DDLJ could end its run at Maratha Mandir after 1000 weeks

Aditya Chopra’s eternal romantic film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge could finally end its theatrical run on December 18 2014. The theatre owners of Maratha Mandir are planing to talk to Chopra and the stakeholders of the theatre, after which they will decide if the matinee show at the theatre will be replaced with some other film after nearly 20 years!

“We may not show this film after December once it completes 1000 weeks. Over the years, we got good response as the cinema hall is close to the Mumbai Central railway station and state transport bus stand. Recently, the collection has taken a nosedive and, therefore, we are thinking of discontinuing the show” says Manoj Desai, the managing director of the iconic Maratha Mandir.

“The film is regularly aired on television and it has been nearly 20 years since it was released. So, the entire generation has watched the it and we have also had the audience, which has seen it more than 100 times. But we feel that this particular screen can be used for other shows now. The final decision will be taken once we have the consent of all stakeholders”

The journey for the longest and most loved films in the history of Indian Cinema, could come to an end in December this year.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge 1000 Weeks

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge 1000 Weeks



  • this is big news is maratha mandir will stop playing ddlj
    show on its 1000 week.
    excellent decision by mm. bcoz why they wasted
    their time and money on such a movie.
    even Salman khan 1 movie will recover ur 1000
    weeks money.
    I think now they will play shows of hny for next
    1000 weeks.

  • ever great thing eventually comes to an end.so ddlj’s glorious run in cinema’s is over.but it will remain in public memory forevery bcz its an evergreen film

  • Hey SRKians….

    Lets Plan n give a Huge Sendoff for a Historic movie at maratha mandir This December 18th on the eve of the 1000th Week….

    Every SRKian Please plan to come at the venue :)

  • @indicine plz post this bcoz I respect aamir khan I’m big fan of him and I can’t tolerate this.
    I never think srk is talking like that. he is creating
    too many controversies. calling him (aamir) half
    aamir already shows in result who is half actor?
    aamir 4atbb
    srk 2atbb.lol
    the legend set record like opening of 100cr,200cr
    and now 300cr.
    ce break 3idiots record after 4yr. and our half actor
    break his record in just 4 month.lol
    if srk thinks aamir is half actor. then srk aamir ko
    half actor hi rehne do. jis din aamir pura actor ban
    gaya. uss din se aap aamir ke aas pas bhi nahi
    bcoz uss vakt aamir ka record todna mushkil hi nahi
    na mumkin hai.
    Mark my words.

  • sad news but the movie was worth the respect given to it…….#respect n #love for this bolly classic

  • the most beautiful, Most Famous B’wood Movie and the biggest hit of b’wood movie ever…!

    a Movie which changed the name of bollywood in popularity…

  • October 19, 1995- Some 900 weeks ago, DDLJ released, and India had to change for ever. Since then, only #SRK has been the KING, globally.! BEST MOVIE EVER of bollywood..

  • i think this is good move by theater owner..i mean it is really grt film..and 1000 wks will be grt achievement as well..but need to over this..

  • this is Big Big strategy by maratha mandir they will stop ddlj show on 18 Dec and everyone know on 19 December PK is releasing. that’s the power of legend khan.

  • Bad news if it happens bcoz as mentioned in 2nd paragraph that Maratha mandir is near Mumbai central railway station and State transport bus stand so the passengers waiting for their trains and buses will need to search some other place for time pass.lol

  • DDLJ Bollywood ki Wo Movie hai Jis Ko SUB SE zyada tribute mile hai.. Jis Ko sub se zyada copy kiya hai… DDLJ changed the name of romantic movies…! SRK _/\_

  • only insane, mad, stupid, lazy and useless people can spend as much time as they did on one movie only for over 20 years. Is it a joke or something?? how people can watch a movie for over 20 years?? all these people should be locked up and get psychological treatment to treat their mind cause the mind of them is full of crap!! get a life people!!

  • Theater owners know Aamir is coming with ATBB PK this december so they stopped DDLJ.
    Power of legend Aamir :)

  • @shaggy We should respect DDLJ and should give nice farewell to DDLJ which could end its run on 18th December by watching PK 2 times instead of 1 on 19th December.

  • @iam srk fan, srk took 15years to cross salman’s HAHK’s collections. Also his ddlj still running in cinema but collected 10cr less than HAHK.

  • @K.haggwala, what is in you? just an ordinary human.. so you are no one to judge it!!! Aur tab tu tujhe swades jaise film be ordinary lagegi

  • so finally maratha mandir will be free from ghulami. good news to all movie goers dont know why they coninueing this movie just for record nothing else

  • this article itself shows how ddlj was running for so many years.theatre owner have to take permissions from producer n stake holder to remove the movie.they can’t remove it by their own.log record banane k liye kya kya nahi karte hain.

  • @Tiger-the real king, that is the thing. SRK haters combine the powers of Salman and Aamir to attack SRK.

    1. If we say, Aamir took 13 yrs to cross DDLJ, you guys say SRK took 15 yrs to cross HAHK.
    2. If we say, SRK has more Blockbusters(9) than aamir(4), you guys say salman(10) has more than SRK.
    3. If we say SRK is a better Actor than salman, you guys argue that Aamir is better actor than SRK.
    4. If we say SRK has more classic/sensible movies, you guys argue that Aamir has better movies.

    hence Mr. Tiger- the real king I would say SRK is the real King.

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