Shahrukh Khan on Hi Blitz – Bollywood Fashion

Hi Blitz turns 7 this month and it’s none other than Shahrukh Khan who graces the anniversary cover of the magazine. The Bollywood superstar, who was last seen in Ra One, talks to editor Shalini Sharma ‘on the delirious roller-coaster of being SRK’

The fashion magazine also has a list of 50 most beautiful people in India.

Shahrukh Khan on the cover of Hi Blitz Anniversary Issue

Shahrukh Khan on the cover of Hi Blitz Anniversary Issue

Shahrukh Khan on the cover of Hi Blitz Anniversary Issue

Shahrukh Khan on the cover of Hi Blitz Anniversary Issue



    COLLECTIONS-Updated &
    Revised’ India(Hindi Version): 114.5 Cr
    Nett. India(Tamil & Telugu Versions):
    8.25 Cr Nett. Overseas Collections: 43 Cr Worldwide Collections:
    (114.5+8.25+ 43)Cr= 165.75 ra one is a hit..another thing ra one is going to release another 12 country in 2nd phase….then ra one will be super dont
    argue all fans…Its the real fact…Aceept it…

  • @shakti collected 192 crores world wide in first week (9 days) only , so shakti check your sources. become succesfull and all eyes are on DON 2 ………….. the king is back with bangs

  • @Desai
    the age is not important thing , the important thing is how the actor is good and talented and how the actor is a versatile and how he can bring us new ideas and films , but if you have some muscles and you are copying and remaking previous movies you are not any thing.

  • @aashkaren, hahaha bcos botox wont fit an ugly dude like srk ,imagine srk without hair like handsome salman ,yeah you get the picture he will be kept in a zoo

  • whatever the haters say srk is the best and the real man in bollywood not like salman who is always with many girl around without having one I think he is gay !!!lok srk has a wife 2 children and in many interviews actress said they want to be romanced in a movie with srk

  • From Filmfare to L.a.s cover and now Hi blitz Shahrukh Khan is Superstar, whatever haters say and what they call their Sallu
    Gorilla, Orangotang, Chimpange, Monkey.
    guys these animal will feel very sad if you call them Sallu because even they can act, and Sallu fans are trying to give him Kings title take this **KING KONG ** .

    Sallu is King Kong, Sallu is King Kong enjoy guys.

  • Well said roshan sallu is king kong not king of bollywood.
    With out wining any criticall aclaim in a creer of two decades and half , how can you become the king?
    With out wining any important award except the supporting cattegorie in shahrukh khan’s KKHH , how can you become the king?
    Does only three remake films makes you the king?
    I have one advise to king kong fans and it is : the king of bollywood is SRK and every body knows that so search your sallu to another name like KING KONG , FLOP KHAN………….

  • first blood has be always from aashkaran..this insecure fan of srk thinks Salman and Amir use botox..where the truth is Srk had a plastic surgery before kkhh.

  • Thank you very much husseinou you are 100% right too Shahrukh Khan has countless awards even negative ones and what King Kong had before just one and even that of because Srks Kkhh thats why Srk is King Khan and Sallu is King Kong.

    Rajnikhanth needs lots of makeup because his age, but
    Aamir and Sallu are 45 and they had operations, hair transplant, botox to look younger, but our Shahrukh Khan is also 45 but never had anything like them to look younger he is King.

  • koi khe klhta rhe jtna bh hum ko deeewana hum hai naee andaz ho kun purana jale to dunya jalne bh do hum to khe ge onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy king in king shahrukh kahn hahhahhahahah saroo sallllo lalluaon k chamchoo in ghtya baton se king k fans club km nan ho ge kalya blke bhrte hi chale jaen geeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hahahahahahhahahha……

  • Sab sa allag hero to king khan ha aor sab heros sy allag acting karny wala be king khan ha king kh

  • King to king he hota ha o salu kia ha lafanga aagr salman ma hemat ha to srk sy aapy hojaye na

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