Shahrukh Khan’s short visit to Mumbai: Photos

Shahrukh Khan made a short visit to Mumbai on Saturday and returned back to Dubai to join the cast and crew of his next film ‘Happy New Year’.

The actor was in Mumbai for just a few hours. He tweeted “Back to Dubai.. short visit to Mumbai.. touch and go. Shoot coming to an end.. another dream’s first schedule wrapping soon.”

His director Farah Khan was happy to have him back on the sets. She tweeted “Can’t believe @iamsrk is back even though his shoot’s over!! true love for his crew and above all 4 the Playstation fifa!!”

We spotted Shahrukh at the International Airport in Mumbai. Photos below. Have a look.

Shahrukh returns from Dubai

Shahrukh returns from Dubai

SRK returns to Mumbai

SRK returns to Mumbai

Shahrukh with his bodyguard

Shahrukh with his bodyguard

SRK returns from Happy New Year shoot

SRK returns from Happy New Year shoot



  • Like always… Looking dashing shahrukh.
    D heartthrob of millions… Hope u wil deliever ur best in hny… All d best to whole cast n crew.
    M quite excited.but u shd do atleast 2 films per year… Wanna cherish ur movies more.

  • @V SHANTARAM no one made him a star…..coming from a poor family in touch with the industry ..he made it of his own……..without any god father… ulimate self made man ……RESPECT “THE KING” who made bollywood globally famous

  • Short visit to Mumbai……Touch and go then why returned ? Looks like he forgot his Lungi at his home and Dubai’s heat made him uncomfortable so he made this short visit.Now Dubai people will get to see the Lungi

  • Nipun Bhai why you hate us I am the biggest fan of SRK and Hritik. Chennai express does-227cr Krrish3 will do 250cr

  • @sakhi. well said
    @tangori. dude come on. there s no need to ask him. the problem with us is we defend our king SRK when these people start their useless and unwarranted comments on every page. so they don’t like that. ask them to stop that and we would stop as well

  • @Tangori:i amn’t saying about all the srkfans.but some of them like sahir,syed,ruler and romance express who always polute hro’s article.
    Btw,it’s good to see that u are a fan of hro also.

  • @nipun. Hrithik roshan is a star just bcuz of his father but Sharukh is star bcuz of talent and hardwork. Hrithik is been launched by his father, after string of flops, his father gave him much needed comeback film KMG, after 3 years again his father gave another comeback film krishh. In short, Hrithik is been launched and saved twice by his father. On other hand, Sharukh didnt had chocolate looks, height, muscular body,most importantly hee didnt had relatives frm film fraternity, he didnt have father or mother when he made it in to films for mental support. Sharukh came alone, made contacts by himself, conquered bollywood and now ruling the whole bollywood.

  • Soroop bhai stop criticizing hritik he is the best actor,most handsome in bollywood,hritik and srk rocks Bro chill dude

  • Yeah soroop… No need to criticise him.he too is very humble n kind just like our shahrukh…!!
    N both of dem share a healthy relation.
    I agree roshan senior helped him alot but unlike oder stars(probably lallu khan) it waz his acting which xcelled.

  • @soroop:give me 1 article where i have told anything wrong about your srk.
    But what about your srkians? ?go and see the hro’s article where some srkians are poluting those pages.
    And hrithik is in bollywood just bcuz of his father? ?
    Hrithik is in this industry because of his dedication,hard work and talent.
    There are so many starkids eg.abhishek bachchan,uday chopra whose fathers are much more popular superstar than rakesh.but are they superstars? ?
    Second,taking the role of KMG and krrish is not a joke.that needs hard work and skill.
    Third,their are movies like AGNEEPATH,DHOOM2,Jodha akbar,ZNMD which aren’t roshan’s movie,but still hugely successful both in critics as well as box office.
    Fourth,hrithik has never given a disaster even in his bad phase of life.
    Fifth,okay,hrithik has muscular body and chocolaty face ,so do you think that is enough for becoming a superstar? ?obviously no,otherwise guys like john,aftab who are good looking could have been a superstar.
    Sixth,hrithik’s settled a huge fan following from his 1st movie.
    Seventh,every father wants their kids to become so hrithik acted in KMG,but is doing kmg an easy thing to do? ?hrithik made it successfully.
    Eighth,hrithik is an actor which is blessed with all qualities.more importantly,he has a humble personality and he shares good links with his contemporaries.
    Ninth,he inspires so many indians for dancing which all actors cann’t do.
    Tenth,okay,i don’t deny whatever u said about srk.but when it comes to hrithik,u should know that hrithik is a varsatile and talented actor and have taken so much difficult roles.
    Hrithik is only because of his talent and nothing else.
    I was commenting about those who are always polluting hro’s article.
    There are some srkians,who praise hrithik like gewone,xzone,imam etc.i am happy for them.
    And whatever u think about hro is totally meaningless.

  • Looking so handsome my king . I love u

    Wish u a v.happy years

    @nipun my friend 95% Of SRKians love HRO so much plz forget about the other 5% don’t let them drag u to the hatrd zone. Also there are some hrithik fans who hate SRK but I dont care about them and i still love hrithik. So stay high just like ur idol. he is a gentlman and v.talnted actor . yes his father launched him but it dosent mean he is not talanted.
    also he is so handsome, he is a great dancer and he has an amazing body.
    he has every thing

    he is my 2nd best actor after SRK.

    So ignore and forget those 5% . becuz we don’t love their behaviour too.

    BTW Romance ex is all the 3 khans fan not only SRK

    @soroop calm down my friend. hrithik is a wonderful person.

  • @nipun if giving bigger hit in 2-3 years dosent mean he is superstar. Then rishi kapoor, dharmendra, Rajiv kapoor , govinda, anil kapoor, sunny all will term as a superstar, these stars also gave big hit of year There will be always one superstar. There r 3 guniune superstar dilip kumar, amitabh and shahrukh khan not only because of their bigger hit but their huge fan base across the world. They never let any movie down whether shahenshah, toofan, ra1, jthj etc Some salman fans will come nd say he has big fan base in India. But let me remind them where were same fans during kyu ki, yuvraj, London dreams, janeman. Put srk in those movie and see result. Only Amir is second and hritik is 3rd in terms of fan base.
    I m not against salman hritik or any actor but truth to be told.

  • And hritik is not because of his father but he has tremendous star materials. His father was not among in top 100 actors of all time. He is producer director like anybody else.

  • @gewone:yup.and my as well as my elder bro’s 2nd fav is srk too.but what made me sad was the bad comments on some hro’s article.

  • @Sht: you need to check Twitter, facebook although salman is rarely posting anything on twitter but people like are more then BIG B and others so write anything with logic.

  • @soroop: you are completely lying here, check srk KBC when he was hosted Salman-Katrina and a show in UK with Salman go to YOUTUBE you will find out who helped him in early days.

  • I dont know why HR and SRK fans fight ……we love both of them,when both are best friends then whats the reason to hate any one of them
    @sachin11…again a BONGI…………get well soon…….

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