I might make Shirin Farhad 2 – Bela Sehgal

Debutant director Bela Sehgal is all smiles about the response to her movie “Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi”, and says she doesn’t rule out making a sequel to the romantic comedy.

“You never know I might make a part two as well,” Sehgal, sister of filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali, told reporters here Saturday.

“Shirin Farhad…”, released Friday, features Boman Irani opposite choreographer-director Farah Khan, who has made her acting debut with the project. They play two 40-plus individuals in love, and their on screen chemistry is being loved.

Farah, who says she will never act again, is happy.

“All the shows yesterday were full and today also they are doing so well. People are loving the film. It’s a very cute film and no one cannot like it,” she said.

The new actress says she has received many compliments for her performance, but it was Sridevi’s words which have been very encouraging.

“When Sridevi told me that she didn’t even feel once that I was acting, it was very surreal for me,” she said.

The toughest scene for Farah seemed to have been an emotional scene where she breaks up all ties with Boman in the film.

“The break up scene was the toughest for me. I didn’t want it to look filmy. In fact, Bela had told me not to even look at Boman though out the shot,” said Farah, who says she has been approached by a company for endorsements.

Farah believes the USP of the movie lies in the fact that it is a love story between a middle-aged couple.

“People like the film due to this reason. If the same love story was between a 20-year-old girl and a 25-year-old boy, then they would have found nothing new. The film talks about how there is no age for love or marriage,” she said.

Boman agreed with Farah, and said: “Farah and I have great chemistry. So only complimenting me is not good enough, you have to talk about both of us together.”



  • Saw the movie and I have to be honest and say the film was a complete waste of money. Nice twist in telling love stories but the overall performance was very average at best. Farah cant act and she didnt even look like acting once throughout the entire movie. Acting isnt her profession, choreography is but she could have taken some acting classes or workshops to prepare herself for the role. You should save your money and avoid the movie at all costs unless you are rich and have money to burn then by all means watch this movie.

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