Shahrukh Khan with Yash Chopra in Ladakh

At ‘The Grand Dragon’ Hotel (Ladakh) Shahrukh Khan and director Yash Chopra were spotted partying.

The cast and crew are currently shooting for the yet-to-be-titled film.

Pictures below. Have a look!



  • shahrukh khan next movie gonna be huge blockbuster,not just block buster,it will be ,ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER…………………..

  • shahrukh khan next movie gonna be huge blockbuster,not just block buster,it will be ,ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER…………………..srk roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • @ROWDY, just think about how to make joker to 100cr club hehe don’t waste ur time here blaming srk coz everyone in the world knows JOKER IS GOING TO BE A BIG DISASTER HAHAHAHA

  • @marz,now who looks more arogant?why you are talking about akki and ‘joker’movie here?you guys are just unbelievable.why you are so jealous about akki?if you cant listen anything bad about srk,dont tell bad about akki.otherwise i will give you answer.

  • Indicine@is yash chopra next is action and romance movie or just romantic movie please tell me

  • @hit, yes i did coz ,rowdy commented bad stuffs that got deleted by indicine which makes u think i commenting against joker simply.
    I have nothing to do with salman , akki and his fans but if they blame srk then i have the right to blame their favorite actors.

  • @emperor, WHAT MAKES THINK HE IS DOING CUNNING STUFFS HERE??!!?? Yash chopra himself gifted this movie to srk, srk did not beg U GOT THAT.

  • srk next not break record
    1 1st day ett
    2. 1 weekend
    3. 1st week
    break record
    2nd weekend
    2nd week

    grosser all time
    lifetime coll
    life coll is 442cr

  • @rowdy kisi bhi actor ka fan nahi hai.woh sirf ek dusre me jhagda lagata hai.aur side se maze leta hai. ignore him.

  • sharukh was no.1 in india as well in overseas for 20 years, now he is no.2 in india but in overseas he is no.1 to no. 10, rest of actors counting begins from no.11

  • Srk next with yash chopra release-13 nov.2012
    chennai express-diwali 2013
    happy new year-december 2013

  • Romour project of srk after happy new year
    2.abbas mastan(action thriller
    3.anurag kashyap
    4.karan johar next

  • all time blockbuster ,best of luck srk and break all records.and best of luck akshay for jocker -zaki khan

  • I am sure yash raj next definitely will beat ETT 2nd day, 3 days and 5 days records except Openning day Record, Openning Week record and Lifetime record.Those are more than away from impossible to beat for YRF.

  • Srk after doing ‘all time greatest classics’ like ra.1 &don 2, is doing a romantic movie with yrf. Yashji had retired from doing movies. srk desperately needs a ‘worthy hit’ so as to save his face and his place from not only salman,aamir,akki,hrithik&ajay but also from young brigade like ranbir,imraan etc. So what does srk do after doing greatest movies like ra.1 & don 2, he goes to yashji, touches his feet, cries at his feet with crocodile tears and begs him like a beggar to make a movie with him. Yashji who was happily retired, took great pity on srk and his children and agreed to make this movie. Poor yashji even at this age cannot live his life in peace and joy, because he has to deal with a person like srk and most of people know what a ‘kind of person’ srk is. It is below my diginty to write about such a ‘ person’ here. But what all srk fans need to understand is that yashji is doing a movie with srk only to resurrect his ‘melting’ career and that too after taking pity on srk’s children and srk’s health.(yes srk’s health keeps deteriorating with each passing day. More than physical, it is his mental health which is of great concern for everyone. He looks visible worn out, weak and tired but his ‘depression,stress and strain’ phase is getting out of control, that’s why these days we see srk doing all sorts of strange things which he never did before and creating some silly,stupid controversies now a days which otherwise ‘streetsmart,witty & cunning’ srk would not have done in his earlier life. Srk despite being a ‘global superstar’, has very few ‘true&real’ friends for support and most of the time he is alone. I have a simply advice for srk, please srk throw away ur arrogance,ego,selfish,greedy attitude and try to remain as humble, as helpful,as friendly and as kind as you can be to others(not for publicity sake but for real) and then see the will regain ur position. I am sure ALLAH(peace be upon him) will bless you with all the success, but before that u really have 2 change ur attitude, behaviour and character. All the best srk and take care of ur health.