Shahrukh Khan – Shirish Kunder exchange blows!

After the Filmfare Awards last night, Shahrukh Khan made his way to the Agneepath success party hosted by Sanjay Dutt.

Soon, things went horribly wrong when SRK questioned Farah Khan’s husband Shirish Kunder about his Ra One tweet which read “I just heard a 150 Cr firework fizzle.”

According to a report by Headlines today, SRK and his three bodyguard’s abused and assaulted Shirish. The news channels quotes Farah Khan saying “Shirish, my husband, was beaten up by SRK and his three bodyguard at Sanjay Dutt’s party. Shahrukh asked Shirish why he had tweeted against him. There was no provocation from our side. He had screamed at Shirish telling him that he would destroy me as well.”

Abhijit Mhamunkar of Rediff, reports Farah Khan as saying ”Shahrukh has always told me that physical abuse is the worst way to sort out a problem, and that its means the person who’s hitting has either a personal or professional crisis going on, and it saddens me to see him doing the same.”

Shocking piece of news! This will be blown out of proportion by the media, especially since a similar incident happened at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party too where Salman Khan and SRK were involved in a war of words. Now with Salman being close to Shirish Kunder – the two are working together in a film titled KICK – this is likely to be a huge controversy.

Interestingly, Shahrukh Khan had tweeted last night, right after the Filmfare awards saying “Great fun doing filmfare.. always is… now to go & sleep with my beautiful babies cos when u finally come knocking, u need innocence at home!” But Rediff has reported that SRK attended Sanjay Dutt’s Agneepath success bash after Filmfare, where this SRK – Shirish incident took place.

Update: CNNIBN reports that Sanjay Dutt too exchanged blows with Shirish Kunder

“Shirish was following Shah Rukh Khan around and even entered the bathroom with Khan. An irritated Khan then allegedly pinned Shirish to a sofa and punched and abused him. Dutt who had to intervene and separate the two, also slapped Shirish for allegedly sending lewd messages to his wife Manyata and for misbehaving with a girl at the party”



  • Shahrukh is the last man in this world who’ll abuse anyone phisically.. apparently that this stupid guy who’s name is shirish – who calls himself a director – tortured Shahrukh in that night.. made him lose his temper and beats him up.. he deserves it coz he’s a dumb.

  • To be sincere,nt supportin anyone… Indicine,u are clear bia nd always supportin the big camps mostly srk… Shrish kunder has 4 long being angry wit srk.. Shrish definitely hates him… So even if shrish says something bad abt srk,i think he shud av ignored him since he is d senior but his ego wil nt allow him.. Imagine him sayin he wil finish shrish career.. Who is he to say so? Bcos he is a superstar must he always pressurise pple into likin him.. He always take digs at other stars always but when others does it to him,he is treated lyk a god.. Wat nonsense… I dnt lyk dis guy 4 one bit.. He is a jerk always tinkin he can get away with evrytin.. Stupid medias support him always nd take his side over d other… When he fought with salman then in 2008,media took to abusing salman nd puttin all blames on salman callin him d bad boy nd makin srk d saint.. Nw he show his true colors.. I hope he doesn’t get away with this also

  • srk’s latest beizzati :P

    aashiq (priyanka) hoon mai charsi bhi hoon
    sabki parties mei shamil bhi hoon
    khabrein failana, thappad lagana
    hai bas yahi mera toh rule
    picture mai achhi banata nahi
    bolo bura toh, chhodta nahi
    chaanta o chaanta
    maara o maara

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    iam very very and very happpppppyyyyyy becouse of this news.

    the only elephant of our industry should beat sick and loser barking dogs in twitter and media.
    Well done king khan , this poor gay must be die instead of slaping.

    We love you SRK and we are happy what ever you make , becouse all of us knows that you are legend .

  • @indicine,why u are posting a fake news?????this is what srk said abt the mentioned news
    iamsrk-Feels ironic when I read & see wot is being said.thIs fake incident is created by media

  • Sirish is a bad person. If he tortured SRK and misbehaving with a girl and Manyata Dutt then he should be slept. Sirish always try to insult SRK. He was making fun of in twitter. If he was close to SRK because of Farah Khan then he should not make fun of anybody’s hard work. Everyone should understand a actor’s hard work.
    One thing i want to clear that this is not the matter of Salman Khan. So salman fan should not abuse SRK. SRK is the King of bollywood and he is a good actor. If salman’s fans are saying these stupid things. Then they are proving ” Ulta Chor kotwal ko Datein.” You should care about Salman. He needs help. Waise bhi “Don ke dushman ki sabse badi galti ye hai ki wo Don ka dushman hai. “

  • @Aman bukini or wateva ur name is… Are u blind wen srk constantly takes dig at salman’s work,wen he mocks bodyguard.. Wre were u then? If these had happened to salman,i pray nt,u wil all say d bad boy is back but nw bcos it is srk,u r supportin him… If he was matured enough he wil nt hav slapped sumone’s face… He made salman looked bad then in front of d media in 2008,running his mouth nd puttin d whole blame on salman 4 d fight then,nw he has done it again.. Pls stop supportin him nd instead straighten him… Shrish is also wrong bcos he got problems,he jst talks anyhow but srk hav done worse den why get angry nd resort to slappin someone.. Both of them needs HELP.. Thank u

  • @wiz.poka.. dont say anythn yaar. these srk fans will never say srk is wrong… everyth srk does, they will support… they r loosers….

  • @indian
    salman ki bari sach mein to ja srk ko guts hai to salman ko jaake mare
    shirish ko bhale hi mara ho lekin haar srk ki hai akela toh ladne se raha apne gaurds ke support mein hi takat dikhaya hai…..wanted ka dailog yaad hai suar hamesha jhund mein aate hain our sher akela

  • when srk makes fun of others its ok.when somebody else does the same he creates this media hype.bloody ugly haklu bakri srk.

  • shahrukh ka bas yahin kaam reh gaya hai… dusron k party me ja k ladai jhagda karna… award functions me dusre actors aur unki films ka mazak udana and talk n act vulgar… apni films me legends ka mazak udana… khud ko no.1 kehna… never heard even mr. bachchan or dilip saab ever saying that… now you know mr. srk how it feels when you got your own medicine back… what goes around comes around… moral of the story: STOP MAKING FUN OF OTHERS FIRST!!!

  • this nerd shirish kunder got what he deserves for he makes his wife turn to akshay to act tes mar khan
    flop director of janeman
    he started criticising thebe est superhero film ra one
    so srk beat him hard
    im sure that he had irritated srk to the extent that srk lost his temper beating him and skinning him alive dont mess with me he said it before
    shirish is just ateen who doesnt respect veteran actor srk the best actor in the world history so
    you got what you deserve
    srk made farah adirector and you reward him with this shame on you jerk

  • SRK is such a cheap guy …. when bhansali
    released saawariya against om shanti om SRk
    faught with him….
    when farah signed akshay for TMK SRK faught
    with her.
    Saman made a cameo for SRK in OMSHANTI OM
    but when salman requested SRK to do dat in
    main aur mrs khanna SRK refused and faught
    with him.
    fighting with AMIR KHAN is a day to day activity
    for him….
    in 2007-08 when akshay was giving back to back
    hits SRK gave bad comments against him…
    why dis man can’t digest other’s happiness and
    success…. poor guy shame on SRK

  • this shows how manfull is srk well done this drunkard got what he deserve
    he s defending himself from stupid so called director who rifted his relationship with his freind farah khan
    @ jagdish
    why srk fought with bansali
    bansali is going to cast him in his next
    om shanti devoured sawria
    srk didnt fight with
    srk didnt read the scrpt of tmk at that time but her husband shirish enticed her to cast akshy instead
    thats y srk got angry with her
    when he knew the stupidity of the script he opted out
    he also refused to act in this so called director joker because he only gives flops janeman etc
    srk didt want to act in special apparence because of the film s he appeas in becomes flops and he feared that salman mein or ms khan flops and that what happened
    amir is the one behind the rift between srk and salman
    this disobedient son named a dog after srk saying shahrukh is lickin my foot
    why you people always try to make the just srk unjust and make the unjust just
    wake up
    this man srk is rare gem you will repent when he pass away
    you will pay for this pricelessly
    no one loves srk in the industry better than akshay and the othewise is reciproacal

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