Shahrukh Khan plays a double role in Ra One?

Along with the official synopsis, the Ra One team has also revealed the character outline on their official website.

Shahrukh Khan plays two roles – the superhero hero ‘G One’ and Shekhar Subramanium, a South Indian video game designer. Or does Shekhar transform into G One? Wasn’t G One’s non-superhero character named Geevan / Jeevan? Does that mean SRK is playing three roles – G One, Jeevan and Shekhar?

– Pictures of G One and Shekhar Subramanium below

There is a lot of suspense here which is creating curiosity. The look of the title role (villain) played by Arjun Rampal hasn’t yet been revealed. The official character page of Ra One screams “EVIL HAS NO FACE”!

G One - Shahrukh Khan

G One – Shahrukh Khan

Shekhar Subramanium - Shahrukh Khan

Shekhar Subramanium – Shahrukh Khan



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