Pics: SRK – Shirish Kunder – Sanjay Dutt

Some exclusive pictures before and after the incident, clicked by our very own photographers! Have a look!

Shirish at Sanjay Dutt's Party
Shirish Kunder at Sanjay Dutt’s Agneepath Party
Shirish at Sanjay Dutt's Party
Shirish Kunder – SRK controversy: Before the success party
Shahrukh Khan at Sanjay Dutt's Bash
Shahrukh Khan at the Agneepath Bash after Filmfare Awards
Shahrukh Khan at Sanjay Dutt's Bash
Shahrukh Khan – Shirish Kunder Pictures
SRK at Sanjay Dutt's Party
Shahrukh Khan – Shirish Kunder Pictures
Sanjay Dutt with SRK at the Bash
Shahrukh Khan – Shirish Kunder Pictures
Sanjay Dutt with SRK at the Bash
Shahrukh Khan – Shirish Kunder Pictures
Sanjay Dutt and Shahrukh Khan at the Bash
Shahrukh Khan – Shirish Kunder Pictures
Shahrukh Khan at Sanjay Dutt's Bash
SRK – Shirish Kunder Pics

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  • I love Srk more now…wah wah, I am impressed..I wish I could get the punching scene on DVD. I would have watched it day and night. Shirish deserved it.

  • I think this their private affair, it in no way us doesn’t concern. And here the Farah has precisely decided to advance on it the new film. Only I explain these its behavior. God to it the judge.

  • suresh desesrves it n srk doesnot want farah khan to cast him in her films dats farah who wants srk to give her more blockbusters………..srk rulessssss nd suresh just wanted to get publicity by commenting on ra one…………….who is suresh ny one knows……………… one…………………now dis incident will surely give somwe publicity to suresh yes the one who got slapped by sssssssssssssrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk………….soooooooooo lucky suresh srk touched youuuuuu……..

  • What a great news…..Don2 ka hit mein jitna khus nahin tha,ish news mein utna hoon…Next time srk should slap alvira(salman sister who hav given ra one joke to amir).

  • jab pairons ke nihce se dhartiaur actors ke hathons se awards phisalne lageto yehi hota hai. srk is feeling insecure thus his reaction.poor srk the way down the ladder is always very hard .

  • if u want to make fun of someone make it on his face and not behind him and that’s what shirish kunder did with srk….shirish deserved what he did, before making fun he should have known that srk and farah are very good friends and shirish himself is responsible for this.

  • @Meera ..baat smj mein aai nai or bkwas keay jaa rai ho.shirish deserve this okay awards to srk ko milty rahengy

  • its shocking how people are supporting physical violence! Lets see if tomorrow one of the celebs,whom SRk made fun of(there are plenty,look at any award show hosted by him),comes up and beats him…I am not so sure that anyone would say that SRK deserved it.

  • Slap jokes:
    1.With his swollen face, Shirish will now come at Being Hanuman t-shirts.
    2.Shirish was bored of a tag that ”farah khan’s husband” so he allowed SRK to slap him.
    New tag is ”The guy who was slapped by SRK.
    3.Two back to back flop,shirish finally has hit.congrats.

  • In my country pakistan, people love shah rukh khan,don 2, my name is khan, and Ra one are blockbuster hit in our canimas, this news shows suresh is jealous and deserve more slaps and blows love you srk.

  • srk is vary lucky for everyone in bollywood salman ne 16 flop diye aur Srk se ladne ke baad hit hua.
    shirish is flop director
    srk se lad kar publicity hasil karna chahte hai shirish. after that everybody know who is shirishkunad.
    har koi srk ke naam ka sahara lena chahta hai. aamir-salman-alvira-shirishkunad: sab ki zuban par ek hi naam “SHAHRUKH;,,
    shahrukh is great…

  • srk we love you and this ugly and ungratfull shirish and wife just put theire self on a sorry plight after this incident!!!we love you all over the world i m from morocco and i began to love bollywood because of you ,god bless you

  • SRK is such a cheap guy …. when bhansali
    released saawariya against om shanti om SRk
    faught with him….
    when farah signed akshay for TMK SRK faught
    with her.
    Saman made a cameo for SRK in OMSHANTI OM
    but when salman requested SRK to do dat in
    main aur mrs khanna SRK refused and faught
    with him.
    fighting with AMIR KHAN is a day to day activity
    for him….
    in 2007-08 when akshay was giving back to back
    hits SRK gave bad comments against him…
    why dis man can’t digest other’s happiness and
    success…. poor guy shame on SRK

  • Whatever it is, everyone knows that SRK rules Bollywood. Ya physical assault is not accepted by SRK but shirish desrves it. Coming to RA one, SRK has always tried different things and this makes him top actor in bollywood. “Atleast he knows acting, doesn’t show off like salman. Baba your gem of a person, no comments for you.Tc.

  • Whatever happened I was not there, ya but physical assault was not expected bt SRK. Everyone knows that SRK rules bollywood because he always tries different things in his movies. Really speaking SRK has given a Hollywood taste to film industry with RA One & DON2. “Atleast he knows acting, and not just to show off like…?” Baba you are gem of a person and I really look forward you being a super star, so no comments.

  • Hahahahahaha…..After too many flops by shrish He finally got a hit.
    Breaking News:Shahrukh finally gave a Flop Director a Hit!
    The King Is Back with a Hit…Buaahahahahaha

  • Pictures is showing that after not getting a Filmfare award and can’t digest the success of AGNEEPATH he got drunk and did a cheap activity by putting his hands on someone.

  • that idiot got what he deserves. as for agneepath …..Fantastic movie. Hrithik and SRK are the best actors of bollywood. unlike salman their boxoffice success is backed they actual talent.

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