Shahrukh Khan to attend Vijay awards in Chennai

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan will be attending the 7th Vijay Awards which is scheduled to take place in Chennai on Saturday.

“Shahrukh agreed to be part of the award function after a representative (seen in the photo below) from Star Vijay team flew down to Mumbai and invited him personally. We are delighted to have SRK at the Vijay Awards” a spokesperson of the awards told reporters.

SRK won’t be performing at the awards show. Instead, the superstar will be giving away a few awards. A source from the channel informs that they have also decided to given Shahrukh a special award and honour him for his ‘outstanding achievement and contribution towards Indian cinema’.

Shahrukh Khan with representative from Star Vijay team

Shahrukh Khan with representative from Star Vijay team



  • One more Good News after Hrithik’s deal with Tigmanshu Dhulia(an adaptation of novel Hamlet). Aamir Khan has received an award from south also(during Ghajini release),even he cried there.
    Now its SRK’s time.

  • Everytime Shah Rukh Will Be Getting Honours From South Industry and Various International Governments.
    Last Year In January 2012 “Asianet Awards”-Malayalam Industry Gave Special Honour For Him By Naming Him As “MAN OF MILLENIUM” In The Presence Of India’s Iconic Actors Mammuty And Mohanlaal.
    Iam Still Wondering When The Other Khans Will Be Getting Honours From India International with Boxoffice Success.
    Shah Rukh Has Boxoffice Success Honours, but What Other Khans Have Except Boxoffice Success.

  • Ooh! Srk looking Charming and Handsome
    #Sir ravindra jadeja
    hrithik’s K3 gonna break all records…and then shuddhi

  • They say that he will be honoured with Sivaji Ganesan award Which given to a film personalities for excellence in Indian cinema

    King SRK , is the first Hindi movie actor to get the award. according to ndtv

    Another award is going to be in his very long list
    Go my king i am so proud of you ,

    haters , having another one or buying another one as u always say, whatever, who cares, it still an award :D,
    buy yourself one of his if you can , dont say i don’t want his fake useless awards because you can’t refuse what you can’t have :D or what you will never have , whatever if it was fake or real ;)

  • Great SRK,I’m very happy for him..he really deserved this award and much more ! Looks very nice here :)))

  • SRK will receive “Sivaji Ganesan Award” which was recieved by ARR,Kamal Hasan and ManiRatnam .

  • @Gewone and @Rizwan Box office success is more important than awards bcoz no film makers makes movies for awards.They makes movies for people(box office).Srk has many awards but he can’t do anything with it except licking it everyday

  • 1 more award(utensil) added to SRK’s kitchen which is useless becoz box office collection (money) is more important

  • Word of mouth (wom) of Salman recent films among large section of audience in India
    Dabangg : Positive — mixed response
    Ready : Positive — mixed response( best wom in 2011)
    Bodyguard : Positive — mixed response (2nd best wom after Ready)
    Ek tha tiger : Positive — mixed response
    Dabangg2 : mixed — negative response
    Here you all can see salman’s all recent films got positive response (except Dabangg 2.)
    1. when Dabangg released everyone said it became blockbuster just n just coz of salman. Now when dabangg 2 released everyone realised the importance of dabangg director Abinav Kashyap
    2. Ready has the best wom in 2011. Anees basmee and south remake together done a trick. But again credit goes like “it became blockbuster just n just coz of salman.”
    3. Bodyguard was directed by most successful director ever in malayalam industry. 2nd best wom after Ready still credit goes to just n just salman.
    4. Ek tha tiger was directed by very talented kabir khan. But the same above mentioned thing, just n just coz of salman.
    5. Here come dabba(ngg)2. Which became blockbuster mainly due to brand value. This movie made people understand the contribution of Abinav kashyap in first installment.
    Anybody can make positive wom films in to blockbuster with multiple holiday weekend. Salman PR machines done excellent job by trying to prove that Salman’s films director’s have 0 value.
    Sharukh khan movie director like Aditya chopra, Karan johar, Yash chopra and even Farah khan became a brand name with just n just 1 blockbuster.
    Chennai Express is credited as Rohit shetty film (not Sharukh khan film). Salman and salman PR machine shud learn something from this.
    In the past also Salman and his PR machine never given credit to director. Look where aditya chopra, yash chopra, Karan johar and Farah khan( she spoiled her goodwill with Infamous tees mar khan) stands and where SOORAJ BARAJATYA stands, the only director to give 2 huge all time blockbusters.
    Poor sooraj barajatya, he is a brand but not a powerfull brand name like karan johar or Adita chopra.

  • If Srk buys award
    then i must say Salman buy whole box office india . All his movies collection are fake

  • #sachin
    In this industry every body is not like salman who has hunger for money..
    Even 80% of actors in current industry wants to act in quality films not like south remake…..
    Example – Ranbir,Srk, Aayushman,John,Shahid, Hrithik
    and Aamir all off them wants to give Bollywood A Internation status..
    Where Salman is insecure,Selfish and had fear to lose his top spot.

  • @soroop : A big f##k off for ur double standard n pathetic analysis. Even Siddhart Malhotra n Varun Dhawan giving hit due to Karan Johar so whats the big deal if srk gives. Ask ur srk to work with first time or debut director n turn into ATBB. Talk about present dont bark about past (KKHH n DDLJ).

  • @hrithik. What double standard r u talking about?. I dont understand what ur saying. I said it clearly that Karan johar became a brand name with KKHH. Now, brand karan johar Directed Student of the year with new comer got Good Initial. Can Abhinav kashya or Anees bazmee or Siddique or Kabhir khan or Arbaaz khan have the capacity to direct newcomer and get good initial ?
    Did any of salman movie director became a brand name ever? NO. It’s coz of salman’s PR machine who spread false news like “Director have no contribution in salman films.”

  • for @ soroop:

    1. Dabangg : put any actor into Chulbul Pandey role n imagine Dabangg. Entire world knows Dabangg belongs to whom. Kudos to director for bringing fitting role for Salman but without Salman Dabangg is soul less.

    2. Ready : To be honest it is not one of the best movie. It is Salman’s charisma n Dabangghood which carried the movie. Remember Billu barber? It was a remake of popular south movie too but world knows its fate.

    3. Bodyguard : Who was Siddique in bollywood before Bodyguard? He is known director only in Kerala not on national level.

    4. Ek Tha Tiger : Remember New York n Kabul Express? Though they were good movies but not as succesful as ETT. Why? Salman earned highest grosser of YRF which ur srk didnt do despite doing number of movies.

    @ Dabangg 2 : I agree this is not as good as Dabangg. Again put any other actor in it n it wud have been a disaster, Example : Mumbai Mirror !! Except Munna Bhai sequel no movies including Raaz, Jannat, Jism, Murder sequels did well coz of wom, why?

    Hope these slaps enough for u shut ur stinking mouth.

  • Congratulations to SRK for adding another feather to his cap! The most honoured actor in history of Bollywood (confirmed by Hindustan Times).

    I’m amused at Aamir fans saying box office success is more important than awards. Where was Aamir’s box office before 2001? How come he has only 10 hits in 37 films?

    Before Ghajini his fans used to say box office did not matter. Two huge hits have made them change their colour!

    SRK has most hits and most consistent success rate after the Bachchan era in Bollywood.

  • @soroop : Thats bcoz these directors r good but enough to turn every movie into BB. Karan Johar every movie is not a Blockbuster. It is not possible for any actor or director to turn every movie into BB. The most close is Salman who has given 5 Blockbusters.

  • @salman fans. Salman has given blockbuster from masala movies. What about London dreams? Lifetime 29 cr business. What kind of superstar he is. He hampered vipul shah’s great run on box office. Srk can give minimum hit with any kind of genre. Because has largest fan followings. Salman dont have same kind of following. And his recent movies worked bcos of masala genre where srk has already stoped doing that. But again he coming with same genre.

  • Hrithik@ hahahaha dear What Was Rabne Banadi Jodi-160 crs worldwide Which Was The Highest Grossing Movie For YRF Untill Ek Tha Tiger. And You Are Saying SRK never Gave Highest Grossing Film For YRF. Grow up Man.

  • @hrithi. U again didnt got my point. Films postive wom have no connection with actors in the movie. Ready got good wom and was best in 2011. Nothing will go in to ur head. Yes kabhir’s new york didnt scored much coz it dont have superstar in it. But ETT have superstar plus multiple holidays and so many open weeks, i think about 5 or 6 open weeks, Joker come in b/w but u know the fate, then why cant a superstar movie cant score a huge amount. ETT was hit mainly due to action sequence i believe and every believe as well.
    Salman did well as a Chulbul Pandey but why credt only goes to salman, it’s coz of Salman PR machine dude. Infact abhinav kashyap got bet director award that year. Sharukh was excellent in DDLG and KKHH etc but director got due respect. Infact in all sharukh movies, directors got more than due respect, that’s why yash chopra, aditya chopra , karan johar and farah khan was/is a brand.

  • @Rizwan khan: where do u live? Canada, UK, US, Australia or Europe or Africa’s jungles? Dude, do u pay in dollars or euros to watch movies? Talk about domestic. If srk is so popular why is he @ no. 6 in worldwide collections?

  • @sht : so u call Ready n ETT as masala genre, what a great IQ dude, no wonder u r srk fan. Every actor faces a slide, n 5 consecutive BB movies has already compensated for those flops. If u remember Phir Melenge, it was a good n critically acclaimed movie but commercially failed, if audience does not like salman in such roles then he cant help it. He have every right to do what audience wants to see him as.

  • @hrithik u asked Why? Salman earned highest grosser of YRF which ur srk didnt do despite doing number of movies. I will tell why
    1. See aamir khan Gajini collection and his Talash collection in India.
    2. See askshay Rowdy rathode and Special chabbis collection difference in India.
    3. See collection of Hrithik Zindagi na Milega Dobara and Agneepath in India.
    Here its clear that masala movie gives a huge lifetime total and a huge weekends as well.
    Now name any SRK masala film which didnt got huge weekends ?.,It’s difficlt coz even SRK non masala movies get huge weekend and pretty good life time in India. Remember SRK’s OSO broked all possible record when it released back in 2007. Salman is a superstar now and he is only and only doing masala movie then why wont his movie do well in india. Ask him to experiment, leave huge initial, he wont even get a descent initial, if he come up with non masala movie.

  • @hritik if salman gives hit movies with new director then he has given flop movies with established director best example London dreams, yuvraj, veer etc. for ur kind info srk has given hit with new director as well. Raj kanwar (deewana) Ddlj (Aditya), Karan kohar (khnh) far aha khan (Mhn). Nikhil adwani (kal ho na ho). Also he has given hit to many flop director anubhav sinha (raone) Sanjay bhansali (devdas) Farhan aktar (don). Salman has given flop or average with devid dhawan chal mere bhai. Dulhan hum le jayenge, yeh hai jalwa etc.

  • @soroop : Read my comment on 1 page for sht. That answers why salman is doing more masala genre. FYI ETT n Ready are not masala genre. Check BOI. I agree he is doing more masala genre but he is doing per audience demand. If u r looking for experimental Cinema then watch A Wednesday, Ek Thi Daayan, Being Cyrus !! Even srk is not experimental he is doing only different genre. Salman is only actor who has given BB in most genres.

    Romance – MPK

    Family drama – HAHK

    Action – Dabangg, ETT, D2

    Comedy – Ready

    apart from OSO n CDI srk has not given BB in other genres than Romance, though his hits ratio is higher than salman but salman is the first actor to cross 1200 crores (worldwide) in 3 years.

  • @sht : so what ? Srk has given paheli (Amol Palekar), Zaamana Deewana (Ramesh Sippy), Asoka (Santosh Sivan), Oh Darling Yeh Hai India n Maya Memsaab (Ketan Mehta) !!! FYI Farhan Akhtar (Dil Chahta Hai) n Sanjay Leela Bansali (HDDCS) were not flop director before working with srk. Even Anubhav Sinha (Tum Bin). Plz check facts before posting.

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