Shahrukh tweets picture of Aryan with AbRam

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan tweeted a picture of his two sons, Aryan and Abram. The actor is known to keep his fans updated on his personal life by regularly posting pictures of his three children, especially his youngest Abram.

Shahrukh wrote “Sometimes you have to let Life turn you upside down, so you can learn how to live, rite side up. Or Big Brother is always there”

Big brother is always there SRK tells AbRam

Big brother is always there SRK tells AbRam



  • hahahaha… Awesome Picture
    Best of Luck For Dil Waale, i know King Khan will destroy the magnum opus of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Ranveer Monkey.

  • awwwwww Abram is sooooo aawwwwwdorable…. just wanna kidnap him and kissing him all over…..kind i? i dont thing so……SRK is so lucky ….he has everything in this life…..wealth, goodlook, very beautiful family……kids……unlike other star at 50 still virgin OMG! cant believe it

  • Shahrukh, Amir & Saif ahead on Salman because they become father of young Childrens. Salman still not prove he was MARD?

  • Wow..they are the cutest father Son pair in Bollywood.Hrithik’s sons too are very adorable.Aryan somewhat looks like Shekhar’s father Ra1..wish the family all the happiness in the World.
    Our good wishes are always with you

  • Good, Aryan!! Keep it up but don’t follow your dad’s chain smoking and drinking habit!! Not good! bu follow your mom!! A good lady!

    Going by the logic of a certain hyderabadi mechanic, we have every right to call Aryan Papa’s talent less expressionless boy. He has zero talent but become famous of her notorious papa.

    Abram will be a family rebel because he was born in an unnatural way. There are certain mental effects on the children born in unnatural way.

  • Just look at this Super and Natural Talented Boys of GLOBAL MEGASTAR.Hopefully Aryan Khan will Rule the next Generation like HIS FATHER and definitely ABRAM will RULE with out any doubt as from HIS BIRTH ,HE becomes more popular star than local stars like salman/amir.

    But and after comparing these 2 BOYS with HIS FATHER’S childhood photos,then after I found Aryan was the cutest kid during His childhood followed by ABRAM and KING KHAN.

  • @ shahenshah yes u right Srk , Akki , Ajay , Hrithik , Aamir real mard of bollywood other actor has to prove he is real mard .

  • @shahenshah wow what a logic if u have not married then u are not mard what a logic by paglapurian as salman has more girlfreinds than srk,s heroines.

  • Bhai fans are super jealous of srk .
    because their bhai is still unmarried at
    the age of 50 what a shame !!!!

    Btw, both are cute ..respect …!!!
    Srk has everything….!!!
    unlike bhai doesn’t have a single child
    too much fun ??

  • All these stories and pictures of SRK are getting boring now. ?
    @indicine, please update welcome back weekend collection.

  • Ultrasound etc etc
    Modi & APJ Abdul Kalaam both are not show off personality
    Salman is big show off specially charity & mardangi but still he not become father

  • @anand_bhojpuri,till now Aryan bhai didn’t debuted then when you already judged His Acting?????don’t think Him as a talentless papa’s boy like your lallulal who till now couldn’t give a single good expression and depends upon Harshali to get Hits.before Aryan joinined the industry you started your insecurity,just wait and watch How He’ll make His debut and will insert a big khamba inside your big dirty mouth you 2rs rikshawala mindless taporis,ROFL.

  • Gauri-Aamir Fan..
    Aryan-Hrithk Fan..
    Suhana-Salman Fan…
    Abram-Legendary Tushar Kapoor Fan
    Srk- madar,,chhod na yar :p

  • I had always restricted myself commenting or say bashing on family related articles. But some Srk fans are so obsessed with Salman that they can’t resist bringing his name even on Srk kids article. If any neutral fan read he can easily make out Srk fans are in shock due to Salman n started comments about him even on such articles. And those who are talking about Mard & Mardangi, try sending your GFs to Salman you will know about it !!!!!!!

    Too much fun !!!!!!

  • Sorry Master Aryaan n AbRam Khan. I had to comment non related things on your article thanks to cheap fans of your dad n cheap behavior of your father who inspires such fans !!!!!!!!

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