Shahrukh Khan on the cover of Forbes Middle East

Shahrukh Khan has become the first Indian celebrity to be featured on the cover of Forbes Middle East edition. As disclosed yesterday, Khan has been ranked as the numero uno ‘Indian Icon In The Arab World’.

The Indian Special Edition for 2014 promises to take its readers”Behind the scenes with the Badshah of Bollywood’.

Check out SRK on the special cover of Forbes Middle East. How do you think of his look on the cover? Tell us in the comments section below.

SRK Forbes Middle East Cover

SRK Forbes Middle East Cover




  • Looking hot. Was watching Swedesh today and thought SRK should do another movie like that. Hope in Raees we’ll get to see some quality acting from King Khan.

  • Who cares? Fake king should learn some acting tips from arjun kapoor and ranveer singh as yeh hai bakrapur did a low business

  • Its not that great honoured bcoz Srk did shooting in south india for CE so south industry honoured him and now he did shooting in Dubai and middle east for HNY so they r honouring him and in future if he will do shooting in Paglapur then Paglapurians will honour

  • Dear Shahrukh Khan haters read the following:
    BOI has answered your question.
    Q. Who is the greatest actor at the box office between Shahrukh Khan Aamir Khan and Salman Khan in there whole careers?
    Ans. There careers have not finished so that can only be said when they finish bit so far in the last 25 years or so Shahrukh Khan leads as he not really seen a down period since the early 90’s while Aamir Khan and Salman Khan have seen down periods. Today all three are roughly the same with Salman Khan holding slight edge in the domestic market if the film is right due to more mass popularity.
    Mohd. Afzan
    You can go to the link

  • That T-Shirt worn by him is cool……Would like to buy one…..Thumz up if yu agree guyz…..!!

  • Salute to king srk. Truly the king of bollywood even the haters knows this but they can’t digest it.

  • Where are all the piggy s hiding their face ???
    All the pig fans.
    Please come here.
    But plssss donít sheet hereÖ..;-)

  • @Sakhi
    That sentence is enough said in personal interview if you want to be selected as a patient into a mental asylum lol

  • i liked @AKN’s comment(in another article) a lot. Salman and Aamir’s greatest achievement was when people started comparing them with the King after Dabangg and Ghajini respectively. coz everyone knows how popular and successful they were before that.

  • This man is a smart business man in an artiste disguise. He does everything for money, even Lungi Dance at Wedding Parties!! May God bless his business and let him take some money away with him when he dies!!
    Hit Dislike if you agree and Hit Like if you donít disagree. Stay neutral if you donít think SRK is a smart businessman! Reply to me if you donít think SRK is an artiste…………….

  • Among Khans, SRK has no All Time or Top Grosser in Bollywood’s Biggest Circuit – Mumbai. Salman has 1 (HAHK). Aamir has 1 (3 idiots).
    Salman’s last ATBB – 2010. Aamir’s 2014. SRK’s 1995.. (No 1998 since it became ATBB with help of Salman)
    Salman’s ATBB – MPK, HAHK, KKHH, Dabangg. Aamir’s: RH, Ghajini, 3 idiots, Dhoom 3. SRK: DDLJ. 4-4-1. Lolzzz

  • ROFL

    Cant believe ‘bulli’ beat our ‘sakhi rawant’ by afew seconds in posting his comment before hers…! Hehehe guess ‘sakhi rawant’ said abit too much rubbish n should have omitted that “enough said” garbage which could have made all the difference.

    Well done ‘bulli’ for getting in there before that ranting loon…!

  • Lolllll….If KKHH is SALMANs ATBB then D3 is Abhisekhs ATBB as he was he stared in all the previous DHOOM films ;-)

  • LolllllÖ.If KKHH is SALMANs ATBB then D3 is Abhisekhs ATBB as he was he stared in all the previous DHOOM films ;-)

  • HAHK, 3 idiots, Dhoom:3 only movies which were All Time Grossers both in India, Overseas, Worldwide simultaneously.
    Bottom line, no matter how much your PR overworks, you cant change the fact that Aamir and Salman are always ahead than SRK.
    Talk about any Major Hit in Modern Indian Cinema, ATBB or All Time Grosser or Opening, Aamir aur Salman names will appear on Top always.

  • Guys some of u hate srk but due to ur mentality srk greatness,stardom won’t less he is the biggest actor in planet becoz- 1. Srk is the most famous actor in the planet more then tom cruise,johny depp nd any other actor in d world 2.He has 4.5 billion fan across the world more then john cena nd micheal jackson. 3. Time magzine has given him #41 rank of world most powerful person. 4.He is only one celebrity who endorses more than 50 brands. 5.The 2nd most reachest actor in the world estimate asset 600 million dollors. 6.Only one actor in bollywood who achieved 8 times film farm award. 7. Approximate 75 film srk starrer with minimum flops. 8. Srk has obtained padamshri award which is not salman nd aamir have. 9.Record of giving most time stayed film DDLJ 16 years nd yet in 2 time show in a week some theatres. 10.THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD. 11.THE KING OF AWARDS. 12.THE KING OF ROMANCE. 13.THE KING OF WORLD sRk D kInG kHaN.

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