Deepika Padukone to launch her ‘mental health’ foundation in October

Actress Deepika Padukone, who has personally been a victim of depression, says she is planning to launch her foundation dedicated to addressing the issue of mental health on October 10 — World Mental Health Day.

“Mental health is what I’m looking at from a cause point of view. And we will be launching next month and October 10 is World Mental Health Day and that’s the day we’re looking at launching the foundation officially,” said Deepika.

The actress talked about her foundation while addressing media persons at an event here on Friday.

However, the ‘Piku’ actress refrained from divulging any details about her plans for her foundation which is named “Live Love Laugh”.

“But we’ll meet separately for that and we’ll talk to you about the plans on what the foundation is looking at doing over the next couple of years,” she said.

Deepika had launched the logo of her “Live Love Laugh” foundation on Twitter in August.

She had earlier said that her “fight against depression” prompted her to set up an institute to address mental health among Indians.



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  • I love her attitude.She never speaks ill about any of his contemporaries and is always level-headed unlike Kangana who it seems is on a different post the success of TWMR

  • I always felt that she is just physically beautiful but not mentally (As a publicity-hungry freak she he has a knack of creating unnecessary controversies to stay in the limelight for her own selfish purposes and also she suffers from some kind of attitude problem) , now that she is doing something good let’s hope that it does a world of good to her drama queen like attitude in return.

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  • Deepika “a victim of depression”

    who told you to work with shahcook?

    Look at jacqueline she is always happy and energetic

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  • @2:13pm

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    Hypocrisy stinks- use media when they want free publicity but when they dont exposure they they want privacy- media is 24/7 business so they need celebs 24/7- deepika knows this so should have just stayed quiet but the drama queen in her wanted more headlines so blew things out of proportion…!

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    Some are still suffering from the effects of Diwali 2012….!

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