Shahrukh Khan to expand Red Chillies, plans to produce 3-5 films a year

Post the release of his magnum opus Happy New Year which releases in theatres this Diwali, Shahrukh Khan plans to expand his production house Red Chillies Entertainment to produce 3-5 films a year.

Those films might not feature the actor himself, but he plans on producing good quality films.

“We want to expand and plan to make three-five films a year may be with me or without me but not 10-12. We have started the process. The film has to have quality, essence then only we will make it. We want to take time and make good quality films” SRK told PTI in a telephonic interview.

In the past, SRK has produced a few films like Kaal, Billu and Always Kabhi Kabhi, under his banner that did not feature him in the lead. However, none of those films were successful at the box office.

Khan could take inspiration from his good friend Karan Johar, who has tremendously expanded his business over the years. Dharma Productions is currently working on close to 10 films which include biggies like Shuddhi, Brothers, Ram Lakhan remake just to name a few.



  • Shah Rukh Khan is slowly becoming more businessman than actor. He has correctly realised that no one wants to see his films anymore so he is securing his future in another direction.

  • I reques srk to consider youngistaan actor for films made under his banner that don’t star him.v youngistaanis will b able to learn a lot by working under srk’s production house.v hv half a dozen gd actors who hv decent fan following already and v also take less fees yet our films open bigger than most akki,ajay,saif film.
    so srk I request u to collaborate with us for ur future films under ur production house.

    thank u

  • great……….. Everything that SRK touches gold. It may take sometime initially, but it eventually becomes a success. Ex – His film career, RCE, KKR etc.

  • Paani belongs to yrf and shuddhi belongs to dharma. .HR shouldn’t have left two biggies. It’s all because Hrithik’s brain surgery and divorce. .
    I hope bollywood will make movies like titanic,avatar or some ambitious sci-fi movies, landmark intense romantic movie or quality horror movies or even high quality action movies. . Bored of so much rom-coms and typical deshi masalas.

  • Already 80% films produced by Red Chillies have become flop.
    Srk is businessman and not an artist. No wonder in his recent films his acting is pathetic.

  • But it will take another 7-8 years for RCE to become the biggest studio. Make sure to watch ALL RCE films even if they don’t star SRK.

  • its a great step……. SRK’s dream will soon be fulfilled when Red Chillies becomes the biggest production studio in Bollywood surpassing UTV, YRF, Dharma etc….

  • @sallu absolutely agree with u
    slowly slowly no one want too see srk movies
    late but even maratha mandir realises this that’s why they r removing

  • Yes 3-5 movies every year is a good idea instead of 10-12 movies bcoz Srk can afford loss in 3-5

  • K3 paid 75cr entertainment tax against 245cr net collections(k3 grossed 320cr). BB paid almost 50cr entertainment tax against 109cr net collections(bb grossed 158cr yet)…KUCH TOH LOCHA HAI….b it in k3 or bb.

  • and der is an production house called tingulal productions oops aamir khan production com.

    any news abt dat production house?????

    den der is 1 being killer oops again sorry…. being human productions

  • make one film with me.
    you will have enough money for the next 10 years
    bvoz me me me krk is No 1

  • @tiger, ok. is crap, but seriously, from which angle paheli is crap, it was an acclaimed film, billu was above average for me

    @Babaji, no one has even asked u, so there is no need to be intrested.. he is just talking about his plans. he is not asking ur opinion….. aur aap phir shoro ho

    see thullu is not intrested in article, people are not intrested in bang bang…….too much fan!

    Sorry thullu!……magar, agar aap apni auqat pi ajayengi.. tu humi bhi aana padega! your showing too much hatred towards srk…

  • @ARJUN KAPOOR::U are looking miserable after FF,DEI and begging in front of srk to take ur youngistaan…lol

  • @yy What u srk fans are showing towards Bang Bang for the last week or so???
    Was that PURE LOVE swami Mitaiwaalaji!!!

  • ONLY SRK is able to give highest grosser of all time with his own production… red chillies is becoming one of the biggest production houses of indian cinema with blockbusters like MHN,OSO,Ra.One,Soty,Don2 , CE n upcoming HNY

  • Aamir Khan productions:
    Lagaan- Critically Acclaimed, Superhit, Oscar nominated
    Taare Zameen Par- Critically Acclaimed, Superhit, Sent by Oscar committee
    Jaane Tu…. – Critically acclaimed, Superhit
    Peeply Live- Critically acclaimed, Superhit
    Delhi Belly- Good reviews, Superhit
    Dhobi Ghat- Good reviews, average
    Talaash- Good reviews, Hit

    Sp dont compare Legend Aamir productions with Laal Mirchi.

  • @maggi. u know wch movie wz d most popular in d 90s- ddlj nd kkhh

    ur lallu’s hahk just came nd gone like his recent movies. nobody even copied dis crap movie whreas ddlj is completing 1000 weeks nd has been copied by many movies even ur lallu copied dt epic
    train scene to save his crapiest movie of recent tyms ladyguard oops bodyguard

  • Good to hear that. But 80% of the films under Lal Mirchi Entertainment will flops as usual…Dime

  • So the yougistaan team have the chance to work with King Khan and rule the industry like him.
    I heard a rumor that SRK signed a Sid,Verun and Arjun in three yrs deal.

  • 2 mins silence for those who after watching 6 LOOSERS trailer said that “This wl Blast BO, Will break DHOOM 3’s record, Will earn 300cr. Blah

  • Good to hear that! But 80% of films under Lal Mirchi Entertainment will become flops as usual.

    Some films that the he has produced:
    1- Phir Bhi… Starring King Kong (Dreamz Unlimited) 2000- Flop
    2- Asoka starring king Kong (Dreamz Unlimited) 2001- Flop
    3- Chalte Chalte starring king kong (Dreamz Unlimited) 2003- Hit
    4- Main Hoon Na starring king kong (Lal Mirchi) (2004)- Super Hit
    5- Paheli starring king kong (Lal Mirchi) (2005)- Flop
    6- Kaal (Lal Mirchi & Dharma) 2005- Flop
    7- OSO starring King king and the whole Bollywood (Lal Mirchi) 2008- BB
    8-Billu starring king Kong in supporting role (Lal Mirchi) 2009- Flop
    9- MNIK starring king Kong (Dharma & Lal Mirchi) 2011 – Hit
    10- Ra Point One Starring King Kong (Lal Mirchi) 2011- Verdict Unknown, Budget 170 Crores, Earnings- Approx 120 Crores
    11- Don 2 Starring King Kong (Exel & Lal Mirchi) 2011- Hit
    12- Always Kabhi Kabhi (Lal Mirchi) 2011- Flop
    13- Soty (Dharma & Lal Mirchi) 2012- Semi Hit
    14- CE starring King Kong Mithaiwala (UTV & Lal Mirchi) 2013- BB

    Films Produced by Aamir Khan,
    1- Lagaan Starring Aamir 2001- Hit & Highly Critically Acclaimed, National Award, Oscar Nomination
    2- TZP starring Aamir in supporting role and directed by himself 2007- Super Hit & Highly Critically Acclaimed
    3- Jaane Tu…2008- Hit
    4- Peepli Live 2010- Hit
    5- Dhobi Ghat 2011- Art Film
    6- Dehli Belly 2011- Super Hit
    7- Talash starring Aamir (AK & Excel) 2012- Hit

    Films that Salman Khan has produced:
    1- Chillar Party 2011- Hit, Critically Acclaimed, National Award for Best Children Film

    1- Dr. Cabbie (International Collaboration)
    2- Hero Remake
    3- Biopic on Gama Pahelwan
    4- Bajrangi Bhaijaan
    5- Untitled film directed by Mahesh Manjrekar

    Now say, who is the most successful actor-producer in terms of success rate among three khans? Even in Bollywood? Aamir Khan!!! Period!!;

  • Bhai lochaa BOI website me hai….Jo consistently HR movies ko downgrade kar raha hai…Proof… since Jodhaa Akbar verdict from Super hit to hit to Above avg

  • @mithaiwala, read my cmnt again, i didn’t use the word crap(s)…..
    Btw, ur cmnt shows u like the bhoot romance more than lagaan nd cdi.

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