‘Pre-Diwali’ releases, as Krrish 3 (similar release period 3 years ago) had also shown a small drop on its second day. Sunday too will be affected by ‘Laxmi Pooja’, but collections do tend to show an upwards trend evening onwards.

Monday (tomorrow) is the biggest day for film business in the year. In the last three years, all three films have surpassed the 35 crore mark. Krrish 3 in 2013 recorded the highest single-day collections of all time, Happy New Year and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo also set all-time single day records. So it remains to be seen if ‘Shivaay’ and ‘ADHM’ can take advantage of the big holiday and put up big numbers on Monday.

Currently, the gap between the two films is Rs 6.1 crore. ‘Shivaay’ is the costlier film and has under-performed in the last two days, so its total has to draw level with ‘ADHM’ on Monday and sneak ahead in the ‘Post Diwali’ period. There are two 2 weeks before the release of ‘Rock On 2’ (which has no buzz), so there is enough time if the films manage to find acceptance amongst the audience.

Day 110.2413.303.06
Day 210.0613.103.04
Day 417.3517.750.40
Day 511.0513.031.98
Day 67.407.630.23
Week 1 Total70.41 cr80.19 cr9.78 cr
Day 84.614.56-0.05
Day 95.405.850.45
Day 107.086.55-0.53
Day 112.502.550.05
Day 121.902.350.45
Day 130.901.510.61
Day 140.601.300.70
Week 2 Total22.99 cr24.67 cr1.68 cr
Total93.40 cr104.86 cr11.46 cr


  • Before release every Ajay fan was bashing Indicine for predicting the buzz of adhm to be equivalent to that of one of the most anticipated movie of year.
    Don’t dare to consider ajay even a star.Because the clash has been so embarrassing for fan base of any actor in Bollywood history.
    Better hang your heads in shame.

  • ADHM budget 75-80crs..

    Recovery so far..
    satellite+music+digital etc.. 45Crs+

    domestic share for 2 days- 13Crs
    overseas share for 2 days- 12Crs
    Total- 70Crs

    ADHM needs hardly 10 more crores to recover all cost which ll be done today from dom&overseas…

    whatever collections it’ll do tomorrow onwards in domestic as well as in overseas will be total profit…

    already HIT

  • Ajay Devgn on a rampage of manipulation.
    Everything about this guy is unethical, right from his cheap antics to bring others/others’ movies down to manipulating collections.
    Your movie has been destroyed, you better stick to selling Vimal Pan Masala.

  • Adhm lifetime will b 125-140cr India 230-260cr overseas. my post release prediction for Dhoni rustom dishoom mohenjodaro sultan all came true. This one will also b correct

  • Adhm for sure! All sites including guessing for shivaay but karan johar and ranbir win the clash. Litterate people supported the film as MNS and few bjp illetrates tried but failed

  • Adhm lifetime will b 125-140cr India 230-260cr worldwide. my post release prediction for Dhoni rustom dishoom mohenjodaro sultan all came true. This one will also b correct

  • ADHM will win the Clash
    People didn’t accept Dark Thriller Shivay on Deewali
    It had already predict that ADHM will win

  • Small correction, PRDP had no highest single day collection as it couldn’t break the HNY collection of its first day..

  • generally mass audience don’t prefer to watch a movie in pre diwali period bcoz of working & laxmi Pooja. so shivaay collection little down. but from Monday shivaay will pick up and over take crap Adhm. shivaay wom is positive. wait n watch

  • shivay easily beat adhm on Sunday . adham response negative by people u can see on book my show 60% like and for shivay 75% likes it’s shows all so no need to worry. happy for shivaay and for adham to lol..

  • As I said I watched shivaay yesterday at e square, Pune … It was morning show…
    my short review
    No doubt movie is one time watch…
    What I feel is movie Length which disappointed me alot… 2hr 50 min is too long which u need very good product…
    That what miss in this movie…
    Last year for same reason prdp turnout average product …that time prdp reduced film length in 2nd week…
    I heard that today ajay took quick action and reduce film length for 10 min which is good for film….
    Taking about movie 1st half…
    Yes it’s refreshing showing mountain… His life then small love story… Father daughter relationship…some action scenes…
    1st half was very good…
    Then 2nd half started and u feel like u r watching taken movie… Too many scenes were drag like car chasing scenes, action scenes… Some emotional scenes… Happy ending and finished movie…
    At the end I’m disappointed with film Length only…that is what I didn’t like
    U r living in this fast generation… People are smart now they want good products
    3hr long movie era almost finished … It didn’t work without excellent products…
    Overall it’s average movie… One time watch movie ….now film reduce to 10 min u can watch this movie now…
    It’s little bit different movie… U can watch it for once…
    So my rating for shivaay 3/5 ….

  • Shivay will lead from Monday as adhm has nothing to offer same romcom a forced triangular love story Aishwarya hardly appeared for few vulgar scenes otherwise the movie has nothing strictly no time watch. Shivay should win by big margin because after Bajrangi Bhaijaan the only film which has a strong emotional story to say. Action sequences are awesome & Ajay sir has given his career best performance a must watch one for all. Shivay all the way this Diwali Shivay Wali.

  • Public is not fool as Ajay , actually KRK is real and he won the clash against him already and ADHM is clear winner

  • Another manipulation from ajay devgn. My respect for this guy is decreasing day by day.
    Such a low hearted person and a bad film-maker. He left no stone unturned to degrade #adhm and still see the results.
    #ADHM has already won the class :)
    #Shame on Ajay Devgn

  • in india ADHM is winning it and overseas ajay can’t evan imagine to fight with ADHM digaster of the year . welcome back ranbir on the league again . one of the best actor in his generation

  • Legend Devgn Will Take it to 100 cr just like he Son of sardar, Singham, Bol bacchan. hoping 20 cr manipulation at the end of the run..Real lifetime will be just 80 despite diwali holidays…Stardom are best!

  • Stardom at best**

    Ajay starting doing 1 movie thinking he will get big business, but result..drishym -65 (best movie of his career with 8.9 imdb)

    and than shivay 80 cr (best trailer)

    I salute this guy…be an actor boy..just a suggestion.

  • When did Prdp set single day record? BOI
    anyway the last ‘excellent’ bollywood movie released in Deewali was Veer Zaara. Since then all craps!!!

  • Sometimes we fans who visit indicine we should respect @Indicine team knowledge, before release of #Mohenjodaro when they predicted lesser than 20cr for openning hritik fans abuse indicine same thing happened during Shivaay.Srk fans did the same for Fan, iam abit baised but i think we Akkians show most respect to Indicine.

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