Shahrukh Khan voted as India’s most popular father

Shahrukh KhanBollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, a doting dad of Aryan and Suhana, has been voted India’s most popular father in a Father’s Day poll conducted by a web site. He got more votes than megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who has a daughter and a son.

The results of the poll, conducted among over 11,000 Indian women, by matrimonial site, were announced a day ahead of Father’s Day Sunday.

Shah Rukh received 34.83 percent votes while Amitabh was chosen by 31.58 percent of the women surveyed. Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar took the third spot with 18.61 percent.

“The poll showcases some of the most successful Indian men whose love and dedication also makes them popular fathers. This suggests that people are looking at celebrities as real people with real relationships,” Gourav Rakshit, COO,, said.

The poll also posed other questions to the respondents.

In the survey for the country’s most popular father-daughter relationship, Big B took the top spot along with his daughter Shweta, who is married to businessman Nikhil Nanda.

Veteran actor Jeetendra and her film producer daughter Ekta Kapoor got 35.06 percent votes followed by father-daughter duo Anil Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor (22.42 percent).

Also, 44.85 percent Indian women voted for Shah Rukh and his son Aryan as India’s most popular father-son duo.



  • thats a grt news for all srk fans…obviously, srk has a caring nature..towards his family nd co-stars….so nthng strange in it…but sum faces r already turned sad….guess…who they r? Obviously, these r the fans of a crapstar nd this article hit their loose nerve…its so sad that mr. Crapstar is not even a husband presently , so forget abt…but i won’t be surprised when any of his insane fans will claim himself as the son of that crapstar…bcoz for proving him best, they can cross any limit..:P

  • He deserve it !!! after all he has reached the age where he will get only father roles after CE debacle.

  • I think the people who voted had misunderstood Srk roles in his movies opposite his half age heroines like Anushka,Kat,Deepika etc. and i want to clear them that Srk was their hero in the

  • Amazing but not new we dont need any survey to prove that.
    he is the best father in BT , best hero for his co-stars and directors .
    he left nothing to be no 1 in every thing
    great man, great actor, great father, great friend to his real friends not the fake ones
    he is king SRK the great

    God bless u and your family my king

  • @sachin11….ya …u shud be thankful that mahatma gandhi is not alive …else he has to start an another “bharat chodo” movement to vacate our country frm morons like u….who have nothing to do , except barking…:P

  • Salman fans : It’s sad to see sharukh khan is winning all popular polls. Wish salman khan had the ability to produce kids

  • Mental fans : Our salman bhai is 47 but he looks only 21. Inshallah, he will try hard to convince sana khan and marry her and will have 5 kids with her, dekna tum log

  • When i saw the news headline i was imagining what is the comment will be given by srk haters. Then when i started to read the comment it proves me that i was right. Sometimes i really wonder what kinds of world lived by srk haters. I think they thought the habit of jealiosity since their childhood. Whatever happens their target always to put down srk under other actors. I really feel sorry for them. Anyway, Aryan & Suhana is very lucky child that they have such a good father like srk.

  • @xzone i have taken Gandhiji’s name bcoz he is known as Father of the nation and its dry day on its birthday whereas ur modern popular father gets drunk and fight with a watchman in front of his childrens.

  • @soroop…superb yaar…i just loved ur comment..:):)
    @sachin11…thats y he is a caring father…bcoz when he saw that someone is commenting badly about her daughter…he, himself enters into the fight…bcoz at that time, he has to perform the role of a father rather than a superstar….he might take the help of security personnel , but he din’t wait for them and did, whatever he find suitable under those circumstances …but i m wondering that if ur taklu khan gets a child, then what that child will learn frm him..??? definitely he ll learn– how to get intimate with girls half of his age, how to insult a woman, how to crush peoples while drunk, how to change all the witnesses against him using his futile power….and last but not the least…how to remake south movies…:P

  • @sachin11 Salman ke fans agar doosro ki peene ki aadat pe ungli uthaaye toh acha nahi lgta……lardna jhagrdna is much better than drinking and driving over people sleeping on footpath…nd killing innocent black bucks

  • @sachin11. But sharukh khan didnt killed a pregnant woman or a deer. He just had verbal fight with an innocent looking watchman, isnt it pardonable?

  • funny that the article is about srk n srk fans r talking about salman.. that’s the impact of the man.. he sends down shivers through the spines of srk n his fans :D n yup i liked the performance of srk as “dad” to anushka, deepika n katrina LOL :P srk rocks! :P

  • why I admire sharukh as a person
    Actors are not robots, they are human too, take the example of Jiah khan, this shows how sensive an actor can be
    1. Every one call sharukh khan as gay,bi etc etc and the main reason behind that is his friendship with Karan johar, whom he consider as a brother. Whole world started calling sharukh a gay, still sharukh didnt left the friendship of karan johar and till now they are great friends. I would like to ask u guys, would u have the guts to maintain friendship with the particular person when ur called by such names?. I must admit I dont have the guts to maintain a friendship If I am linked with male friend. This shows the sign of great human in sharukh and how brave he is.
    2. Aamir khan tweeted that sharukh is licking his leg. Well, what will happen if Kamal hassan tweeted rajnikanth is licking his leg or Amitabh tweeted Dilip kmar is licking is leg?. But when aamir khan tweeted in a bad way,did sharukh reacted badly?
    3. Aamir khan said sharukh is manipulating whole media. Actually by saying so, he himself is manipulating the people by giving direct message to people that sharukh is doing it. But as usual sharukh didnt reacted to it
    4. Aamir said sharukh claims himself as no.1. Actually he didnt said in that context. Yes sharukh once said that he came to bollywood to rule but he said that not as a star, but as a normal person. Every one including me and u would dream to become no.1 in their respective field. It’s the childish in us make us to think like that. If u guys see the interview he was saying that clearly. He never said he is ahead of any star. When aamir told media that sharukh is no.2 and he is no.1. Sharukh replied that he agree to what aamir said and moreover, his wife is a big fan of aamir. Why would anyone say that if he consider ahead of others?. A person is humble not when he speaks low of himself, that’s nautanki. I would say, a person is humble by their way of thought.

  • It is an absolute shame that a man (?) who went fully drunk to wankhede stadium, behaved arrogantly with the security & even man handled them and then to escape from the punishment & to gain everyone’s sympathy used his innocent daughter’s name selfishly is choosen as india’s most popular father!
    It is an absolute shame that a man(?) who never imbibed indian culture in his children and instead favours western culture is chosen as india’s most popular father!
    It is absolute shame that though they are many popular ‘real’ fathers in india, crapster srk is chosen as india’s most popular father. Sachin is and should have been the ideal choice, just 11000 women and of which no one knows how many were real (srk fans are famously notorious for maintaining many fake ids) dont really change the reality, do they?

  • we, the bhai fans put a very high standards for ethical behaviours & y shldnt v???
    just look at bhai’s contribution to the society-
    1) he actively participated in poverty eradication from our country by crushing a poor man under his car after being drunk.
    2) he saved fund outflow from national treasury which would have been spent on protection of an endagered species of deer if that deer wasnt hunted by salman.
    3) he has commited himself not to contribute in overpopulation.
    4) he will soon b entertaining criminals of our country in jail.


  • @soroop…again u rocked man…with ur comment…simply awesome…:):)
    @nvs (envious)…i wish if u wud have made that research on salman, then u could have met wid some interesting facts…but u won’t bcoz u r hoodwinked in urself….these spats and drinking habits r better suit with the name of taklu khan….so plz associate all these activities with ur cheap remake khan…not wid the king of hearts mr. shahrukh khan…
    @beingsallufan..hehehe…funny, but so true…;)

  • @saroop gauri khan is big aamir khan fan. really i think even gauri doesnt like srks acting. she know that srk always overreacts.shame on srk even his wife doesnt like his acting.

  • Now, It’s Officially Confirmed….. Salman Will Marry In 2030….. Do You Know Who Is The Girl? Aishwarya’s Daughter Aaradhya Bachchan….. Congo To All Crapstar Fans….. He Will Invite Some Of His Fans In This Site Like ‘Nadeen’, ‘Losser 11’ Etc…… Thank You…..

  • @ xzone:
    thnx bro, thats the speciality of salman’s fan. v r funny when v try to b sensible & irritating whn v try 2 b funny. perfect star-fan jodi.

  • Shahrukh izzz a real gentleman…
    Hezz a great father n costar…
    shahrukh fought wid d
    guard bcozz he misbehaved wid her
    daughter suhana.
    N srk wil neva regret wat he had
    cozzz any father in dat situation
    would hav done d same az he did
    being a ‘father’ instead of being
    ‘shahrukh khan’

  • realy SRK haters are so damn idiots
    they are saying ‘to have a fight with a man for ur daughter is a big crime but to kill a man is so normal :D , and they call us ‘heights of hypocrisy’ :D
    I think if srk sir killed the watchman those idiots could love him as much as they love their bhi but thank god my king is a human being not being human :D

    he even want new haters becuz the old 1s started to be boring :D

    @soroop dont bother ur self all the haters know what srk did and what satheir bhi did but they have no brain and blind eyes
    they said we have more than 1 account but the truth is we caught 3 of them with double ids :D , so let the dogs barking , you cant change them becuz they know the truth but they love to look like idiots :D

    Btw watchman case is so old and so weak they should find a new strong 1 :D , we found a new 1 4 their bhi :D , i heard that he was the man behind jiah khan death , he is the 1 who asked surag to leave her.

    so what they gona say now , the drunk srk killed a poor rat :D , shame :D

    the dogs are barking and the king is walking tall

    double standards , duoble ids , double colors but empty brain .

    they can say that the king is the bad one 1000 times but that will never make it a fact becuz the 1 who will face the jail in few months is not him , maybe their bhi will be save becuz he is above the indian law and the law cant face his stardom, it is so weak with him, their bhi rocks even India law :D

    You know when little dogs bark & we say it’s becuz they are afraid & protecting themselves or becuz they dont know the person. When idiots bark its for the same reason :D
    So let the treble standards morons bark :D

  • Srk :- ” haters call me gay because their girlfriends loves me more than them”

    Srk : – ” I am not here to compete Salman , i’m ruling through 20 years ”

  • ” 50 movies you should Watch before you die” mein SRK, HRITHIK , RANBIR ki movies hone chahiyeh…
    ” 50 movies you will die after Watching ” mein Akki aur Salman ki movie hone chahiyeh


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