Response to Besharam more negative than positive: Ranbir

In an interview to Indian Express, Ranbir Kapoor was confident enough to say that the response to his upcoming film Besharam, directed by Abhinav Kashyap, has been more negative than positive.

“We are aware that not only the music but the overall response is more negative than positive. But I stand by the film and we hope that people will like it in its entirety. It reduces the expectations from a film, providing a chance to surprise the audience.” he said.


When asked if the super-success of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani has helped him crossover to the ‘superstar’ league, Kapoor said that he is arrogant enough to say that he will be a ‘superstar’ in a few years, but now isn’t the time to give him the status that only Amitabh Bachchan and the Khans deserve.

“I want to become a superstar, but for that, I first have to be a super actor. To choose good scripts and work with the right directors is the first step. But more importantly, I need a larger body of work.”

“The word ‘superstar’ these days is used for anybody who delivers a Friday hit. Amitabh Bachchan and the Khans have worked for many years.I am just 14 films and six years old in the industry. I know I’ll achieve it in a few years from now and I’m arrogant enough to say that, but now isn’t the time.”

Besharam releases in theatres on October 2nd 2013.



  • yeah you ri8 but you will see besharam will cross 100 cr some of his haters did not like the trailer, but most others did. So dont worry this is gonna be another hit.

  • The superstar status only bigb and khans deserve! ? ?get well soon ranbir. .
    How can one ignore hrithik? ?2000,2003 and 2006 was hro’s this year it will be k3.

  • Shows he is down to earth and accepts his fate as it is and not fool the public with saying the response it positive like the makers of OUATIMD did

  • amitab bachan as super star. joke of millennium
    its only SALMAN KHAN.
    even though he hasn’t crossed the 3 idiot Mark even after his failed 4 previous attempts. he is super star

  • Rightly said ranbir kapoor. You are the next big thing in bollywood and superstar throne is waiting for you. Eagerly waiting for besharam, and i am sure it will do 180- 210 crs.. So gud luck rk.

  • Indeed, Amitabh Bachchan (4 decades of stardom) and Khans (2 decades of stardom) are ‘Superstars’, and so are Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar.

  • I think Ranbir has tremendous confidence in films content otherwise no body would dare to say such things before film release. Abhinav kashyap is a good director, Dabangg is a good time pass film with average climax. People who had given the entire credit to Salman for Dabangg undertood Abninav kashyap value when Dabangg 2 released. This time I hope Abhinav kashyap gets his due

  • M surprised… N impressed too
    Ranbir has the guts to accept the sour truth and is openly stating it around… Its commendable

  • Still Besharam will do better than PPNH.
    Is there any chance of PPNH becoming a hit?When will you post saturday collections?

  • Salmania, tu abhi bacha hai. Big B is the biggest superstar India has ever produced. Salman Khan does not even come near to the status Big B has held in the industry.

  • only big b and khans ?? even akshay,hrithik and ajay are equally big superstars, btw ranbir you are too much overrated and your downfall begins from besharam. thank god that you accepted the truth.

  • Ranbir is absolutely right the only (True) Super Stars Indian cinema has seen are Dilip Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, and Hritik Roshan and Aamir Khan.

    Big stars like Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar are called Superstars for no reason as they have no inconic monster hits, No ATBB, biggest grosser of the year or even massive overseas HITs.

    Hritikh is a Super Star because he has huge blockbusters and has a humungous BB in Dhoom 2 which held a record.

    Akshay Kumar is a big star who had the ingredients to be an iconic superstar but due to bad scripts and lost the chance.

    Ajay Devgn isn’t even a big star at all his movies get lower openings then Grand Masti, he is an excellent actor but he is not a super star or even a big star. Singham 100cr, Bol Bachchan 100cr and Golmaal solely ran on script sense and opened dismally below 10 crores.

    Ranbir is on course to be a superstar, but I think he has achieved this already.

    True Iconic Superstars. A Tier Actors
    1. Dilip Kumar –
    2. Salman/Shahrukh Khan – .
    3. Amitabh Bachchan –
    4. Dharmendra –
    5. Hritikh Roshan –
    6. Rajesh Khanna –
    7. Aamir Khan –
    8. Sunny Deol –
    9. Vidya Balan
    10. Madhuri Dixit

    Big stars: Who can give a big initial or did in the past. B Tier Actors.
    1. Akshay Kumar
    2. Ranbir Kapoor
    3. Jeetendra
    4. Sanjay Dutt
    5. Anil Kapoor
    6. Rishi Kapoor
    7. Saif Ali Khan
    8. Vinod Khanna

    Stars who can give HITS: C Tier Actors and from no.7 D tier.
    1. Ajay Devgn
    2. Emraan Hashmi
    3. Shahid Kapoor
    4. Imran Khan/Aditya Roy Kapoor
    5. Rajput Sushant
    6. Ranveer Singh
    7. Abishek Bachchan
    8. Ritesh Deshmukh
    9. John Abraham
    10. Arjun Rampal
    11. Akshay Khanna
    12. Arbaaz Khan
    13. Kareena Kapoor

  • Initially did n’t liked the promos of Besharm but the now like it, also the heroine is cute.

    It is modesty of Ranbir, the future superstar.

  • For all those who are underestimating akshay.
    Only actor to do 2000 cr.
    Only actor to givr 6 hits in a year (1994, you can check wikipedia), 2 times 4 hits in a year.,
    500+ cr in 12 months.
    400+ cr in single year.

  • then ask ritesh, vivek , aftab to give same opening as grand masti solely…. And akshay is way better than khans as he always dares to release his films aftr every two months bt still his movies are able to collect more than 70- 80 crors…. Thats really a superstar stuff,isnt it????

  • #akki fans
    aur kitne din?
    After 100 years
    you will say same kind of stuff
    akki has 6 hits on 1994 and 400 cr. In single year lol,
    If srk or salman does 4-5 movies per year they have 5 hits and 700 cr. Per year atleast……
    Be sensible

  • @mrk, absolutely right. Ritesh biggest solo 3.5 cr tere naal love. Viveks highest solo prince 41 aftab solo 1920 4 cr. And even akshay’s flop movie ouatimd collected around 70 cr india. Disaster movie joker collected 30 cr and 8 cr overseas 2 cr music and 15 cr tv rights. Even disaster joker producers recovered their amount of 35cr.

  • I agree with Rabo.

    Only superstars in current generation are the three Khans, Hritik and maybe Ranbir.

    Akshay kumar is a huge star too he has dented his image but can take a good initial in his movies.

    Ajay Devgn is just a star like John Abraham, he is using Masala potboilers to enter the big star league. His movies open well below 12crs all the time. Even his Himmatwala took a 29cr Weekend, Tezz 4cr Weekend, Singham – 28cr Weekend, Bol Bachchan 38cr Weekend and SOS recently raked in 39cr in its weekend (despite hyping against JTHJ). Ajay Devgn is a flop actor always has been and always will be. Look at Satyagraha its lifetime finished lower Than Aamir Khans Talaash (which was also offbeat) SRK MNIK and Salmans Wanted which released in 2009. A superstar is an actor who can generate a weekend over 50crs in 3 Days. Or break opening records like Chennai Express, 3 Idiots, and Salmans last 5 movies did. Or give a record grosser like CE 225, 3 Idiots 202 or Ek Tha Tiger 199.6 or 190cr YJHD or even Dhoom 2 80cr (equivalent to 170cr adjusted for inflation. Ajay is overrated and crap. No charisma what so ever.

  • @imam,khans never do 4 filims in an year,because they are old in nature and unfit and alchaholic,if they do 4 or 5 movies they wouldnt get good scripts they ranked after akshay,akshay is a legent so he can do 4 or 5 filims in an year and all filims recover cost.because he is energetic.remembes salmans mwrrigold collection is only 1 crore and tou considerd him as god of bollywood.akshays every movie collect than marrygolds colection.

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