Shahrukh Khan voted as India’s most popular father

Shahrukh KhanBollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, a doting dad of Aryan and Suhana, has been voted India’s most popular father in a Father’s Day poll conducted by a web site. He got more votes than megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who has a daughter and a son.

The results of the poll, conducted among over 11,000 Indian women, by matrimonial site, were announced a day ahead of Father’s Day Sunday.

Shah Rukh received 34.83 percent votes while Amitabh was chosen by 31.58 percent of the women surveyed. Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar took the third spot with 18.61 percent.

“The poll showcases some of the most successful Indian men whose love and dedication also makes them popular fathers. This suggests that people are looking at celebrities as real people with real relationships,” Gourav Rakshit, COO,, said.

The poll also posed other questions to the respondents.

In the survey for the country’s most popular father-daughter relationship, Big B took the top spot along with his daughter Shweta, who is married to businessman Nikhil Nanda.

Veteran actor Jeetendra and her film producer daughter Ekta Kapoor got 35.06 percent votes followed by father-daughter duo Anil Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor (22.42 percent).

Also, 44.85 percent Indian women voted for Shah Rukh and his son Aryan as India’s most popular father-son duo.



  • First of all it is for most popular father and not the greatest father as srk fans making out.
    Lol !!! The specialty of srk fans is :

    To make srk popular looks like great


    To make Salman accident as murder.

    Srkians, are you uneducated to know the above differences?

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  • @sachin11: agreed with you he fight in front of his child and abuse as well remember the wankhede drama.

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  • for those who supported srk for stadium brawl just go and listen on youtube SRK was drunk and abusing to a lady and as well as security guard second thing the watchman was very old guy like srk father so how come he will misbehave with srk daughter?and if srk is right then why they ban him?

  • srk fans living in ignorance. I agree srk is topping most of the polls but what is the point of such popularity that cannot bring audience to watch srk movies on big screens? It is as same as winning the pole position in F1 and start race as first and ends up coming 5th or 6th. No matter where Salman starts he is winning the races.

  • yeah guys afterall chennai express will be last film of srk…so he’ll now get all awards like best father, best grandfather in bollywood etc!! lol!

  • Breaking News

    Reporter: “Suhana your father recently won the Most Popular Father poll, would you like to make a comment on this accolade for us please?”
    Suhana: “All Im gonna say is that my friends and I strongly believe that had Salman uncle been our father, then on that day that old officer would have been hit outta ground Dhoni Helicopter-esque style…! Aaaahhhhh Salman uncle I really missed you that day as all dad did was be drunk and hurl profanities at everyone including my best friends mom by mistake…! It was so embarrassing…! :-( ”
    Reporter: “Thank you for your viewpoint Suhana beti.”
    Suhana: “aaww its ok Uncle Navin and cameraman uncle Sachin…!” ;-)

  • @tejas Srk playing father type role- he would most definitely fit the part of a villainous dad opposing his daughters love to our favourite here- Prem aka Salman bhai…! ;-)

    Srkians dreading this thought so will start campaigning for srk to retire gracefully. Lol

  • Chennai Express Exclusive.

    Deepika Padukone when congratulating Srks latest poll win has intrigued reporters when she said working with Srk on Chennai Depress is like having her very own daddy there to protect her from evil eyes and cruel intentions.
    Deepika later reneged her quote and said that having Srk on sets is like having her fathers ‘older brother’ there hence why she calls him Shah Rukh Uncle…! Thanks for clearing things up Deepika…! :-)

    PS Thanks Deepika for giving this reporter Navin and cameraman Sachin11 this exclusive newsbite. ;-)

  • thats not a good thing mr. shahrukh khan. disrespecting an old man at wankhede, allah has never taught such things. please present good examples for your children. these bad examples will spoil them

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  • India’s most popular father is again in news for a scandle. He & Gauri opted for a surrogate child and they want a boy . so they have tried to determine the sex of the child. Shame on SRK. Dont know how he is voted for such things…. Like he buys the awards he might have purchased this also

  • @theskb
    SRK has been given a clean chit by BMC officials in the matter of pre-birth sex determination test.

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