Shirish Kunder Slap Incident: Facts

According to director Shirish Kunder, the below article by Subhash K Jha, are the real facts on the incident.

Disclaimer: This article is sourced from Times of India and does not contain our views on the incident.

It was a fight that had a long history to it. On Sunday night-Monday Morning at the Aurus restaurant in the suburbs of Mumbai,Sanjay Dutt hosted a party to celebrate the success of his Agneepath role and film.

Guests were having a ball when at around 4.30 am Shah Rukh Khan entered the venue straight after the Filmfare awards with three bodyguards. According to eyewitnesses he was apparently in an inebriated condition.

Soon, he headed towards filmmaker Shirish Kunder and roughed him up.

Says an eyewitness, “We didn’t know what was happening. We saw SRK enter. Then we saw him head towards Shirish from behind the director. SRK pulled Shirish down to the ground by his long hair. We were all shocked. We had never seen SRK behave this way before. Before anyone could react Baba Dewan the owner of Aurus ran in and intervened. SRK told Dewan to keep out . Dewan said the place belonged to him and he must intervene. The fight would’ve been prolonged had Sanjay Dutt not pulled SRK away from the ugly scene.”

The shell-shocked Kunder apparently left immediately. We tried to probe the cause for Shah Rukh’s provocation.

Says a source close to Kunder, “Shah Rukh was smarting since Kunder made a sarcastic comment on SRK’s Ra.1 when it released.But the immediate provocation was apparently a comment that Kunder made about SRK and Priyanka Chopra at the party that SRK overheard.But that is hogwash. Kunder didn’t say anything about Priyanka. Why would he? Everyone was there to celebrate a success, not to create ugliness. ”

Kunder and Shah Rukh have a history , of course. Kunder’s wife Farah Khan was one of Shah Rukh’s closest friends. They fell out a year back. Kunder, we believe, faced the brunt of SRK’s pent-up wrath at Dutt’s party.

Farah who was shooting all night for Bela Sehgal’s Shirin Farhah Ki Nikal Padi got to know of the fight only when she returned home in the morning.

Shocked and hurt Farah says, “Shah Rukh has always told me that physical abuse is the worst way to sort out a problem,and that it means the person who’s hitting has either a personal or professional crisis going on.It saddens me to see him doing the same.”

A theory doing the rounds is that Sanjay Dutt too joined Shah Rukh to bash up Shirish Kunder.

Rubbishing this rumour Dutt told me, “I didn’t join in the fight. I sorted out the fight between Shah Rukh and Kunder.”

Article source: Times of India



  • SRK the king… after this incident i love u more…. eye to eye nail to nail….The badshah is back…… beware salman…dont come in his way…

  • Fun Fact: Shirish allowed SRK to slap him because he was bored of tag that ”Farah khan’s husband”
    But tomorrow international news paper that say ” The guy who was slapped by King Khan”…
    Nobody know shirish.poor guy.

  • Big srk fan,but he shouldnt use violence because he is such a role model for everyone and respected and admired worldwide.hes downgraded himself using violence and fighting with a nobody like shirish…

    ohk guys jus for laufs ,,,Srk should vent his pent up frustratiion in the washroom….hehheh…………

  • Very nice to read an article, where you get all the informations correctly and not a rumour.
    This article shows what really happened and not what people are spreading about.

  • Well we can’t say what is true or false, this article can be true… and 50% true 50% false… all this srk seesh fight allow salman srk fans to fight over internet lol… i will never see this stardom aagain ever in my life… srk does anyting salman fans become active… once salman gives any HIT… salman khan fans start spreading hypes etc.. and they feel proud…. bollywood will never produce this srk salman amir ting ever again…

  • Iam very very very happppppyyyyyy since i heard this news .

    The only elephant our industry must beat the sick and loser barking dogs .
    This is the real king , he did not write crap things in twitter but he faces idiot ones eye to eye .
    So salman , aamir and even indicine team become care full or the king will beat very hard.

    Well done SRK , we love you what ever you did coz you are legend.

  • My respect for salman has doubled since this incident. Imagine Salman in place of Srk and the whole world would have made salman a monster and nobody here even saying that SRk did wrong. SRk himself make a lot of painfull comments on other actors and actresses on each and every award function that he hosts and now if somebody said about him, he got Junglee. I think SRk was frustrated because he didn’t win any award in the filmfare function and then went to sanjays party and saw mr kunder and roughed him up. I think Farah is right in saying that Srk either has a professional or personal crises going on. Let see whats going on.

    1) Despite spending 150crs he was unable to beat the record of his arch rival Salman. Ra1 bombed and didn’t even break the ready’s record in India. while salman gave 3 back to back 100+ blockbusters.
    2) SRks don2 which was a much beter movie again couldn’t break the record of even Ready.
    3) Farah Khan talking about making next movie with Salman.
    4) Salman enters the YashRaj camp and does Ek Tha Tiger.
    5) Karan says he wants to work with salman.
    6) Srk knopws that next 2 salman movies are sure shot blockbusters (Ek tha tiger, Dabang2).
    7) Mr kunder using even better technology and shooting JOKER with real 3d cameras as compared to RA1.
    8)Farhan akhtar wishes to work with salman khan.
    9)His IPL team did very bad in all IPLs so far.
    10) he is not getting enough fan following in masses.
    11) Most important SRk losing both popular as well as Critics filmfare awards to Ranbir.
    and many more…..

  • Did Shah Rukh Khan
    beat Shirish Kunder? Was Shah
    Rukh Khan provoked? What
    was host Sanjay Dutt doing
    when the skirmish took place? Loads of questions but has the
    answers… Shirish Kunder was
    thrashed by Shah Rukh Khan at
    Sanjay Dutt’s party held on
    Sunday night at a trendy watering hole in Mumbai’s
    Juhu area. SRK had just finished hosting
    the much delayed Filmfare
    Awards at Film City, when he
    decided to drop in for Sanju
    Baba’s success party of
    Agneepath. Shirish Kunder had already downed a large
    quantity of alcohol and was on
    the offensive with other
    guests, much before SRK made
    his appearance. Sanju baba
    was aware of this state. Once the director saw the
    superstar, he started his
    provocation. Said an eye
    witness, “SRK was provoked
    no less than 5 times, before he
    was given the go ahead by Sanjay Dutt, and SRK landed his
    first punch….” Others say that
    Sanju too got into the fray and
    gave a few blows to Shirish,
    before he was pulled back by
    his cronies. That Shirish is not a popular
    guy in tinsel town and most
    tolerate him because he is the
    hubby of Farah Khan, is a
    known fact. And Shirish who
    tweeted after seeing Ra.One “I just saw a 150 crore firework
    “fizzle”, was already in SRK’s
    bad books. While SRK known for his calm
    composure and also for the
    fact that he walks away from
    any form of provocation, must
    have been struck on a raw
    nerve to explode like this, say his close friends. So on the weekend that
    Bollywood saw its first hit at
    the box office, it also saw star
    fireworks off the screen…
    After all, how can a Khan stay
    away from the limelight when there is a “hit”’

  • Ram Gopal Verma visits Aurus lounge
    with special team.He now
    wants to make a movie based
    on the attack.( KHA.ONE VS JOKER )

  • Actor Shah Rukh Khan
    reportedly beat up
    scriptwriter/director Shirish
    Kunder, the husband of once
    his close friend and director
    Farah Khan, at a party thrown on Sunday night in Mumbai by
    actor Sanjay Dutt to celebrate
    the success of his film
    After the Shah Rukh-Salman
    brawl at Katrina Kaif’s birthday bash in 2008, Khan
    again finds himself involved in
    a public fight. The grapevine is
    abuzz about Khan having
    punched Kunder at Dutt’s party
    at a lounge bar in the city. The bust up is said to have
    occurred late at night when an
    irked Khan allegedly roughed
    up his former friend’s
    husband, who has been very
    vocal against the film star. According to reports, an
    inebriated Kunder was
    following Khan around and
    even entered the bathroom
    with him. An irritated Khan
    then allegedly pinned him to a sofa and punched and abused
    him. Despite repeated
    attempts Khan remained
    unavailable for comment.
    According to sources Dutt who
    had to intervene and separate the two, also slapped Kunder
    for allegedly sending lewd
    messages to his wife Manyata
    and for misbehaving with a
    girl at the party. Farah and
    Kunder spoke about the incident in a statement but
    denied they were going to
    pursue the matter with police.
    Kunder took to his Twitter
    account to say: “Thanks for all
    your concern & wishes. We are very grateful. Contrary to
    rumours, we have no intention
    of filing a FIR or police
    Meanwhile Farah Khan’s
    statement on the incident is as follows: “Shah Rukh has
    always told me that physical
    abuse is the worst way to sort
    out a problem and that it
    means the person who’s
    hitting has either a personal or professional crisis going on
    and it saddens me to see him
    doing the same.”
    Khan had joined the party late
    at night after hosting the 57th
    Idea Filmfare Awards with Ranbir Kapoor. Once very good
    friends, Farah choreographed
    Khan in several of his films and
    directed him in ‘Main Hoon
    Naa’ and ‘Om Shanti Om’ but
    their friendship soured after she cast Akshay Kumar in ‘Tees
    Maar Khan’ in 2010. They tried
    to patch things up later but
    Kunder took potshots at Khan
    at the time of the release of
    his dream project RA.One. The actor’s enmity with
    Kunder apparently stems from
    the days when he refused to
    do his film ‘Joker’. Kunder,
    who also once used to be close
    to Khan, occasionally blasts the actor on his twitter page,
    recently calling his sci-fi
    ‘Ra.One’ “a 150 cr firework
    fizzle”. Two of the celebrities
    present at the party, however,
    came out in support of Khan, saying Kunder had it coming.
    “Shahrukh is supr rockin..
    Good he gave it 2 shirish.
    people shud learn 2 b grateful
    to king khan, aftrall he has
    been so supportive 2 farah. Glad@iamsrk told shirish off n
    put him in place. srk has done
    so much 4 farah. they shud b
    grateful n not abusing srk
    (sic),” Ameesha Patel tweeted.
    “I was present at Sanj’s party & Without Any Bias I Fully
    Support Shah Rukh (sic),”
    celebrity photographer Dabboo
    Ratnani tweeted.
    IANS reported: Apparently,
    while guests were having a ball, at around 4:30 am, Shah
    Rukh entered the venue
    straight after the Filmfare
    awards with three of his
    bodyguards. According to
    eyewitnesses, he headed towards Kunder and roughed
    him up.
    “We didn’t know what was
    happening. We saw SRK enter.
    Then we saw him head
    towards Shirish from behind the director. SRK pulled Shirish
    down to the ground by his
    long hair. We were all
    shocked. We had never seen
    SRK behave this way before,”
    said an eyewitness. “Before anyone could react,
    Baba Dewan, the owner of
    Aurus, ran in and intervened.
    SRK told Dewan to keep out.
    Dewan said the place belonged
    to him and he must intervene. The fight would’ve been
    prolonged had Sanjay Dutt not
    pulled SRK away from the ugly
    scene,” the eyewitness added.
    Kunder apparently left

  • LOL! Surprised at SRK fans for defending his act! No matter how much unpleasantness is there, violence is not justified. I am sure, these SRK fans would have reacted completely differently had some other star like Salman had done this!
    Shameful to defend such a wrong act, from a man of his age and stature! No defense. Just despicable.

  • M nt saying tht fght is a gud thng…but if sme1 kep cmntng on thn he shud be thrashd lyk ts..luv u srk…bawre amir nw its ur turn…

  • now it’s clear from the news appearing in times of india and indian express that srk was provoked by shirish, and some people are saying that srk was drunk, it’s not possible because he came straight from filmfare awards. According to indian express, srk was in conversation with guests that how 2011 was good year to him to which shirish passed some nasty remarks about srk and that proved srk. So what srk did to shirish is absolutely right kyunki laato ke bhoot baaton se nahi maante. We the fans of srk are with him.

  • @ ramya….salman hits people for no reason but srk did this because he was provoked…this is the difference betwn srk and mallu.

  • Srk shud have done this kind of thg during the
    release of Ra1..
    faltu mei hi poora saaal promotion karta raha …
    aur logo ka time barbaad karta raha …
    yaha 1 din mei itni publicity ho gayi …
    Agar ye uss waqt kiya hota to shayad ra1 chal

  • Hahahahahaha…..After too many flops by shrish He finally got a hit.
    Breaking News:Shahrukh finally gave a Flop Director a Hit!

  • i am salman bhai fan ,

    those who r saying that shrish kunder is flop director or he did it bcoz to get publicity….then next release film joker is on 30 august 2012 will be hit…..then next release film common man starring amitabh bacchan will be good hit………then next year 2013 his film! kick! will be all time blockbuster n will break recors bcoz it stars the real box office king or number one of bollywood….one n only salman bhai…….so don’t say shrish kunder is nothing………..we bhai fans completley support shrish kunder against the most jealous , arrogant , insecure actor of decade srk……shrish u rock man

  • Agneepath has collected 8 crores on Monday which is excellent and taking its 5 day total to 75 crores nett in India.

  • this proves what a kind of ghatia person SRK is …. he has a no of fans and his fans are not accepting the truth. but dis is true …. both of his movies did not do as expected at the box office…. giving bad comment on RA.ONE wats wrong with dat…. SRK ki wajah se humara paisa barbad hua hai RA.ONE dekh ke ….
    saare industry wale milkar srk ko laat bhuse maarne chahiye….. fu..k u SRK

  • dont act like mrs..shrish kunder…….dont copy others article and dont judge right or wrong unless you r absolute sure…

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